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20 Best Online Shop Logo Ideas for Your New Online Store

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Shop Logo Ideas

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

The cut-throat competition in the business of all types has necessitated the need for an online presence to showcase their products or services. Half of the world’s population is over the internet through various devices. Consequently, the number of people searching and buying products and services online has increased multifold. To stay ahead in the competition, you would always like your store look unique. Wondering how to do that? It’s effortless. You can achieve this by creating compelling online store logos!

A logo is an initial step towards creating a brand for any business. It serves as a visual element that creates a separate identity for businesses. It can be an emblem, sign, or a symbol that relates to the company’s products or services or the nature of the business.

When it comes to designing a logo, it requires a lot of experimentation with shapes, fonts, and colors. Every small detail, like space between the font and graphics, plays an important role to come up with a brand image that can represent business accurately.

This time, we have come up with the best online shop logo ideas for your new online store. We hope that you will get some inspiration from these ideas and create an eye-catching logo for your business. Let’s get started!

20 Best Online Shop Logo Ideas for Your New Online Store

01. Unique Cart

Unique Cart is an online shop for selling mobile back covers, chargers, cables, headphones, and such other mobile accessories. The logo features a cart icon along with the company’s name placed below the icon.

To convey the type of products the company deals in, the designer has showcased the small icons of mobile accessories above the cart.

Online Shop logo Ideas

The Orange color is used to represent creativity, happiness, and fun; while the Grey color is perfectly enhancing the primary color. If you want to design your own logo, then use our logo maker tool. The AI-powered tool lets its users create a professional logo within minutes.

02. Mac&Me

It is an online shop that sells various products. The designer has cleverly used the initials of the brand name to create an icon.

Online Shop Idea

The double ‘M’ style communicates a sense of trust and security for shopping with the brand. The brand’s name has been placed just below the icon along with the cart image.

03. Vapor Fiend

The brand is into selling vape e-cigarette. Just like the name, the designer has given the image of a fiend man inhaling two vape cigarettes at the same time.

Logo Ideas

The image of cigarettes has been designed in the form of mustache, making this one of the best store logos in the industry.

04. Got Your Six

A former police/swat officer runs Got Your Six. The brand sells tactical and martial gears and t-shirts. The designer has come up with the logo idea that not only relates to the nature of the business but also with the earlier profession of the business owner. The logo features the numeric ‘6’ that is positioned within wings.

Online Store

Three stars are drawn above the icon, while the brand name has been placed below the icon. The blue color has been used to represent professionalism, power, authority, and trust.

Overall, this online shop logo is evoking the feeling of patriotism, courage, and fight. And this is what the client wanted.

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05. Ace Deals

Ace Deals sells various products and runs one super deal on one of the products once in a week. Just like the name and the nature of the business, the designer has created an icon in a gold color briefcase with the company’s first name ‘Ace’ on it.

Online Shop Logo

The name has been beautifully designed and shaped like ‘Ace of Spades’. The full name of the company, along with the slogan, ‘One per seven’ stays below the icon.

06. Solar Shop

Solar shop is an online store that sells photovoltaic products. Here, the designer has chosen the wordmark logotype. To highlight the nature of the business, the letter ‘O’ in Solar has been given the shape of the sun.

Solar Shop

The red color in the company’s logo represents passion, desire, and determination; while the grey color perfectly enhances the primary color.

07. Gifts & Frolics

It is an online gift shop with a wide range of collections for all occasions. The best part of the logo is the creation of the gift icon by using the brand name.

The letter ‘G’ has given the shape of a box. If you look closely into the logo, you will find that the space in the icon is forming an ‘F’ shape.

Gifts & Frolics

It sets a perfect example of negative space. The ‘&’ in the brand name is in the bow shape. The black color used in the logo represents power, sophistication, and luxury. The simplicity of the logo makes it look great not only on the web but also in business card designs.

08. Diamond Wolf Co.

Wow! What a great design it is. This geometrically shaped logo is simple, clean, and sharp. The logo is designed in such a way that perfectly matches the brand’s personality.

Diamond Wolf Co.

The head of the wolf in a geometric shape, along with the brand name below, makes this logo stand apart from the competitors. It is the reason why I’ve included this logo in our best online shop logo ideas.

09. Especially Needed Curations

‘Especially Needed Curations’ is an online shop to help and guide families and friends of those who are suffering from autism. The design represents growth, change, hope, transformation, and development.

Especially Needed Curations

The design is simple, clean, and modern, making it one of the best shop logo ideas. You must be thinking about why the designer has used the pink color in the overall design. Well, pink color is usually associated with hope, awareness, unconditional love, and nurturing.

10. The Wild Reef

The brand is geared towards ocean life, coral reefs, sea turtles, and marine species, etc. The designer has come up with the design that perfectly conveys the nature of the business.

The Wild Reef

Talking about the font, the designer has used beach font. The usage of colors in the design makes this shopping logo unique and memorable.

11. 2Unicornz

Cleverly designed, yet simple and catchy – that’s what best describes this shopping logo. The best thing about the logo is, of course, its emblem. The designer has used the image of unicorns to give a visual representation of the brand name.


If you look closely into the design, you will find two unicorns —one in black color, while the other in white. The creation of these two unicorns sets a perfect example of negative space. The simple font is used, except the letter ‘Z,’ which is designed as if it is going to fall off.

12. December Crown

‘December Crown’ is an online shop that sells items like pet bowls and custom mugs. Their target audience is women aged between 20 and 30. The logotype is wordmark, and the font style is clean and simple.

December Crown

For brand differentiation, the designer has incorporated the crown symbol above the word ‘crown.’ The pink color is used for giving it a feminine look.

13. Genius Gadget Co.

You may have drawn an idea about the business nature of the company from its name. In the logo, the initials of the brand have been placed on each side a cube icon, while the brand name is adjacent to the icon.

Genius Gadget Co.

The overall look of the logo is clean and entirely professional. You can get such eye-catching and meaningful logos for your online store from a professional graphic designer.

14. Fancy That

It’s an Etsy shop that sells handmade items like custom hats, scarves, and other types of crafts such as cork Christmas trees, wreaths, and Star Wars crocheted characters.

Fancy That

Since the brand is ‘Fancy That,’ its logo design has some fancy element in it. The black color in the design represents power, sophistication, and richness.

15. HellaBlack

It is a marketplace for businesses to sell black-owned products such as beauty, apparel, arts & crafts, books, paper goods, jewelry, baby & kids, toys & games, handmade, and more. In this case, the designer has given two options to the client.


In the first option, it’s wordmark logotype where all the letters of the name are in uppercase. While, in the second option, the designer has created a symbol by using the initials of the brand artistically.

The green and black color in the logo represents new beginnings, growth, and power. We feel that both the logo styles will look good on their website, and social media platforms.


Companies generally use their brand name in their business logo. But in this case, the company wanted to have its logo design by using the full domain name.

Although it was quite challenging to come up with a design with this thought, the designer somehow managed to create a unique design.

The inclusion of the shopping bag with the letter ‘C’ on it makes the logo stands out from the competitors. The yellow color has been used to signify happiness, innovation, and friendliness.

17. Next Level Gifts

‘Next Level Gifts’ sells unique and fun gifts online. The designer has beautifully used an image of a gift box to create an icon, and the brand name is positioned adjacent to the icon. The green color evokes the feeling of trust, whereas the black color represents power and sophistication.

Next Level Gifts


Just like ‘,’ this brand also wanted to have a web address as a prominent part of the logo. To differentiate the brand from competitors, the designer has incorporated a monkey in the design.

The green color has been used to represent new beginnings, trust, and growth; whereas the grey color has been used to enhance the primary color.

19. GiftOmi

It is an online shop for ethnic and unique gifts. The designer has created an icon by combining the Colombian Mochila bag (where the first idea of GiftOmi was created) and mosaic color patterns of Gaudi’s lizard “El Drac” in Park Guell from Barcelona (where the brand was found). The design of logo looks great both on their website and mobile app.


20. Blue Key Deals

This logo was created for the owner’s own Shopify store. The designer has created three colorful shopping bags with a symbol of ‘key’ in the middle of the bag.

Blue Key Deals

The brand name has been positioned adjacent to it. The blue color in the name represents trust, professionalism, power, and authority. Overall, the design is simple yet modern.

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