Simple But Thoughtful Logo Design For Nightclub/Lounge Aura Wins The Contest

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Winning Logo Nightclub Aura

Last updated on July 4th, 2018

Aura Entertainment Ltd looked for a logo that could depict the excitement in a nightclub/lounge with its simple design without incorporating flashy elements of colors and fonts. This was certainly a challenging task for the logo designers but many of them came up with really new concepts. Aura had many choices to make out of overwhelming numbers of design entries it received in response to its nightclub/lounge logo design contest. But Aura settled for the logo design submitted by Envydesignfirm as winning design.

logo design

Envydesignfirm gets 1st prize of $259 for creating the winning logo design for Aura.

The winning design describes the excitement and environment in a nightclub/lounge beautifully in a very simple way. The logo incorporates few design elements in order to make it memorable for the visitors, who are young people busy with their lives. The logo is in a square shape having a pitch dark background, symbolic of night. To create some mystery and entertainment associated with night, the designer uses two tiny triangle at the top in yellow, which is the color sign for visibility. The same style of triangles find place in the letters in creating both the letters A in AURA in yellow. Under the company name, the business is mentioned in letters -Nightclub & Lounge, elegantly created in white.

An overwhelming response of 71 design entries was recorded in response to the contest. Majority of the entries depicted the environment of nightclub through logo design but some of them were too complicated for the viewers.

Aura Entertainment Ltd got winning logo design for its nightclub/lounge business after constantly getting in touch with the designers throughout the contest period.

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