Animal Logo Design for Emotion and Affection

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animal logo design

Last updated on June 23rd, 2018

One of the ways to attract the customers to your business is to use pictures or sketches of animals in your logo design. People love to have animals in their homes and they explore the opportunities to see wild animals. They find certain amount of innocence and natural instinct in animals which we humans do not find much in ourselves. Therefore, animal logo design is a good marketing strategy for businesses to reach to the people easily.

animal logo design

A reason behind many famous brands using mammals and birds in their logos is that the animals represent different qualities. You can associate these qualities with your business through logo. Customers get your business message by seeing the images of animals. So, know about the message you wish to convey to the customers and create an animal image in your logo to represent that message.

A logo designer must know about the emotions that an animal evokes so that right selection of the animal can be made for creation of logo. Eagle is commonly used animal for logo design as the bird represents power, domination and authority, which in turn gives message that your business dominates the market. We can see eagle in the logos of political parties and airline corporations.

Cats are associated with qualities of being shrewd, stylish, clever and sleek. The cat family includes lions, leopards and cheetahs who are known for their domination of jungle. Pictures of these animals can be found in brands such as Puma, MGM and Jaguar. A business message of speed, supremacy and domination is easily delivered by incorporating these animal images in your animal logo design.


Similarly, we find many business logos having pictures of horses. Ford and Ferrari car brands are known for their logos due to use of horse as a symbol of power, speed and dominance. Besides cars, men’s clothing and other products can also use image of an arrogant looking horse. Dog is another case of animal being frequently used in logos. Dogs represent the value of friendship and loyalty which can also be a business message of your company.

Fish images are popular for representing the aquatic world. Use of fish will make your logo look cute, imaginative and creative. In fact, fish has been incorporated in logos in many ways. For example, a food brand uses skeleton of a fish in brand name or a technological company can use 3 dimensional fish image to show its expertise and professionalism.

So, if you are planning a animal logo design for your business, think of incorporating animal image to send a perfect business message to the customers. Launch a Logo Design Contest today. Choose from 100+ designs. Take your pick!

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