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Typography For Logo Design That Create Business Message

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Last updated on June 28th, 2017

Choice of typography can make or break a logo design. We know that fonts express certain emotion and have a personality that wise graphic designers use to represent a business. Use of software has only made it easier for the designers to incorporate typography but such an ease also has resulted in irresponsible selection of fonts.

logo design

A logo designer must possess the skills to use typography in judicious way in keeping with the business message of the client. Use of typography is widespread in varied materials such as currency notes, coins and almost on everything we see around us.

Though it is difficult to set hard rules of typography and they are meant to be broken, but a designer must consider some rules when creating logos. One of the rules is that capital letters are usually for highlighting a message aggressively while lowercase letters express softness.

Note also that serif typeface should be used when you want to create a business like professional message through logo design.

San serif fonts are simple and clear. They are perfect choice to express softness. For this reason most of the headlines are in san serif.

Another point to remember is that different points of fonts also can change personality of the same typeface. So, keep this mind when selecting a typeface and point size.

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Typefaces come with different personalities and graphic designers must be aware of this fact while creating a logo design. Right business message can only be conveyed through right personality of a typeface. For instance, you cannot use comic sans in a corporate logo design.


There are lots of other aspects of typefaces that a designer must consider before finalizing a particular font for a logo design. If a client can afford and is willing to pay you a higher fee, you should prefer creating a unique font that will convey a business message. Creating a unique font is not easy and so cost of the design will escalate. But if your client is from a small business, then try to select the fonts that have been in use only rarely. This will give an impression of uniqueness.

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