Do Not Alter Your Logo Frequently

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Last updated on September 26th, 2018

Your company logo is not just a symbol for your targeted customers. More than being a symbol, the logo is your company’s identity that the customers associate with your products or services, quality and your business values. This is a major factor behind the experts advising against frequently changing your logo design.


As the time passes, the people and targeted audience start identifying your business with the help of your company logo. Take for instance global brands such as Coco Cola and McDonalds. The customers immediately know what products are on offer when they see logos of these organizations. So, a logo works as a main tool of attracting the people towards a company’s offerings in the market.

Your logo must be applied consistently so that it can become true asset of your company. Once a logo design is approved and its use on products and your company marketing tools starts, it builds the brand. So, continuity and consistency of your use of logo must be ensured. This means that all elements such as colors, relative sizes of elements and style should stay the same over the years. What will happen if McDonald painted its golden arches in green or orange at some locations and brown at others? This will create confusion for the customers and it can damage your brand image. In a shelf in shopping mall, you can locate the Coca Cola brand from a distance due to its recognizable color and design. Now change the color, font and overall design all of a sudden and the customers may hesitate to buy as they need to confirm genuineness of the product.

Even when you need to promote your brand during holidays, do not change your logo color. If you cannot afford to print in color, then print in black. Avoid rearranging your logo elements for different publications.

Also, never use a logo in a body copy or put it inside of another graphic element or use it as a headline as this will damage your brand image.

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