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10 Effective Logo Design Tips For Tour And Travel Industry

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Tour And Travel Industry

Last updated on December 29th, 2022

Tour and travel Industry thrives on people’s burning desire to visit new and exciting places. Therefore, your startup in this industry is bound to taste early success. It will be growing at a good pace provided you adopt an effective marketing strategy. Most importantly, if your company’s logo is a well thought out design, it will carry your brand message to the potential customers.

Tour and travel industry is highly lucrative, but it is competitive as well. There are hundreds of new and old agencies which are your startup’s direct competitors. They are the ones with whom your new business would be competing to grab the customers’ attention. If your new travel business fails to cope up with the competition, its chances of survival in the market are minuscule.

In fact, it is because of the increasing competition that most businesses close down in the first year. Very few of them can go past the third year and have a solid customer base in the end. Your tour and travel agency is not going to be an exception to this trend if you do not market it very well.

So, the marketing of a business is the key to its success. But before you even think of marketing, make sure that you have created many visual identities for your tour and travel agency. These visuals such as your logo, business cards, websites, brochures, signage, and catalog etc. must be appealing and unique to make the lasting impression on your audience.

Amongst the visual identities that you will need for your travel and tour business, your logo holds a significance. The logo will have its presence on all your services, websites, business cards, and a host of other things. In fact, your travel logo design will be the identity of your agency for the customers. This should prompt you to have a logo that stands out in its design and use of colors, typeface etc. elements.

Here Are 10 Effective Logo Design Tips For Tour And Travel Industry

01. Know Why Exactly You Need A Logo

The first thing to keep in mind is that your logo is the identity of your business in the tour and travel industry and amid your customers. That is the one reason you should own a logo. Remember that your customers will search for your services by first looking at the logo. Just as they find the logo, it will signal them the authenticity of the services.

Another reason could be that you want to make the first good impression of your startup on your customers. A logo does that when its design stands out. It makes an impact because of the high use of colors, typefaces, images, etc.

You may also need a travel logo design for branding purpose. It may be that your tour and travel agency has added new services or it wants to offer services to the new set of customers. In such cases, you will need a new logo design that reflects your business ambitions. So, find out what exactly prompts you to have the logo.

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02. Consider Your Brand Personality

A major reason for smart business owners looking for an effective logo is that it reflects a brand personality. But you should first know about your brand’s core personality before you create a logo. Since you intend to run a tour and travel agency, you should know what does brand personality mean.

Your agency’s brand personality is the sum of your personality and that of your ideal clients. So, know about your personality traits and mix them with the backgrounds of your ideal customer. Find out which of your traits overlap that of your customers’. That area where these two traits meet will be the trait of your brand.

This will also help you in setting up a tone or voice of your travel agency. Once the personality trait of the agency is evident, apply it consistently across your marketing plans.

03. Brainstorm For Ideas

Before you set out to design a logo for your tour and travel agency, have a unique logo concept. For that, you should have a brainstorming session to pinpoint the feel and look of the concept. It is all about getting all the graphic design ideas you have in your brain including bad ones. When sitting with your peers or team, write down all those ideas.

Make sure that you and your team think from your audience’s angle. Think about how they will perceive your brand and what is important to them. It is also essential that you involve all the members of your team and business partners for more constructive ideas.

Do not be afraid of some out of the box ideas. If need be so, combine different ideas and see what happens. Try to mix and match some quirky and fun elements that engage your target audience and you come up with a logo that stands out from your competitors’ logos in your niche.

Travel & Hotel logo

04. Get Some Insight Of Your Competition

Your competitors have amazing logos. Study their logos and find out what sets them apart. Evaluate their use of colors, typefaces, images, symbols, etc. This is important. You can then know how your tour and travel agency can have a different logo that stands out in many ways.

You should also visit the social media page of your nearest competitors to find out more about their business activities. This gives you an idea of how you can stand out. An excellent analysis of their logos will help you know which colors and symbols can be used to be different.

For example, if most travel agencies are using blue as a dominant color, you may use red or yellow to look distinctive. If others have conventional logos, you can stand out by having a modern logo. It may be that a whimsical illustration can set your logo apart.

05. Pick A Design Style

A proper design style can give a new look and intention to your tour and travel industry logo. There are many modern and conventional styles. But which one of them will be useful to create an outstanding logo will require you to do some evaluation of your brand.

You can choose from styles such as classic, vintage or retro, minimalistic, handcrafted, fun, and quirky. Pick a style that suits your brand personality. Remember that your design style of the logo can contribute a lot in building your brand identity.

If you see your agency’s personality as some fun loving and exciting, then fun and quirky style will be appropriate rather than classy. But if the agency caters to the high-class travelers only, then opt for a classic style to give the logo an aesthetic look. A modern and minimalistic logo ideas give clean looks to the logos. There is a lot of whitespace and simple lines. Such logos suit the businesses that want to present a cool personality of their brands.

06. Choose The Right Type Of Logo

There are 7 major types of logos you can pick from for your tour and travel industry and agency. These are lettermarks or monogram logos, combination mark, wordmarks or logotypes, abstract logo marks, pictorial marks or logo symbols, mascots, and emblem logos. The right type of logo will be the one that can express your message for your target audience.

Choose lettermarks, if your company name is very long and people may find it harder to remember. You can then shorten the name in your logo just as HP and CNN did. Wordmarks logos are ideal if your brand name is great.

Pictorial marks logos are best when you relay on a symbol to make a unique connection with your audience. Or, you can settle for an abstract logo that can be defined in many ways. A mascot logo can add some fun while an emblem logo combines pictorial and text elements. A combination mark uses different components to convey a message.

A good choice of the type of logo is important as the logo will be an integral part of your marketing campaign. Even when you send emails to your potential customers, the logo will be included in your email signature. So, the right type of logo will make the desired impression on the audience.

07. Use Colors To Give A Different Meaning

Colors are today known for their power to give a design a different meaning. Colors also evoke certain emotions. For example, if your travel agency’s logo has red prominently in it, it the logo will stand for passion, aggressiveness, excitement and even for anger. Do you want to reflect these emotions?

Use orange to give some playfulness to your logo and yellow to give a friendly tone to your business. Yellow is the color of youth and energy while green will connect your business with something natural. Similarly, blue is the color for trustworthiness and maturity. Other colors such as purple, pink, brown, and black are also known for evoking a set of feelings.

When you hire a professional graphic designer, convey your idea of color to them so that they can create the logo as per your choice. You can give some examples of the logo colors you like from your industry. Or, you can explicitly mention your preference for colors in your design brief.

08. Choose The Typography Carefully

Like colors and design styles, you have a plethora of typefaces to choose from. All the typefaces are primarily categorized as serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, script fonts, and display fonts. Remember that distinct quality of typefaces is that they add some personality to your brand. For example, most rock music bands have very large typefaces in bold and black colors. Such a great typeface gives the rock bands a personality of being players of bold and loud music.

Pick your typeface that suits to the personality that you wish to create for your tour and travel industry or agency. Choose serif fonts to give your brand a formal look while choosing sans serif fonts for a more informal ambience, and a modern and clean look. Script fonts come in a vast variety to create a down-to-earth look.

However, consider brand consistency also when picking the typefaces. Find out if the typeface and fonts you chose for the logo will look equally great on your web page design or not.

Many high-quality typefaces are available free as part of modern graphic design services. This means that small businesses can also hope to create great logos with memorable typography.

09. Test It For Scalability

During the period of taking your tour and travel business to a broader audience base, you will be heavily advertising and marketing it. That is the phase when you will be putting your logo across all offline and online platforms.

So, what will happen to your logo design when it is printed on huge billboards? Will it look out of proportion and odd? What if it is printed on a small size of a stamp? Will it lose its fine details? Make sure that your logo keeps its details and does not get blurred when scaled up or reduced to small sizes.

10. Get A Second Opinion

Do not think that your logo is the final creation and that there is no need for taking an opinion of experts or peers. No one is perfect. Therefore, show your logo to your neighbors, followers on social media, your peers, and design experts. It may be that some of them will point out to a design mistake or they may give you a better idea. Get their feedback

These essential tips will surely help you in creating a remarkable logo for tour and travel industry and your agency as well. Devote your time and energy while focusing on each point and aspect of designing.

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Tour and travel industry has hundreds of unique logos. Your logo design, therefore, should stand out with its use of colors, typeface, symbols, images etc. While a simple logo is always preferable, it should be a memorable design to convey the brand message effectively. Pick colors to evoke the right emotions and typeface for the brand personality you want.

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