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How To Get A New Logo Design For An Architectural Business Start-Up

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

New Logo Design

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Your architectural business startup has some promising ideas that have potential to revolutionize the building designs. But finding out clients is still a difficult task for an upcoming startup like yours. In your endeavor to make clients notice your business, your new logo design of the company can help a lot.

Many new businesses tend to take their logos lightly. They pay attention to the marketing details but not to the logo. The fact is that without the business symbol of your company, your marketing campaign may not yield the desired results. Remember that your startup is just one small enterprise in the market.

According to a report, in the US alone has more than 200,000 architectural firms; including almost 300 top high-value firms. And the total number of such firms worldwide is enormous. Your logo can help you compete well in this vast market.

A logo is, after all, the face of a company. It is the visual that the target audience see first on your advertisements, products or services, promotional campaigns, etc. If the visual has such an overwhelming presence, it must be a captivating design from a professional designer and not just a casual drawing.

A new logo design created especially for your architectural startup can do wonders for the growth of your company. Its primary function is to catch the eye and make them take notice of your business. If the logo is a pleasing design, it has a good positive impression on your clients. Based on this impression, they can consider hiring your architectural services.

Remember that you started your architecture business within your limited financial means. You borrowed the money from the bank or used own cash. So, you would surely like to start your company on a positive note by registering a steady growth. Already, there are several architecture companies and firms in the field, making it a competitive market. Your new logo design, which has a trendy but unique look, is instrumental in building your brand image the way you want it.

Here Are Essential Tips To Get A New Logo Design For An Architectural Business Startup

01. Know The Brand Inside Out

The first thing to ensure before you set out to create a logo for an architectural startup is to know the niche. Architecture is a vast field. It comprises several areas of designs including residential architect that designs residential buildings and commercial architect for designing commercial buildings. Then, there are interior designers, green design architects, landscaping architects, industrial architects, etc.

Read the client’s design brief carefully to know the startup’s architectural interests. A logo design for a particular niche in this field may not be relevant and appropriate for the other niche.

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02. Get The Brand Message

Every professionally run business has a message for its target customers. Find out what your client’s brand message precisely is for its audience. If the brief fails to mention it, talk to the client and get the message written in a piece of paper. When you finish designing the logo, it should be reflecting the message through colors, typefaces, and other elements. If that does not happen, recreate your architecture logo design.

Brand messaging is about the value proposition that a business wishes to convey. The values conveyed through a logo matters as the viewers are likely to make a purchasing decision based on the message. It is the message that motivates the customers, and they ultimately buy your architectural services.

Your architecture startup needs a brand message so that it can be a communication channel between the target customers and your business. The design of your logo should be such that it addresses the customers’ desires and values graphic design services.

03. Pick The Right Colors

Another most important consideration to make when designing a new logo design for your architectural startup is the choice of colors. A logo designer should first know which set of colors a brand has been using over the years. Those brand colors are well known to the audience. If an architectural company is still new, the designer can take liberty in picking some colors. But reach the brief carefully to get the hints about colors.

When thinking of colors, know that these elements are crucial for evoking some emotions and feelings. So, find out which are the emotions that the brand wishes to stir up. Then, pick the colors for those emotions.

Another essential thing to consider for logo ideas is the minimalistic approach. Use not more than one to two colors, until and unless the design brief specifically demanded the use of multiple colors.

04. Use Custom Type

For unique new logo design, the choice of typeface often determines the success of the visual. But a casual selection of a typeface can ruin the design. Remember that you need to give the logo a personality, which you can do using a typeface, also called a font sometimes. Have you noticed that most rock music band logos have bold typefaces? This is because the rock music they play is loud.

Usually, architecture services are linked with some sophistication. There is some style, trend, and aesthetics associated with this field. You can, therefore, think of typefaces that can express these values.

There are plenty of clichéd typefaces available from the web these days. For a unique logo, it is best to avoid their use. Instead, ask your professional graphic designer to use a custom typeface. The designer can create one such typeface that is especially suitable to brand your business.

05. Avoid A Clichéd Design

When we see a thing that we have observed elsewhere, we generally ignore and do not respond positively to it. This is true also about logos. A company logo design having clichéd elements that look obvious does not evoke any meaningful response. For example, if an architect company’s logo has roofs, it is unlikely to get our attention as the roof is an often-repeated element in hundreds of logos and other designs.

Such logos do not help in making your startup stand out. Instead, try to come out with something unique. Study your competitors’ logos to find out which elements are used. Then, come out with the one that has not been used ever before in your architectural niche.

06. Make It Look Simple

Simplicity is another key to create a memorable business logo design. It implies that a viewer should get the message that very moment of looking at a logo. If the design needs some explanation, it is usually a fault on the part of the designer. People do not want to waste their valuable time in deciphering an intricate design. Their attention span is already diminishing as there are various distractions around.

To create a simple logo, adopt the minimalist approach. Under this design method, go on eliminating all those additional elements of colors, typefaces, images, symbols, lines, etc. until you have one or two of them. Retain only those elements that are good enough to convey your brand message.

07. Ensure Symmetry And Proportion

Symmetry and proportion are crucial to creating a new logo design. Often, designers do not pay attention to it. As a result, an asymmetrical logo looks strange, and people think that something is wrong. If one element is disproportionally aligned with the other, the entire logo concept is spoiled.

So, even when you are working on some great graphic design ideas for a logo of an architectural company, if it lacks in the qualities of symmetry and proportion, the idea will not yield the results.

08. It Must Be Scalable And Versatile

Remember that the client will scale up and down a new logo design. For example, a logo appearing on a billboard will look very big. Similarly, on a stamp-size such as on a promotional product like a pen, it will look tiny. In both the cases, the logo must not lose or blur its fine details.

It should also be versatile so that it looks great on all online and offline platforms. If it looks good on a newspaper advertisement and does not look that good on a website or a social media page, then redesign the logo.

09. Use Negative Space

Although negative space is not an essential part of every logo, its significance should not be ignored. Many logos such as FedEx logo are legendary designs for their use of negative space.

Negative space is the place lying vacant in between the two design elements. However, an experienced designer can cleverly use this space to build a brand identity of a business. The arrow in the FedEx logo is hidden between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’. This arrow has no become a famous identity of the company’s logo and brand.

However, negative space element should come out as a natural idea in your logo. Do not try to pull out something forcefully as it will make the logo look odd and meaningless.

10. It should look great in black & white

A new architectural business startup would like to make its presence felt everywhere. It will publish its advertisements in newspapers which generally use ads in black and white. Similarly, fax documents, photocopies, custom t-shirts, and many other products display logos without colors. For this reason, your architectural startup logo must also look equally impressive in its colorless version.

So, when you hire a freelance graphic designer, give instructions that you first want to see the logo in black and white. A designer should make sure that the logo looks great at the sketching stage. It is only after drawing a satisfactory pencil sketch that you should think of filling it with the brand colors.

11. Incorporate Some Action

One of the reasons we like the Twitter logo so much is the bird which is in active mode. It is illustrated as a bird flying up in the sky. If the bird would have just sat static or its head would have shown downward, the logo might not have such a significant impact.

In fact, the original Twitter logo depicts the bird as a somewhat inactive figure. Later, it was given some action, which is the cause of its popularity. Can do something like that to your new logo design of architectural startup? Try to fill it up with some action. Even a few quick lines can indicate actions.

12. Get The Second Opinion

You may be an experienced designer; still, you are too close to your work. Sometimes, such proximity to the work becomes a hurdle in an honest assessment of what you do. An honest second opinion is, therefore, always advisable to take. If you can consult your fellow designers, they will surely point out a mistake that escaped your attention.

You can also get an opinion of the non-designer public to get a viewer’s’ perspective. It may be that you get some excellent suggestion from someone in the audience. If you find the advice good enough to implement, consider it.

Also, if your client asks for some improvement, do not make it an issue and do the needful. This is because you are designing the logo for your client and not for you.

So, these are the essential thoughts for creating a new logo design for your architectural business startup. Make sure that your logo looks unique as your startup needs the attention of the target audience.

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Your new logo design for architectural startup must draw the audience’s attention with its unique use of typefaces, colors, and other elements. The logo should be a simple design to look so that people can get your company’s message. But make the logo scalable and versatile.

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