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Some Helpful Tips For Brochure Design

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Brochure Design - 1 min read

brochure design

Last updated on December 4th, 2017

Brochures are versatile marketing tools that businesses use for providing information about products, services and answer some basic questions to the customers. But designers need to adopt a careful approach so that businesses can have the desired impact on targeted customers.

Before you design a brochure, determine what type of brochure you need to create.

There are basically 5 types of brochures: Leave-Behind brochure that you leave with customer after meeting him, Point-of-Sale brochure that people can read later, Respond to Inquiries for customers who have shown interest, Direct Mail used with your direct mail and sales support. So, find out what type of brochure your client is looking for and select a design accordingly.

While working on a select brochure type, as a designer, you must ensure that the design outlines the credibility of the company. The brochure should mean business and must express the business message in a quick manner to save time of the readers. So, know about your readers or customers expectation from the business. Brochure design should motivate the customers to look for more information inside. Content of brochure should address both the users and general people for covering a wider audience. The designers should also select a brochure shape carefully. Today, the designers are creating brochures in the shapes that match with the business.

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  • Jack

    A very nice article. However, I am quite intrigue with the 5 types of brochures. You only wrote 4 (I read the paragraph 4 times). Not sure if it is a strategy in luring people to ask questions or a mere typo. Please do enlighten me. Thank you

    • Risket

      I think the 5th type is Sales Support. They just don’t use the Oxford Comma as they should.