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Best Freelance Graphic Designers To Hire For Brochure Designing In 2024

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Brochure Design

brochure designers

Last updated on April 24th, 2024

Brochures are no longer the conventional source of information about a product or service for customers. In the competitive world of business, marketers have turned brochures into potent brand promotional tools. That is why brochure designers matter a lot to create an eye-catching brochure that makes a lasting impression on customers.

Generally, when people wish to enquire about a product or service, they demand a brochure. This is because a brochure describes the key features of the offerings. Customers can take a quick look to know what the product is all about. That helps in making an informed buying decision.

Therefore, a brochure design should be such that it neatly presents crucial information in a precise way. The readers should be able to pick the key features of a product at a glance. But that is not an easy job to accomplish for many designers.

There is more to explore since brochures come in a host of varieties, shapes, and sizes. But do not get overwhelmed by the design process if you want to create it all by yourself. You can take the help of a brochure maker tool to get your design ideas off the ground.

When talking about the varieties of brochures, some are simply one sheet of information. Others are bifold or trifold. Then, there is a multi-page booklet as well. Each of these brochures requires the designers to carefully distribute the information with the judicious use of text and images.

Key Elements Of A Unique Brochure Design

Before you hire a freelance graphic designer, have some insight into what makes a brochure look attractive and useful.

01. Attractive Cover

A brochure may be a bifold, tri-fold or multifold design. But it has a cover that shows up first when users reach out to the brochure. Your brochure cover should command customers’ attention. So, make sure that the image on the cover stands out. Your company logo and a tagline or a phrase should also be prominently on the cover when you create a brochure.

02. Compelling Text

The users want brochures to get information. So, the text should precisely target customers with the information they need. Distribute the text attractively throughout the pages so that it is legible. Also, make sure that the text used in the brochure is readable to avoid discomfort while getting the required information.

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03. Brand Colors

If you have any brand colors that you use in your logo, website, business cards, etc., then use those colors only while designing your brochure. Tell the freelancer to use brand-specific colors for design consistency. Colors and their hues evoke the right set of emotions, effectively conveying your brand message to the customers. So, when using a brochure maker, go through its library of color schemes and pick the one that best evokes the right emotions.

04. Right Typography

Using the right typography gives personality to a piece of graphic design. Make sure that the designer uses the fonts that reflect your brand personality. For example, if your business deals with surgical instruments, use a formal font instead of a comic font. Also, choosing the perfect font sizes will be good to make the text easily readable for the customers.

05. White Space

Clever use of space between the images and text can take a brochure design to the next level. Make sure there is sufficient space, known as white space in-between the two elements so that the text looks legible and the image stands out.

06. Box Formations

A good brochure design distributes images and text in boxes across the pages. Such an organization helps drive the attention of customers to the key information. However, use the boxes sparingly and not everywhere.

07. Brochure Folds

Besides a simple, single sheet of thick paper, brochures come in bi-folds, or tri-folds, which are common. But they also come in multiple folds that turn them into a booklet format. Choose the right fold type that conveys your information uniquely and impressively. If a basic layout is enough, then keep the brochure size smaller and avoid using a multiple-fold design.

Tips To Get A Unique Brochure Design

One of the best ways to get a unique and impressive brochure is to launch your brochure design contest. You can launch your contest on the world’s leading creative marketplace Designhill.

On this site, a global community of brochure designers compete in design gigs and deliver the desired results. They will come up with different brochure design ideas in response to your design contest. You can then pick the winning brochure that you can select for your brand.

You can also use a brochure maker, a DIY software that responds to your design needs to come up with many design ideas. Then, you can customize one of the ideas further to meet your brochure design requirements.

Another way in this marketplace to access designs is to work with freelance brochure designers on a one-to-one basis. You can pick a particular designer; whom you find trustworthy to handle your design project. Scan a lot of designers’ portfolios at this site, and then you can approach a designer. You can then hire a freelancer designer to work on your project.

If you are interested in working with a freelance brochure designer, we’ve handpicked a few of them for you.

Here Are Freelance Brochure Designers To Choose

01. Matthew Spradlin

Freelance Brochure Designers

02. Sean M Storm

brochure design

03. Billy


04. Joseph

brochure designing

05. Houssam Kharrat

Freelance Graphic Designers

06. Paul G. Ward

Freelance Brochure Designers

07. David Gaulden

David Gaulden

08. Michael Pekel

Michael Pekel

09. Ej Andrews

Ej Andrews

10. Hattie Wang

Hattie Wang

What should you look for in a brochure designer when hiring?

When hiring a brochure designer to create a unique brochure design, you need to search designers and compare them. But what are the main parameters that you must keep in mind while hiring a graphic designer? You can consider these aspects.

01. High-Quality Design

The first aspect to consider is the standards of quality that a designer follows. If clients do not understand what a high and low-quality design is, they must take help. They need to ensure that the designer they want to hire is capable of providing high-quality graphic design solutions while creating a brochure.

If possible, as a client, you should first have some insight into what makes a good brochure design quality before scouting for a designer. Find out if the designer possesses top-level, mid-level, or entry-level design skills.

You can check that by taking a good look at the design samples uploaded by a designer in their portfolio. A careful assessment of the samples can give you a good idea of what your brochure will look like if you hire that designer.

02. Design Experience

Look for the years a designer has spent creating brochures for a host of clients. Experience is the best teacher, even in the design field. The more experience a brochure designer has, the more the chances of getting a brochure that adds value to your brand.

Note that brochure designing involves the precise use of a lot of elements. These include formatting the text in an attractive way to make it legible and images that reflect a brand personality and value.

An experienced designer with a few years of work behind should always be the preference. Such designers know their job well and have a good idea of what exactly you want from the design.

03. Professional Attitude

When hiring a brochure designer, look for testimonials from clients. If clients recommend a designer for their professionalism, then think of hiring. A professional designer will always take responsibility of cooperating with clients and complete the work as per schedule.

Such a designer is ever willing to cooperate with clients to accommodate their design requirements and pay attention to their feedback.

So, you can hire the above-mentioned brochure designers, but they are not the only designers to compare. It would be good to visit a leading creative marketplace such as Designhill to scan the portfolios of many talented designers. Then, hire a freelancer that can represent your brand through your brochures.

Alternatively, you can also choose to create your brochure with the help of a brochure maker. The AI-based tool creates design automatically by responding to your ideas and inputs. Or, you can launch a brochure design contest. Many talented designers will try to win your contest and walk away with the prize money by submitting unique design ideas. You can then pick the one brochure design for your brand.

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Wrapping Up

Freelance graphic designers are equipped with the right set of skills and experience to create brochures. These freelancers have the experience, they read a design brief precisely and create brochures with the utmost skills. A good comparison of their design portfolios can lead you to hire the right freelance brochure designer to work with.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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