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How A Custom T-Shirt Design Can Help You Promote Your Business

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Custom T-Shirt Design

Last updated on June 28th, 2021

If you haven’t got a custom T-Shirt design for your business yet then you are greatly missing out on an effective, powerful and affordable branding opportunity.

When it comes to business promotion, it’s all about marketing your business the right way. Custom T-shirts are a great way to establish your brand among masses. They carry your branding message in the most casual way like a friend having a warm & friendly convincing with the other friend about his products or services. Besides, it offers your brand a fresher, unique and younger look.

Let’s dig deep at how a creative custom T-shirt can help you promote your brand effortlessly.

Here Are Some Points On How A Custom T-Shirt Design Can Help You Promote Your Business

Walking Advertisements

Whoever came up first with the idea of t shirt printing with company logo or branding message was surely a smart marketer. I bet you cannot agree more.

Custom tshirt is no less than walking advertisements and offers a great visibility to your business. This is the most cost-effective way of promoting your business and creates a visual connect with the customers. When someone wears your T-shirt, your company name is out on the street and effortlessly circulates through the public wherever a wearer is crossing by.

In simple words, wearer is doing the legwork for you to advertise your business. All you have to do is, print your company logo on a T-shirt and you are good to go. Instead of going with the standard color white or black, go for a t-shirt in your branding colors to have an added impact.

Custom T-shirts

For Instance- Designhill (no.1 graphic design platform) has designed creative custom t-shirts in their prime colors green and blue with their company logo. So, the idea here is, stick to your branding colors when creating customized T-shirts as it adds more value to your overall branding efforts as well. Use Designhill’s t shirt maker and get the t-shirt design of your choice.

Looking For Custom T-Shirt Printing?

It is very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
Create Your Own DesignHire a Designer

Great Conversation Starters

When did last time you wore an expensive company branded T-shirt and people commented on it out of curiosity? Probably you don’t remember.

On the contrary a well-designed custom T-shirt proves to be visually stimulating and also acts as a conversation starter. Again, custom T-shirts are good at catching people’s eye and often times leave a lasting impression on them. By simply wearing your branding T-shirt in the public gatherings, you attract many people who want to talk about the company or brand out of curiosity.

For instance- Owner of a digital marketing agency generated around $ 500k revenue by effectively utilizing customized T-shirts for branding. He cited, whenever he wore the T shirt, people often inquired about his company and it’s products & services. And this gave him a quick opportunity to give a brief elevator pitch and hand out business cards to the interested people. So, having a customized T-shirt for business promotion, certainly proves powerful marketing.

custom T-shirt design

Just remember a stylized logo, a catchy tagline or an interesting graphic can make your potential customers easily remember your brand.

Contests & Giveaways

Who Doesn’t Love Freebies?

No matter what we all love free stuff. Giving away your company branded T-shirts in a business conference or some event is a proven way to reach new people and keep the current customers tied to your brand. Keeping a stack of free customized T-shirts in an event surely attracts lot of audience and it gets distributed faster than any business card or flyer could. The more value you provide to your audience, more they will be inclined towards your brand.

T-Shirt Branding

Establishing goodwill with potential customers is essential for the success of any business and this t-shirt giveaway is a step in that direction. Every business maintains a mailing list and sending your own customized company t-shirts to your mail database straightaway can do wonders for your branding. Give it a try!

Giving away your company branded T-shirts in exciting contests or giveaways over popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram also works great. Make sure the contest you come up with is interesting enough to keep the audience hooked and in the process you will be also able to add more likes and followers on your social accounts.


Dress Your Staff In T-Shirts

Providing your staff with your own customized T-shirts with your company information such as company logo, name, and tagline displayed on it prominently on front and back both. Then asking your staff members to wear that T-shirt at work on a fixed day like a Friday or Saturday is a good idea. Moreover, you can also ask them to wear this funny tshirt on promotional events and other fun gatherings, it will surely improve all your branding efforts.

T- Shirt Design

Designing Your Own Unique T-shirts

Creating custom T-shirts is an effective marketing technique and is the best option to advertise on a budget. To get started, all you need to do is, pick a plain T-shirt or the one in your branding color and fill it with all those elements that goes with your company’s branding including logo, graphics, tag lines, and even website address. However, for the best t shirt ideas for the sake of branding, read through the below-mentioned tips.


A few Handy Tips When Creating Your Custom T-shirt Design

  • If you are planning to add some branding elements or interesting design on your T-shirt then make sure it looks good on it. Few things look great on a paper or a desktop but not necessarily on a T-shirt.
  • Make sure company logo on the T-shirt is big enough that it is visible even from a distance. However, making the company logo design too large that it overpowers the overall T-shirt design or making the logo too small that it goes unnoticed is of no use.
  • The fabric used for creating T-shirts should be of good quality so that people love wearing it. Don’t forget, it is for your business promotion, and using a low-quality cloth can do more harm than good to your overall branding. I am sure you don’t want to take chances with that.

  • Finally, putting any out-of-context funny or inappropriate graphic or image that does not goes with your branding is not a good idea as it may harm your overall brand image.
  • I am sure with the said tips you will be able to design your own attention-grabbing, and unique customized T-shirt that will unable you to create a buzz around your company.
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Designing your own customized company T-shirt is a powerful marketing technique and gives you best-bang-for-your-buck. This technique proves that not all effective marketing opportunities are expensive rather some are fun, easy and cost-effective. So, what are you thinking, come up with your company’s own customized T-shirt and dress up in your brand today.

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