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How To Use LinkedIn To Drive Traffic To Your Business

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Social Media

How To Use Linkedin

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

Both employees and employers mostly use LinkedIn. Employers post their job vacancies while job seekers post their CVs on this platform. But smart marketers have explored even this platform into a potent tool for brand promotion. They know how to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to their businesses.

When it comes to using social media to bring more potential customers to business sites, LinkedIn cannot be ignored. Indeed, this platform is mainly for professionals seeking jobs and companies posting their job requirements.

But businesses have turned it into a tool to drive traffic. After all, millions of professionals and companies are active on this platform.

With LinkedIn, your relationship with our network expands fast. You can project your company or yourself as an authority and industry leader by posting credible content. Considering the popularity of LinkedIn, it is now seen as a new business card by professionals.

A Vast And Influencer Network

Considering the popularity of LinkedIn, it is now seen as a new business card by professionals. However, the platform is not just another social sales channel for promotion of your business and coupons.

It is now being seen more like an editorial and publishing channel. This is the reason that most business owners use LinkedIn to build credibility.

According to the reports, LinkedIn had 610 million members as of March 2019. The networking channel has its presence in 200 countries. At this platform, the members can establish a connection with other professionals or like-minded people by inviting them.

Now, if you have a useful blog that people must read, or you are B2B firm, then LinkedIn is the channel you should explore. Your business relationships will only grow at this place. Marketers are actively using it to drive customers back to their businesses.

But only carefully formulated strategies can help in successfully driving more traffic from this channel to your business site.

These Essential Tips Will Help You Drive An Increasing Amount Of Traffic From LinkedIn To Your Business

01. Create An Impressive Profile

Make the first impression on visitors using your LinkedIn profile. Your company page design and the content in it should look personal, memorable, and professional.

This you can ensure by creating the banner image with the help of LinkedIn banner template so that visitors can recognize your business and site.

Your ‘About’ section of the page is the place to tell your brand story and use professional LinkedIn cover photo. Here give the visitors a glimpse of how your company started and what it intends to achieve.

Create Impressive Profile

Since, it is the people and not the businesses that your content make relationships with, upload a professional and friendly headshot. Make it sure that the page has a link to your blog and website in your personal and company profile.

But a crucial thing not to be missed while creating your LinkedIn page is your company’s logo design. Put it right at the prominent place where a visitor glances at immediately.

02. Connect With People You Know

LinkedIn is also a search engine to find out people you know. Search them so that you can build new business contacts and enhance your network.

You can connect with people you work with, or you went to school with. Search also for the people who are in your email list or anyone you know from LinkedIn groups.

Connect With People

Additionally, contact the people whom you met offline or on other social sites. Do not forget to connect with your regular customers and business partners as well.

The idea here is to establish business relationships with as many people as you possibly can. They will see your updated LinkedIn status.

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03. Post Frequently On The Site

When thinking on how to use LinkedIn, one of the key things to remember is that you post content frequently on this channel. Be a regular contributor so that people can recognize you and keep your business in mind.

Post Frequently

A way to show your mastery on an issue is to post LinkedIn articles that people find useful to solve problems. Along with articles, update your status more often in a week.

These measures help in making your brand visible. This also may result in your business, winning more clients or partners. But do not forget to post article links to your business website.

04. Find Your Niche Network Group

LinkedIn is home to a plethora of groups. According to a report, this social channel has over 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn.

Moreover, most users, 81% of them, are members of at least one of the groups. If you can explore the groups, it will help you drive traffic to your business.

Find Your Niche

All you need to do is to find out your niche networks using your LinkedIn page. Then, share your articles with the group.

You can find out groups by clicking on the ‘Interest’ tab on the page. But do not randomly choose the group members. Instead, assess who is best suited to your business.

05. Build Your Networking Relationships

Another point that we can make while thinking of “how to use LinkedIn to drive traffic” is solid networking relationships. Remember that just as in personal life, you need to engage your potential customers to build lasting relationships with them.

Therefore, when you post an article, give the readers a reason to comment or share the content. They will comment on an article and share it only when it has some solid facts or a question for them.

Build Your Networking

Moreover, when they comment, you should respond by commenting back to keep the conversation going. You can engage your group members as well.

To further engage them with your brand, run a poll in your articles. This is how to drive traffic to website from your LinkedIn page.

06. Create Your Own Group

When thinking about tactics on how to get followers on LinkedIn, think of creating your own groups. This tip is particularly helpful if you are unable to find a niche group that suits your business interests.

But you need to spread a word about your own group.

Create Your Own Group

You will also issue clear guidelines regarding becoming a member of your group. Tell them which types of posts you want group members to post.

Your efforts should be to make the social media page a genuinely happening place for networking and discussion. Make sure that you manage groups on LinkedIn very well.

07. Post Content That Engages And Interests The Audience

Your audience is the most precious element when you want to drive traffic to the website of your business. When you create articles, make them more engaging and exciting to your target customers.

The content with the right business themes and goals will relate to your particular group on the social channel.

Post Content

If yours is a B2B company, you can promote your business by sharing the information with your group regarding discounts, giveaways, and deals you offer. Such enticing content generates an enormous amount of interest in your business.

08. Target Individuals As Well

How about connecting with individual clients using LinkedIn emails? That is another effective way to engage valued clients on one to one basis when planning on how to use LinkedIn.

You can send blog articles to individuals you are connected to. But personalize your emails messages. This you can do by addressing the recipient by name to make them feel special.

Target Individuals

Additionally, you can send LinkedIn emails of periodic updates to your own connections. Another thing to note here is that do not send the entire article in text. Instead, send only article links. Share it using a LinkedIn share button.

Since you wish to build customer relationships, your visual identities like your logo as well as the design of your LinkedIn page matters a lot. So, hire a professional graphic designer to create visuals that add value to your brand personality.

09. Use LinkedIn Influencers To Your Advantage

LinkedIn introduced a new feature LinkedIn Influencers only recently. It lets you search and follow influencers in your industry.

You should first create a select list of influencers whom you identify useful for your industry and business promotion. Then, share their articles with your audience.

Use LinkedIn Influencers

This will help you project as an industry leader amongst your followers. You can build a good reputation for yourself and business within your network. In this way, this measure will be helpful to drive traffic to the website of your business.

Influencers are useful in getting new blog ideas as well. Take a look at their original posts and read them. Then, give your feedback saying that you appreciate their great tips. That may sound a small measure, but it goes a long way in developing your network.

So, these are the crucial tactics when thinking about how to use LinkedIn for driving traffic to your business. Pay attention to each of these tips by concentrating your resources.

Your small company will also need to establish a strong visual identity in its niche market along with the efforts to drive traffic.

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Wrapping Up

When planning on how to drive LinkedIn to drive traffic to your business, first create an impressive profile of your company. Then, create content such as blogs that suits your niche audience and link it to your business website. Use the platform to connect the people you know and create your own group. Use influencers on this channel to take advantage of their massive fan following. Make sure that you post interesting and engaging content regularly.

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