Interesting Tips To Achieve The Best Social Media Page Design

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Social Media Page Design

Last updated on February 5th, 2018

In this highly socialized world, every business has its own social media page for different social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is important for the online businesses to have profile picture, background images and cover images in eye catching designs. Here are certain tips to achieve the best social media page for your business.

Exhibit Your Company’s Products, Branding And Community…
Social media pages consist of cover image, background image and profile picture. The company’s logo should be showcased in the profile picture whereas the background and banner image can display products and services offered by the company. Updating the images on social media pages is extremely important as a part of social media marketing campaign. When you carryout social media page design, it is important to make certain that the design is in compliance with the branding of the company.

Pick Up The Images In The Recommended Sizes:
Each and every social media network recommends images in specific sizes for profile picture, background and cover image. Though images will be displayed at various sizes on various devices, the best image quality can be achieved across various devices by using the recommended social media image sizes while designing the page.

SMO Size chart

Come up with visually consistent page designs:
After all, you have under taken social media page design to establish a strong presence on the social media platform. So, you need to make sure that the page designs are visually consistent on all social media networks. For example, if you have designed 4 social media pages for different network, you need to maintain the look and feel of every design consistently. Having consistent social media page design will have a great impact on the branding of your business.

Allot more space for images:
It is a well known fact that brain processes images much faster than processing the text. The image based contents are capable of generating more facebook shares, tweets, etc. Facebook has a rule that the cover photos must not have more than 20 percent of text. Though this rule is not strictly enforced, it is really a great idea to design your banner as per the recommendation. Always maintain image based content.

Creative ways to add your profile and cover image:
While designing social media page, make sure that the profile picture does not overlaps with the cover image and hide any message that you want to audience to explore. You can make the content on banner image oriented towards the right side of the image to ensure easy viewing. It is also important to ensure there is a purposeful interaction between the cover image and profile picture. You can learn some creative ways to add cover and profile picture tactically to ensure purposeful interaction.

Abide by the rules of social media platforms:
Most of the social media platforms ban using celebrities, nudity, obscene, profanity and threatening images on the cover image and profile picture. Your page design must not violate the social media platform rules. Otherwise, your profile may be suspended for breaking it.
If you have all these aspects in your mind while designing social media page, you can easily establish a strong presence across the platform.

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