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Top 30 HR Logo Images For Your HR Firm

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HR Logo

Last updated on November 5th, 2019

Human Resource (HR) Management plays a crucial role in giving a boost to a company’s work efficiency and helping its businesses flourish. Keeping that in mind, plenty of HR consultancy firms have mushroomed in the niche market, which has led to fierce competition amongst them to win more clients. This compels them to lay extra emphasis on marketing their services well. So, an effective HR logo that conveys a brand message with an impressive design becomes the first branding requirement.

With robust business growth, a company’s ability to hire consultancy services increases manifold over the years. Consequently, more and more companies are now hiring HR management companies to resolve their HR-related issues. Moreover, big businesses are hiring these firms for advice on recruitment, retention, communication, and employee relations.

Human resource management is no more restricted to giving businesses a list of potential employees to hire. This industry has widened its scope, and it is now responsible for the management and development of employees of an organization. So, a consultancy firm oversees the management of a company’s human capital.

Because of the widening scope for consultancy services, HR consultancy firms offer a gamut of expert hr services. These include training and development specialists, benefits specialists, employment services managers, human resource generalists, compensation and job analysis specialists, personnel analysts, and benefits counselors.

Consequently, HR consultancy business is growing fast. According to reports, the consultancy business in the US generated revenue of $ 24b in 2018, which was a 2.5% growth. Your new HR consultancy firm can also become part of this growth story. But the first step you need to explore every expanding market for your firm is to have an HR logo.

Create A Unique But Simple Logo

However, an ordinary logo will not serve the purpose. A logo is a strong visual identity of any business. Even people build a perception of a company’s business by glancing at its logo. If it is professionally designed, they establish an emotional relationship with it. This helps a company in its efforts to build its brand.

When you set out to create an HR logo for your HR firm, you should first look for some inspirational logo ideas. It helps in knowing about the colors, typefaces, images, and other elements mostly used in designing a logo from this industry.

Here Is A List Of Top HR Logo Images Of Reputed Firms For Your Inspiration

01. Soshace

Soshace is a St Petersberg based HR consultancy firm that provides professionals related to web programming development who work remotely. Its logo has the company’s initial letter ‘S’ prominently captured in the middle with three colors in the background.


02. Mercer

Mercer is a global consulting major that helps clients get professionals across all industries. Its blue color logo is a neat and clean design. The M letter is the basis for its HR logo design that has a modern touch.


03. IT Expert

ITExpert is a consultancy firm specializing in IT staffing, recruiting, and additional services. Its logo is unique and simple. Just the symbol for the right sign makes this logo in one black color. Black is the color of power and authority, conveying that the clients can trust the company.

IT Expert HR Logo

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04. Bambee

Bambee is a US-based consultancy firm involved in HR coaching, drafting internal HR policies, handling disputes, and training onboard staff. Its purple color logo has a beautiful hexagon design with an infinity sign in a liner art. One of the cardinal rules of logo design is that there should not be too many details. This design comes true on these principles.


05. Performia

This Melbourne based consultancy firm has two major classic elements in its logo. The human resource management logo has a cross and a circle. While the cross is a religious symbol that connects with the people very well, the circle is the symbol of accomplishment. Dark blue and yellow colors give the logo instant visibility.

performiar HR consultancy logo

06. Remedy

This Atlanta based staffing company carries the expertise to deliver the right staffing solutions for clients. Because the company boasts of provides intelligent remedies, its logo has globe shape and image of professionals. Green, orange, and dark blue are the company’s brand colors.

Remedy HR Logo

07. Kelley

The logo of Kelley Services HR is in white with a green background. White is the color of purity, reflecting the consultancy’s honest and professional approach in delivering the staffing solutions. Green is the color for growth.

KELLY HR Services

08. CNA International

CNA International logo has a bouncing globe that conveys the consultancy’s energetic approach in addressing staffing issues of clients. The sky blue color evokes the emotions of hope and reaching new heights in achieving business excellence.

CNA International

09. Whitecollars

Whitecollars provides cost-effective human resources solutions. Its HR logo design online is a minimalistic design that involves only three thick likes that look like fingers. Black is the color for power, and blue stands for intelligence.


10. Way Solutions

This is yet another attractive HR logo that stands out in its use of colors and typeface. The shades of green and their layers make this design unique.

Way Solutions

11. Boyden

Boyden provides leading consultancy services to clients. Its previous human resource management logo has the company’s name with the letter ‘o’ shaped like a circle in blue. Now after the company established its name, the logo consists of the lovely blue circle only.


12. DNA 325

This HR logo design is unique in its treatment of the letter ‘D’ in the company’s name. The letter is shaped like a digital sign for forwarding movements. This is because the firm’s slogan is “Creating Teams for Digital Edge”. Red is the color of passion.

DNA 325 HR Logo Design

13. Seven Star HR

Seven Star HR is a US-based company that deals in issues related to HR laws and regulations. Its unique HR logo comes with a star design, which is a conventional element. Also, it has an upward looking man in white.

Seven Star HR Logo

14. Ahead Human Resources

This company delivers staffing solutions that include hiring, managing, and even terminating employees. Its hr consultancy logo is in a yellow triangular shape that looks like an arrow with employees shown in the design. The company’s name appears in bold letters reflecting the company’s authority over its services.

Ahead Human Resources

15. Segal Group

The Segal Group logo has three blue arrows that point towards the center, conveying that the company is focused on offering its human resources related services.

Segal Group

16. Brilliant

Brilliant is an award-winning search, staffing, and management resources. Its HR logo has a big orange ball shaped like the Sun. The company’s full name appears in spaced capital letters in black to give the logo a unique look.


17. People Ready

The company delivers specialized workforce solutions. Its logo has a unique typeface in the dark blue and brown. A square shaped image gives the design an outstanding look. But you should try to be creative in using colors. You can use colors in your own unusual way to make the design look outstanding.

People Ready HR Services

However, note that each color makes a different emotional impact. So, to evoke a desired emotion, it is better to let a professional graphic designer handle the job of creating your logo.

18. XtraNet Tech

This company provides consultancy services as well besides others. The company’s hr consultancy logo has a red crossed sign which stands for the R letter in its name. The big blue O letter helps in making the design memorable.


19. LandrumHR

This consultancy firm offers human resource management and payroll administration services. Its HR logo is unique in the use of a typeface in bold letters with light purple color. The box design in the left has a human figure in line art showing the movement.

Landrum HR

20. Career Concepts

This firm is a locally owned private employment agency offering human resource services. There is a wise use of yellow color in its HR logo to form the outline of the road. The road itself is the symbol for moving forward in life and progress.

Career Concepts

21. Public Consulting Group

This PCG logo spells out the professionalism of the consultancy firm. The logo is a simple serif typeface that is used to convey a professional and formal environment. The dark blue color in the background and white typeface gives the logo a professional touch.

Public Consulting Group

22. Avensure

This firm provides a host of HR solutions. Its logo has three stylized pointed arrows that symbolized direction and progress. Green used in the logo evokes the feelings of growth.


23. Velvet Jobs

This firm has a dark circle, and there is a letter ‘v’ prominently placed in the center in white. ‘V’ is also a symbol of victory and growth. The color contrast is powerful and makes a massive statement of power and authority of the hr company over its market.

Velvet Jobs

24. Hire Heros USA

This logo has all the elements that most US brands wish to have in their brand projection. These elements of stars and a feeling of the country’s flag colors depict the pride of the company in delivering hr solutions.

Hire Heros USA

25. Insperity

Insperity provides HR solutions that help companies in ensuring better workforce optimization. Shaped like a spider web, the logo symbolizes crafty and strategic solutions that the company offers.


26. Allegis Group

Allegis Group is in the business of providing talent solutions. This HR firm has a conventional triangle logo with blue and yellow colors. Multiple smaller triangles within a bigger triangle make this design stand out. When you hire a freelance graphic designer, ask for a unique design concept that people can relate with.

Allegis Group

27. Michael Page

Michael Page offers recruitment services across the UK. Its HR block logo has blue in the background, and the company’s name is in white. The logo conveys professionalism and honest approach in dealing with the resource management issues for clients.

Michael Page

28. Spherion

Sperion is a staffing solution provider company. Its unique logo has three thick lines placed in three directions with the letter ‘i’, making the fourth one. The logo thus conveys the firm’s wide range of services offered across all industries. When you hire a professional designer, make it a point to have a design that catches the attention instantly with a new concept.


29. Millennial Branding

Based in Boston, Millennial Branding is a leading research and management consultancy firm. Its logo has an image of a confident professional in the center while the blue color symbolizes intelligence.

Millennial Branding

30. Good Hire

Good Hire provides background screening services to clients who want to know more about the employees they hire. The company’s logo is a beautiful minimalistic design having just a hint of a road which is the symbol of progress and growth.

Good Hire

So, these are the top HR logo images that we found inspirational for their use of typefaces, colors, and other vital elements. Make sure that you take a cue from these logos and come out with a unique logo for your new HR consultancy.

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Wrapping Up

HR consultancy firms are plenty in any given city. They all compete hard to win clients for their various consultancy services. But their unique HR logo design can help them in driving clients as a unique logo can build the desired perception of a consultancy firm amongst clients. These inspirational logos from big consultancy companies are inspirational designs that you can refer to while creating your own logo.

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