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Top 15 Interior Design Logo Trends To Keep An Eye In 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Interior Design Logo

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

Generally, Interior Design Logos are created in the literal sense with a house, a building or its elements depicting its services. The geometric significance of these logos is too hard to miss. Some firms go out of their way to emphasize the brand message by highlighting a single product like a luxurious sofa or an exotic wall panel to communicate the message.

The primary idea behind the interior design logos is to communicate the message of elegance and professionalism. Every year, newer firms implement their element of surprise in the logo and the experienced firms redesign their logo design to keep up with the growing trends.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Innovative Interior Design Logo Trends In 2023

01. Be Inventive

Though most interior designs firms prefer the house to reflect their logo design, but their services are not restricted to home improvement only. These companies cater to both commercial as well the personal spaces. The logo design created by the graphic designer should communicate both these services in an imaginative way without compromising the essence of the brand message.

furniture logo
Some Of The Secrets To An Inventive Design Are:

  • Ditch the existing stereotype and create your own.
  • The house or a building could be communicated in a better manner.
  • Rules of geometry does not always apply to Interior Design Logos.

02. Be Elegant

Interior Design Service or Home Improvement Service is all about upgrading the existing structure to elegant new patterns. The Home improvement logo design should communicate the message of elegance as well as simplicity.

logo design

The mnemonic as well the font used should be designed in these lines to ensure the right outcome. The positive result is that elegance can be infused in an existing design by qualified graphic designers. A well-thought out logo design has added visibility in a brochure design as well the social media pages. Brand visibility and brand recall are some of the essential attributes of a good logo design.

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03. Be Spacious

Did you know that the right colour and light can psychologically increase the size of the room? Did you know that the correct furniture placement can improve the positivity of the place? Did you know that productivity has a direct correlation to the interior design? Every fact is possible with the right interior design service.

brand identity

And the ideal way of positioning the company in the market is its brand identity and logo design. The elements of the logo should be artistically placed to ensure ample breathing space. This space highlights the logo designs and communicates the brand identity message.

04. Be Meticulous

What is the most crucial part of the logo Design

  • Is it the mnemonic which adds value to it?
  • Is it the font which emphasises the company name?
  • Is it the tagline which supports the message?
  • Is it the colour which adds life to it?

graphic designer

The answer is all the above. Every element of the logo is as essential as the next one. Even the amount of space associated with the logo has a significant impact on it. Every graphic designer should pay considerable attention to every element of the logo while designing a Home Improvement logo. The added significance is that it also communicates the message and values of the company’s services.


05. Be Firm

Many professions cannot afford clumsiness. Graphic designer and brand identity specialists rank among the top of the list. There has to be some order amidst the chaos and platitude of patterns and colours. The logo design can follow the freestyling technique; however, they should be firm and clear.

Interior Design Service

Interior Design Service or Home Improvement Service includes a lot of powerful decisions and solutions. The interior logo should display the same message of professionalism and order. It increases the brand credibility and increases the value of the brand among its clientele as well as its competitors.

06. Be Interactive

The challenge faced by every graphic designer is to make the logo self explanatory. The logo design should create an emotional bridge between the consumer and the brand.But thankfully, the advent of technology has paved the way for more techniques for innovative logo design.

Be Interactive

The two and a half dimensional logo design can make the logo more interactive and make communication easier. And the good news is that interior design service is the best place for the implementation of this technique. Now it is time to build your logo and make it communicative.

07. Be Minimalistic

There are so many elements we want to include in the interior logo. In our defence, a house or a commercial space is never complete without a long list of items and accessories. Every company or brand has so many things to convey to their consumers.

innovative logo design

However, always remember that the logo is not a sales material and the lesser the information in the logo, the better. The graphic designer has to decide the best course of action for the logo and to keep it simple.

08. Be Mysterious

Every house has its secrets, so should be the interior logo. The mystery element adds more value to the logo as well as the brand. However, additional care should be taken while creating the mystery logo. There is a thin and distinctive line which separates the half logo from the mystery logo.

Home improvement Logo

The primary step in designing the logo is creating the story with a twist. All the brand identity collaterals including brochure design and social media pages should maintain the same message. Another factor to consider is the positioning of the elements in the logo.

09. Be Bold

Interior Design Service or Home Improvement Service is a substantial step for any homeowner. Most of us have a sentimental devotion to our house and belonging and opting for a solution can be a robust move. There are specific characteristics which distinguish a great company from a good company.

interior logo

The Interior logo should have the same message and assure the clients. This assurance begins with the logo, and it is the responsibility of the graphic designers to deliver the same. Be it a furniture logo theme or a home improvement logo theme, let the brand identity be bold and distinctive.

10. Be Different

This logo trend is standard for all industries, and it is all set to make an impact in 2023. Every experienced and newbie graphic designer will strive to leave their imprint by innovative designs for each industry. Leading graphic designing companies like Designhill could lead this change and play a vital role in consumer behavior and market trend. Be ready to be amazed by new groundbreaking designs this year.

Be Different

In addition to these new trends, let’s take a closer look at the five wings of logo design and the probable developments in them

11. The Font

The brand or the company is the protagonist of the story. It is the role of the graphic designer and brand identity specialist to add the necessary effects and highlight the character among their peers and clientele.

Logo Font

There are various kinds of font themes which can be utilised and this will be the year of personalised script fonts and authoritative serif fonts. There is also a high probability of usage of more than one complementary font to achieve the desired effect.

12. The Colour

There will much more colours involved than the usual stereotype of conventional designs and bold colour schemes. There is a high possibility that the shadow trend will show its head.

Logo Design Colour

There could be an implementation of strong colour themes, and it is more likely to play around a single colour centric. The year will have its share of rustic as well as minimalist ideas. Soft and warm tones will play an influential role in the colour trend.

13. The Tagline

This tagline gives a sneak preview of the company’s vision and services right at the outlook of the logo. It provides the complete information in a nutshell and supplements the message conveyed in the logo design.


The tag will be a crispier and sharper this year, and it will highlight the much-intended message in a better way. Also, there will be more usage of the tagline along with the logo.

14. The Mnemonic

A mnemonic is an essential part of the Interior Logo or a Home Improvement logo, and it stands as reliable brand representations. The common mnemonics used in the Interior Design industry include house, furniture, lamp, door, etc. But this does not stop there in this year.

Interior Design industry

The new trend will be inclusive of different new exciting products which might or might not be related to Home improvement and yet communicate the brand identity image.

15. The Concept

What is the algorithm used for selecting the message communicated in the logo? What is the message conveyed in a logo? How many values can be embedded in a logo? This is a trick question.

The Concept

All companies have more than one values, and this is in additions to the logo trends followed by the industry. This year will be a combination of the unique message of the brand, and it will also include the mystery element for each brand.

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Logo Trends keeps evolving over the years based on the market expectations. It is the responsibility of the graphic designer and brand identity expert to create a noteworthy trend and also to make a logo which will be feasible in all modes of promotion like brochure design, social media pages, etc.

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