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Top 10 Interior Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Interior Logo Designs

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Interior business is thriving as more people are looking for decorating their homes in a professional way. But there is a tough competition too in this field. Many companies have emerged up in this business. So, interior logo designs are important to convey the right brand message to the target audience.

Interior design business is highly competitive due to many new and established entrepreneurs active in this field. According to an estimate, annual revenue generated by interior design industry is around $10 billion. The design jobs in the industry are expected to increase by about 13% in the next decade. So, while the industry is thriving, you need to be prepared to face a tough competition.

Like in other businesses, interior design business also requires you to market your services aggressively. Your logo is one of the foremost essential things to consider first before taking on your competitors. Interior logo designs are of great significance to doing business.

This is because a logo is the face of your company and business. If the business logo can convey a brand message of professionalism, high-quality services, and trust, it will impress your potential clients. Your logo can thus become a way to draw attention of your clients toward your interior design business.

A remarkable logo stands out due to its various qualities. One of the desirable qualities of an impressive logo is that it is a simple design. Most global logos are simple designs so that they can convey a brand message instantly at a glance.

So, make it sure that there are one or two colors and fonts used in your logo. You should avoid complex shapes that are difficult to understand. All the global logo designs are, in fact, simple concepts. Many of them are actually nothing more than the name of the companies, which is created in an attractive and memorable way.

However, a logo must also be a versatile design. Your interior logo design will appear on all of your marketing materials and advertisements. If a logo looks good on a business card but it leaves no impression on an online platform such as a website, then it is better to redesign the logo. So, finalize a logo only when you have tested it across all online and offline platforms.

Find out if your logo is scalable or not. Remember that you may be putting your logo on a billboard as part of your advertisement campaign. In that case, the logo must be able to keep its sense of proportion of different elements intact. It should not look odd when blown up to enormous heights on a billboard. At the same time, all details of the logo should be clearly visible when it is reduced to the smaller sizes.

Therefore, design a logo that is creative, unique, memorable, scalable, and versatile. Your interior design logo should be a memorable design that people can recall quickly. So, before your set out to design your own logo, consider these sample logos.

Here Are Some Interior Logo Designs That Will Inspire You

01. Studio 0+a

Studio O+A is a San Francisco interior design firm founded by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander. Established in the early 1990s, the studio was known to provide sophisticated SOMA design to Silicon Valley start-ups. The company’s logo is one of the most unique interior logo designs as it looks like a mathematical equation.

logo designs

But it is an unconventional design of a logo. It looks great as it is a logo of an interior design company. The logo stands for the firm’s new thoughts on decorating the commercial and home interiors.

02. Interior Architects

Founded in 1984, Interior Architects (IA) is a architectural firm that focuses exclusively on interiors. The firm helps clients articulate their business strategies with the dynamic use of space.

Interior logo design

The firm’s logo is designed with the beautiful use of typeface. The graphic designer used sans serif fonts, which look pleasing. Keeping the company’s initials on the one side and the full name on the other makes this one of the most memorable interior design logos.


ICRAVE is a Manhattan-based design and branding agency. The agency’s logo has a black background that stands for authenticity, and power of its services.


The white letters boldly express the company’s creativity, which is also symbolized by the C letter in circle. When picking a typeface for your logo, make sure that it is in sync with the typeface used in the firm’s other marketing materials such as brochure design.

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04. //3877

//3877 is a boutique design firm. It focuses on providing interior design services related to high-end residential, restaurant and hospitality projects. There is not much design skills involved in creating the logo.

logo design

It is one of the simplest interior logo design as only numbers are used in the firm’s name. But slanty green lines on the right in the logo make it stand out.

05. International Design Concepts

International Design Concepts (IDC) works in the Florida, Caribbean and Latin American regions. The design firm considers itself as a brand catering to the luxurious clients such as premier resorts. This is the reason that the firm’s logo has classic lettering. Design elements in the background stand for professional attitude of the firm in dealing with the work.

Design Concepts

When designing a logo, make sure that you take feedback from your peers, followers or experts. To do so, post your logos to your social media page and have an opinion polls to find out what people think of it.

06. JIDK

JIDK specializes interior decoration of modern offices. The firm has a strong foothold in the NY and it boast of its solid understanding of start-up culture. The logo design is unique because of its memorable use of the company’s initials. The use of serif fonts conveys the professional approach adopted by the firm in dealing with its clients and their design needs.


07. Studio 11 Design

Studio 11 Design is a Dallas-based interior design firm. The firm caters to the hospitality and leisure industries.The studio has prestigious clients such as Marriott, Hilton, Fairmont, Starwood, Kimpton, IHG and Omni.

Studio 11 Design

The company’s logo is uniquely designed by creating the number 11 as u of the studio. The dim colors used in the logo stand for the firm’s sophisticated interior design services.

08. BAMO

BAMO has clientales in residential and hospitality industries. It decorates spas, resorts, hotels, luxury houses, condominiums, and restaurants. The firm’s logo is unique in its use of the company’s initials and red color in the background.


09. Menashe Design

Menashe Design provide an entire gamut of interior design services to clients. The firm’s logo is inspirational because of its use of the letter M, which stands for Menashe. The letter M is designed in this way that it gives us the impression of a box. Black background conveys power and authority that the firm enjoys in its field of work. Sleek letters stand for the sophistication and high-quality of the services from the company.

Menashe Design

When you set out to create a logo, make sure that it is a versatile design. This means that it should look equally impressive across all media and platforms. It must make a good impression when appearing at a top corner of your website and must become part of website design.

10. Elstad Interiors

Elstad is a Chicago based interior design firm. It provides decoration services in both the residential and commercial categories. The letter E in the logo stands for the company name and is the basis of the design. Some thin lines and a thick one at the top of the logo further make this logo stand out. The graphic designer has maintained the thin line pattern in the thin lettering below.

Elstad Interiors

These are the famous interior logo designs that inspire. Take a look at your interior design firm’s logo and see if it is unique and special or not. You may think of redesigning it as per your new design needs.

However, you should have many new design concepts to choose from. Your small firm’s cost of logo should also be within budget. Considering this, think of sending your logo work to Designhill, a leading crowdsourcing platform.

At Designhill, you can get dozens of new design concepts from as many graphic designers from across the world. The cost of the design is affordable. Launch your logo contest for the designers.

In a week or two, you will have access to graphic design services of many designers. You can then pick one winning logo for your interior design business. What is more, you can get your entire money back under 100% Money Back Guarantee policy of Designhill in case you do not find the designs satisfactory.

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These are great examples of inspirational interior logo designs. The designers used simple elements such as a typeface only to create these unique logos. These are also examples of minimalistic designs. Most of these logos are based on the company’s name. So, the typeface becomes the most important element in creating the memorable logos.

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