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Last updated on September 12th, 2018

Many corporate logo design look simple, especially global companies have a very simple look of their logos, but there are many factors that go into making them look professional and at the same time easily recognizable. This is because these logos were created after taking care of 3 basic aspects of graphic designing.


An impressive corporate logo has clever use of colors which are the first thing that the audience notice. In fact, a professional logo designer makes use of the colors to say a lot about a company and its business. For example, a strong color is symbolic of a company’s aggressiveness in the market while a solid color suggests stability.

To express your business, accuracy of colors is very important. For example, red cannot be used in a dental logo since this color symbolizes blood and pain, while a clinic would like to project an image of pain relief and no blood flowing during the treatment. So, a dental clinic logo usually has white, blue and green as main colors in logo.

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Shape And Design

A simple combination of shape and design is important so that people can easily identify a logo. The shape should be such that it looks good not only on products and packages but also on different media. Examples of simple shape that look great can be cited from automobile industry with logos of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota and Volvo being examples of great simple logo design.

Text Use of text or text abbreviations in a corporate logo design is desirable in order to make it easily identifiable. Examples can be cited from food industry logos such as KFC and McD. These text based logos are unique in the sense that they can convey a business message by use of text.

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Combination Of Elements

Sometimes logo designers use combination of different elements to convey the intended message. If the elements are incorporated strategically to produce contrast, the corporate logo design becomes memorable and creates a brand identity of the company in the market.

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