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Last updated on December 4th, 2018

After receiving such a great response for Designhill’s Design of the month award, it’s our pleasure to announce the winner today. It was difficult to pick one of the best designs, but the votes from fellow designers have made it easy for us. The winner who has received maximum number of votes for the month of October is Simplify Logo By Brandflux Solutions Llp. Many congratulations to the winner! You have won a chance to get featured on our blog and social media platforms. We will be back again next month with new designs. So for all those who didn’t get a chance or couldn’t win this contest, don’t be disheartened. Keep working hard as you never know, you might win the award next month!

Here Are The “Best 11 Logo Designs” For The Month Of October

01. Simplify Logo (Designed By Brandflux Solutions Llp)(Winner)

The minimalist design cleverly uses negative spaces to depict the letter “S” as a sofa. However, the smart illustration gives an impression of the bed too. Truly brilliant!

Simplify Logo

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02. Focus Logo

This cold brew coffee brand Focus launched a contest for an innovative logo design. They told in the design brief that their name “Focus” must be incorporated in the logo. As the bottles are painted in the black or white matt shades, the logo design should match it. And who would illustrate the word “focus” better than an eagle? The coffee mug clawed strongly by an eagle sums up the brand message in an innovative yet meaningful way.

Coffee gives cognitive boost = eagle eye focus

Focus Logo

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03. Native Real Estate Logo Design

Simple, minimalist, and modern; this is what best defined by Native Real Estate’s logo. The leaf-shaped illustration under a circle by utilizing the negative spaces depicts a house. It means a house closer to nature. The logo perfectly captures the brand message.

Native Real Estate

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04. Sunfloware Logo

This kitchenware brand has unique and easily recognizable logo design. They even wanted it to match with their brand value and essence. And, here is the result that perfectly captures their brand identity! Besides adorning their website, the logo is perfect to be printed on a variety of kitchenware products.

Sunfloware Logo

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05. Ashtanga Yoga Naples Logo

The minimal design — featuring a triangle illustration — is showcasing chakras. Negative space has been used intelligently to depict chakras associated with “yoga”. The design is simple, clean and modern.

Ashtanga Yoga

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06. Imago Advisors Logo And Business Card Design

With an innovative illustration and typography, the logo and business card design stand out. The clean look further adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Business Card Design

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07. Eurasian Connexion Brochure Design

The brochure with dark and light color combination gives a high-end feel. The use of readable font style also clearly reflects its brand identity.

Brochure Design

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08. The Bricksters T-shirt Design

The Bricksters being a young robotic team wanted something relatable. The t-shirt design featuring a robot perfectly matches their concept.

T-shirt Design

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09. Garcia Legal Logo Design

The professional sleek design captures the spirit of civil litigation firm. The use of simple typography with three lines arranged strategically brings out its objectives.

Logo Design

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10. Revitalize3 Logo Design

The creative use of illustration, depicting a human body, clearly sums up that the brand is in the medical domain. As far as font style is concerned, it’s simple and modern.

Revitalize3 Logo

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

11. AdBuilder Logo

Cleverly designed, yet simple and catchy; this is what best describes this logo. The designer has created an icon using the initials of the company. Since the company deals in a software product, the blue color has been used to represent trust, authority, and professionalism.

AdBuilder Logo

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Thanks to everyone that voted in this month’s Best 11 Designs Of The Month.

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