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Holiday Packaging Color Trends 2015 In Graphic Designs

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Graphic Design - 3 min read

Last updated on November 7th, 2017

People await holidays to enjoy and revitalize in order to move forward in life with new vigor. Companies and businesses also sense the mood and find it an excellent opportunity to launch brand new goods. Packaging industry especially benefits from the festive mood of the people. One of the things that most people find attractive during the holiday seasons is packaging of the goods. They find new packaging designs attractive during the holiday seasons as they are in a celebratory mood. So, companies come out with new holiday packaging color trends 2015 with excellent and catchy graphic designs.

Here Are Holiday Packaging Color Trends 2015 In Graphic Designs:

  • It Was Green In 2014 For Holiday Packaging

    Before we come to the trends likely to dominate the current year, let us have a brief view of what was trending in 2014 in holiday packaging designs. Last year, green was the dominating color trends for holiday packaging. This was because the consumers were talking about environmental protection issues. Many agencies, especially the Environment Protection Agency, were encouraging people to ensure that the packaging was recyclable. So, ‘’Going Green’’ was a great selling point for the businesses. They created holiday packages with green to match the ever increasing environmental concerns last year.

  • Black and Gold Are Dominating Color Trends 2015

    In the current year, however, environmental issues are not the talking point and hence, green has seized to be the color for packaging. While it is too early to precisely say anything about what graphic designs trend in holiday packaging will dominate this year, some hints have started emerging. Green no longer occupies the minds of packaging designers this season.

Black is already seen everywhere in the designs and a hint of gold is accompanying it in the current year. WGSN, which is a leading trend analysis and forecast company, has recently talked about graphic design trends in holiday packaging in its report. The report has predicted that black –with-gold accents will be the color scheme in 2015 as a dominant trend for the holiday product packaging. But another remarkable prediction from the report is that this color will continue to be in the mainstream through 2016 also. So, the pair of black and gold is the color choice for holiday packaging for the year.

Use of black and gold has a certain purpose for holiday packaging. According to the WGSN report, “Black and gold add a luxurious contemporary look to boxes and bottles this season.’’ This may be because the emphasis was on environment issues last year and so people were now longing for some luxurious products in the new holiday seasons for a change.

Here is an example of how black and gold has already started making its impact as one of the dominant color trends 2015 in graphic designs.

Color Trends 2015 – Black And Gold Will Dominate


  • Wayward Distillation House packaging designed by Hired Guns Creative
  • Robot Roy Nutcracker Toy by England-based design agency Robot Food (Creative Director Simon Forster) via The Dieline
  • Exotic coffee packaging by Paradise Gourmet Club designed by ARTEMOV ARTEL Design Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine) via Packaging of the World
  • Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky designed by Stranger & Stranger (NY)
  • Holiday wrapping paper by Emily
  • Fort Point Beer Company packaging designed by San Francisco-based design agency, Manual Creative.

Black and gold can also seen emerging as trends in web design. Many websites use the colors as a way to express sophistication of services and products offered by the businesses.

So, watch out for these graphic design color trends 2015, as dominating the holiday packaging color. And if you wish to incorporate this emerging trend in your package, website, logo or merchandise designs, simply post a design launch contest at Designhill, the largest crowdsourcing marketplaces for custom designs, and let the expert designers at designhill do the hard work for you! Don’t worry; Designhill offers a 100% money back guarantee! Finally, here’s a risk-free way of getting a customized design in no time.

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