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Top 3 Vital Aspects Of A Creative Bottle Label Design

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Label Design - 3 min read

Bottle Label Design

Last updated on November 17th, 2017

Why you need creative bottle label design

Several surveys conducted across the globe have revealed that most of us get tempted to try new things that bear interesting and exciting label design, specially mineral waters, wines or soft drinks. That means the design and packaging of bottles has a major say in affecting or deterring the choices of people when it comes to their drinks selection.

Even the fondest lovers of popular drinks like coke and ice vodka love to see something interesting on their attractive bottles.So, if the concept of label design can effectively be explored, it has all the potential of transforming your brand value beyond words.

Bottle Labels design


In this blog, you will come to know about 3 effective aspects of creative bottle label design that never fails to push the brand value of your liquor company. Let’s skim through these important points now.

Here Are Top 3 Vital Aspects Of A Creative Bottle Label Design

1. Consistent Theme

If you wish to make your brand easily recognizable, acceptable and creative, then it is important for you to maintain consistency of your theme across label design elements of your entire product range. So that even if an individual is looking at different variants of your products line, your brand is instantly recognizable from the kind of label it bears.

Themes are an excellent way of achieving this. And with numerous design templates available on web, the process of creating your bottle labels in line with a particular theme is not at all difficult.

Bottle Label Design

2. Excellent Graphics –

Graphics is perhaps the most crucial element of your label design, as it increases the overall appeal of your products (bottles) manifold. Realistic photos and image illustrations of the ingredients that have gone in the making of your products can be good idea to work at, especially if the kinds of drinks you are serving are flavored or organic ones. You can even opt for free images available on numerous online resources, since you do not have to pay for acquiring their licenses. However, do ensure that you are not using a copyrighted image or picture; else you might get caught in a legal problem.

3. Color Clarity-

Go for the label colors that not only complement the packaging of your bottle but also highlight the characteristic value of your beverage. See the different liquor ranges of Club-Mate. How beautifully the different creative bottle label designs have been crafted so that they effectively highlight the specialty of that particular drink.

Bottle Label Designs
Bottle Label Designs

You can explore amazing bottle designs online with incredible designing templates at Designhill, the largest crowdsourcing marketplace for custom designs.

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