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Website Design Trends To Watch For In 2015

Campbell Jof by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Website Design - 4 min read

Website Design Trends To Watch For In 2015

Last updated on July 7th, 2016

Now when the end of 2014 is near, it is also time to talk about the prospective trends in web design of next year. At this stage, we can only make some predictions as to what trends of website design will continue and which ones will go out of favor.

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1. Responsive Design To Continue

Responsive web design has been the trend for last few years and there is no reason that it will fade away in next year. In fact, the possibility of the trend being adopted with new vigor is likely since the businesses wish to make a greater presence on all type of computer devices and cell phones. Responsive design is here to stay as long as people use cell phones, tablets and other portable devices to make online search and shopping.

Though arguments over implementation of responsive web design continue, but no one has opposed the trend. The fact remains that increasing numbers of websites are opting to be responsive. Some experts see this as a new norm instead of a trend.

2. Flat Design Gains Momentum Further

Flat design has proved its utility for past two years and there is no reason for the designers abandoning it in the next year. The fact is that concept of flat design is gaining further momentum. Though there is talk about Google’s Material Design, but it is more or less the flat design.


Google says that it’s Material Design is the metaphor. A material metaphor is the unifying theory of rationalized space and a system of motion. Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.’’

Material Design also uses layering, animation and subtle gradients to get the advantages of flat design.

3. Use Of Impressive Typography

Typefaces can be categorized as expensive and cheap. While expensive typefaces were so far the privilege of chosen few who have the financial power to buy them, cheap fonts were generally in the circulation. But the difference is not just of the cost. The quality also was guided by the cost. Instead, with expensive web type-kits having impressive fonts and typefaces are now available at cheap costs, this augers well for the use of high quality fonts in web design, and the trend can pick up in next year. This will result in more designers having the freedom to work within small budget to make good use of their typography skills.


Source: (dzineblog)

4. Scrolling Continues

Scrolling of web pages, instead of old-fashioned clicking, was a trend that caught up quickly and the designers took it up as an easy way to navigate. On the contrary, clicking on many links to visit many pages was a very irritating. Now, unless there is a good replacement of scrolling, this trend is likely to be preferred by the designers next year.


Source: (Gnnu)

5. Large Background Images

The trend of using larger background images on websites has been catching attention for quiet sometime for its beautiful impression and impact on the viewers. Utility of oversized images is in sending a business message along with use of select text on the picture. Next year, this trend is most likely to stay. Plus, videos played at the top of the websites are another feature to continue in the coming year to take advantage of this powerful media for marketing purpose.
large background

6. Microinteractions

Microinteractions are a trend that the next year is likely to continue with. Microinteractions are very small tools or products of interactions within a web page. One of the examples is the email signup box when it pops up on a website page. The box pops up for few seconds and fades away and then it appears again to go away. This type interaction with the users gives a new playful personality to the web pages besides asking the user to sign in. Next year, more Word Press themes and plug-in developers are likely to enrich the trend.


Source: (Slidesharecdn)

7. Compelling Story Telling

In the next year, we can see more and more websites using fonts, colors and micro interactive page elements as narrative tools to express message of a business. These tools will be used to a concept such as creativity, simplicity, elegance etc that symbolizes the client’s brand. Page layout of a website also will be aimed at this storey telling, concepts and values.

In conclusion, we can say that most of the trends of this year are likely to continue in the next year. But the designers may also experiment with new ways to design and can incorporate many new elements to make a web page lively and user-friendly. Use of Micro interactions is one such example of the trend building up further.

Future of these trends depends a lot on how far the designers want to push them. This means that the usefulness of the trends will be the key to their survival in the coming months or the designers can give a all together new direction to the web design.

It would be interesting to watch the new web designs emerging up on the scene.

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