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Best 11 At Designhill – July

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design

Best At Designhill

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

After receiving such a great response, it’s our pleasure to announce the winner. All the designs were amazing, and it was difficult to choose the best one. But the members of the community have made it easy for us. The design who has received maximum number of votes for July is ‘The Mystic Order’ by Wiwin. Many Congratulations to the winner! You have won a chance to get featured on our blog and social media platforms.

And The Winner Is…

01. The Mystic Order (Designed By Wiwin)

The Mystic Order is a brand that writes fictional stories. They have published several books and are in the process of recording a podcast. While posting the contest, the client mentioned that they want a simple design featuring the image of the month. They also wanted their logo to provoke magic, mystery, and exploration. All the designers came up with great designs, but out of 205 entries, the client chose this design as the winning one.

The Mystic Order

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Wiwin]

Here Are The Rest “Best 11 Logo Designs” For The Month Of July’19

02. Metroplex Preschool

The client had launched a contest for their preschool logo design. Keeping in mind the nature of the business, the designer had come up with an image of a colorful tree. A tree not only represents education but also stands for the vastness of knowledge.

Metroplex Preschool

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Logo Queen……]

Two happy kids sitting under the tree symbolized that they are under the shade of knowledge and learning. Overall, the logo evoked the feeling of fun, education, and a happy place. The client received 176 entries for his contest, out of which this design was chosen as a winner.

03. JV Cabinets Inc.

JV Cabinets specializes in kitchen cabinet refacing. Refacing is the process of applying a wood veneer over cabinet boxes by replacing all the doors, drawers, and hardware. It is a great alternative for a kitchen remodel without the demo, mess, and extended timeframe.

JV Cabinets Inc.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Sallee]

Keeping in mind the nature of the business, the designer used the image of cabinets in the logo design where she compared the before and after versions of the concept. The brand name and its slogan have been positioned below the image. Out of 186 entries, it was Salle who took home the winner’s award.

04. Wurm’s Welding Co.

Wurm’s Welding is a company that focuses on providing mobile welding and custom fabrication services. Keeping in mind the nature of business, the designer incorporated the image of a welding man inside the inner circle. Below it, he put the initials of the brand. In the outer circle, he placed the full name and slogan of the company.

Wurm's Welding Co.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Lumox-creative]

05. CBDrink

CBDrink falls under the industry of weed or Marijuana. The company manufactures alcohol cocktails and other drinks by using Hemp CBD liquid infusion. The designer had come up with an image that loosely represents the image of a Hemp seed fused with that of a marijuana leaf. The brand name and its slogan were placed below the icon. Master Graphics beat 182 designs, and took home the winner’s award.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Mastar Graphics™]

06. Michael Gourkani Real Estate Group

Cleverly designed, yet simple and catchy – this is what best describes this logo design. The design has been created for a real estate firm. By using the initials of the company, the designer has cleverly created the image of a key. The brand name has been placed below the icon.

Michael Gourkani Real Estate

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Fathurrozi]

The brown color in the logo represents reliability, elegance, warmth, and security, while the blue color in the design conveys professionalism, trust, and responsibility. There were 208 designs from different graphic designers, but Fathurrozi stood as a winner and took home the winner’s award.

07. S.C.C

S.C.C is a construction company. The client wanted a design where S.C.C should be prominent. The winning designer cleverly created a design in the form of a path puzzle. If you look into the design closely, you will find that the empty space in the icon is forming the shape of the alphabets ‘S’ and ‘C’. The ‘S’ sets a perfect example of a negative space. The simplicity of this logo not only makes it stand apart from competitors but also look great on business card designs.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Blue Day]

08. SoCal Water Babies

SoCal Water Babies is a brand that teaches survival float and swim-float-swim to children aged above 6 months with a condition that a child should be able to sit without requiring any assistance at least for five seconds. To depict the nature of the business, the designer has incorporated the image of aquatic turtles where a big turtle is providing training to a baby turtle. The typography used in the design is related to children. The design looks catchy and makes the brand stand apart from its competitors.

best 11 designs

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Mandy Van Der Merwe]

09. SHK – Suburban Hard Knocks

This company falls under the industry of technology. Since the brand uses the initials SHK, which looks like the word Shark, therefore, the client wanted to incorporate the image of a shark in the logo design. The designer has beautifully fulfilled the requirement. Out of 180 entries, the client chose this design as a winner, and we chose it as one of the ‘Best 11 at Designhill’ for July.

best 11 design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Aljeff_design24]

10. Neighborhood Primary Care

Neighborhood Primary Care is a solo practice family medicine office. The client wanted to have a design that showcases the sense of unity. And this is what the winning designer had come up with. The design features the image of a stethoscope, inside which there is an image of a healthy family. The brand name has been placed adjacent to the icon. Overall, the design serves perfectly for all marketing materials and social media pages.

best 11 design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Sallee]

11. BattleWrench

BattelWrench is a team consisting of four squads of veterans who started a business of service trucks and apparel. While posting the contest, the client clearly mentioned that they wanted to incorporate the image of a monkey sitting on a tank in their logo design. The monkey should be a little playful but should look professional.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [Art-fj]

Among all the designers, it was ‘Art-fij’ who perfectly fulfilled all the requirements requested by the client. This design will undoubtedly look good on the sides of service trucks, apparels, and business cards. And this was exactly what the client wanted.


We will be back again next month with new designs. So for all those who didn’t get a chance or couldn’t win this contest, don’t be disheartened. Keep working hard as you never know, you might win the award next month!

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