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Challenges Designers Face While Integrating Print And Web Design

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Website Design

Web Design

Last updated on December 17th, 2019

Print and digital media are both used aggressively in business promotion. Both these media print and web design are popular with marketers, to reach out to the target audience. But a wiser combination of the techniques from both the mediums is what designers consider today. This is because the two mediums have become interdependent.

The main challenge a graphic designer faces these days is that they have to create a design item in such a way that it is compatible with print and digital media both. It requires special skills and in-depth knowledge on the part of the designers. Different technologies do not exist in isolation anymore since they are interdependent now.

Here Is Challenges Designers Face While Integrating Print And Web Design

The integration of traditional and new technologies is very much evident in coming together of print and web design media. The challenge faced by designers today is how to break the barriers of limitations to benefit from both the media.

But, there are some basic differences between print media and web design. Designing for print media is much simpler as compared to the complexities involved in web designing. In designing a business card, for example, a designer thinks of its appearance and size only. Whereas a web designer takes into account many computer screen sizes while creating a professional web design. The design must look good and appear nicely on different sizes of mobile devices too.

A design product for print media is usually the final product. This means that when a business card design has been put to printing, the card is ready to be delivered to the client. But in web design, the designer does not have such control over several elements of website. Even when a web design is complete, the designer has to modify the design.

What Are The Challenges?

Both web and print designers face challenges when it comes to the appearance of a color scheme in a design. Many times, in digital printing, colors appear differently from what the designers had envisaged them to be in print. Similarly, web designers also confront this problem as usually, a color looks different on different monitors.

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Business owners want to benefit from a marketing campaign. They involve both the print and web media to ensure higher visibility. For this, a majority of them now launch an integrated web and print media campaign. So, the job of today’s designers is to create a versatile design that suits both the media. But given the wide difference between the two technologies, the job is much more complicated for the designers.

The designers are confronting the challenges of bringing both the media together and considering their individual limitations. The print designers should be prepared to think in terms of image size and image files which are used in digital media. Similarly, web designers must also understand that the fine details that they create on the web may not be visible in print due to limitations of printers.

What Are The Challenges

The challenge arises due to the importance of images and colors for brand recognition. An image appearing in different colors in print and web media may confuse a client’s audience. This may be detrimental to the cause of business promotion campaign of the client. So, the designer integrating both the media must consider a client’s specific marketing strategy to create designs that fits well in the scheme.

The Strategy

A good strategy to combat the challenge can be to launch a campaign making users aware of the integrated design products. They will see the cross-promotions and teasers to know that the design product is from the same organization. This way, despite some difference in colors and images, the audience will know that the design and campaign is from the same company.

Another tip to tackle the challenges in integrating print and web media is to mention URLs in print ad campaign such as flyers. Similarly, a direct mailer can be promoted on the website.

The Strategy
The integration of print and web design is in the early days. The designers with mastery over creating designs that suit both the media are in good demand and are highly valued. But the designers are finding out more solutions perfectly bringing the two media together.


Where To Find The Right Designers?

Are you looking for designers who can understand the print and digital media equally well? Such designers can do justice to your logo, business card, website and other design items. If you can access such print and digital friendly designs, it will add value to your marketing campaign.

One of the easiest and affordable ways to access such skillful designers is to crowdsource your design work. Designhill is a prominent graphic design crowdsourcing site that has thousands of designers in its fold. Many of them can provide you design solutions when it comes to integrating print and digital medium in one design.

logo design

All you need to do is to start your logo design contest or any other graphic design contest on Designhill. The site is known for creating design items at the lowest prices, which startups can easily afford. But when providing your design brief, mention that you will be using the design in both print and websites.

You will have dozens of new design concepts submitted by a great no. of designers on this platform. Make sure that you interact with the designers so that you can guide them while they are creating the designs for you.

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Modern graphic designers confront with the challenge of integrating print and digital friendly features in a design. So, being a designer you need to embrace techniques that create designs compatible with both the media.

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