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How To Create NFT Logo For Your Business?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Create NFT Logo

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

NFT has brought about a revolutionary change in the way digital artists are creating art and transactions are taking place. Graphic designers and artists are no longer dependent on clients or art galleries to get work and attention. Thanks to blockchain technology, they can now create artwork without worrying about trends and what galleries like to display. In short, they can be free souls in creating blissful content.

Blockchain technology ensures ownership over an art piece or any product. After the ownership of a digital work is established, it helps create a rarity of the NFT product. Consequently, the value of the artwork increases manifold.

NFT is also an artist’s permanent source of income from royalty besides making money by selling it the first time. An artist puts a digital art piece for auction, which runs until the artist is satisfied with the bid amount. Even after selling the artwork, the artist will get the royalty each time it is resold in the market.

Many artists have earned millions of dollars by selling their digital art on NFT marketplaces. For instance, ‘Disaster Girl’ was sold for $500K, and Beeple’s Everydays – The First 5000 Days was sold for $69.3 million as a nonfungible token. Such astronomical prices are rare to get, but selling at your desired prices is expected.

However, get your logo for the business before you start selling your NFT art from an online marketplace such as OpenSea, NiftyGateway, Rarible, and SuperRare.

Why do you need an NFT Logo?

Your NFT logo is a must to advance your business of selling digital products, including unique art pieces.

Here Is How You Will Benefit From Your Logo:

Drive Buyers’ Attention

You can drive potential buyers’ attention to your artwork with a unique logo design. When visitors come to your account at a marketplace, your logo builds a rapport with them. So, an aesthetically designed logo is your tool to entice people toward your NFT business.

Compete Well In the Market

The NFT market has been growing exponentially since the last year. Many individuals are adding their accounts to various NFT marketplaces each month.

As a result, Blockchain technology — a digital ledger that facilitates secure and faster transaction movement— is also gaining tremendous traction and attention. Moreover, it implies that you have hundreds of individual sellers in your niche digital product category to compete with, making the market highly competitive.

And you know that having a thoughtfully-designed unique and memorable logo is the best way to get noticed. It can help you convey that your artwork is competitive in terms of quality and trends.

Convey Your Brand Message

Since the logo is always visible at the top of your account on an NFT marketplace, it is your best bet to take your brand message to the people who matter. Design the logo so that it says something to your visitors. Also, it conveys your brand values. But you should be absolutely sure of the message so that you can pick the design elements accordingly.

Build Your Brand Identity and Loyalty

Your NFT logo is also a means of building your brand identity since people regularly see the symbol over the months. They later have some sort of an emotional attachment to the logo and create a perception about your artwork. Then, they look forward to what you make next and continue to visit your site for more NFT art buying.

Tips For Creating An NFT Logo For Your Business

Now, you are ready to create your NFT logo, keep these important tips in mind before start designing it:

Do Some Sketch Work

Start designing by first making a lot of rough sketches of different logo ideas that come to your mind immediately. Draw as many sketches as you can quickly to realize what ideas you have in mind. Then, take those sketches to your friends or someone else and even to social media to get feedback.

Ultimately, pick the one sketch that you or your people like the most and develop it entirely into a logo drawing.

Consider The Space

NFT marketplaces give you small space, generally a circle and a little space underneath to put your logo and slogan. Consider that in mind while sketching and drawing your logo. This will mean that you need to reduce the design elements.

Design A Simple Logo

Make sure that your NFT logo design is simple. There should be one or two elements in the design that can convey your message clearly at a glance. But the design should be unique and memorable.

Choose The Colors and Fonts Carefully

Your choice of colors and fonts can make a difference. Avoid using more than two colors and fonts. Choose these elements that reflect the type of artworks you sell. A careful selection of typography and color selection from a color guide can add personality to your logo and business.

The Logo Must Be Mobile-Friendly

As most buyers use smartphones to search for NFT products, ensure that your NFT logo design is compatible with the small mobile screens. It should load well and look pretty at the top center of the mobile screens.

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Pro Tip: There Are Two Easiest Ways To Create Your NFT Logo

01. Use A DIY Software Tool To Create Your NFT Logo

Since NFT logos are generally simple designs, you can even create the logo yourself using a DIY, do-it-yourself tool. Such an online logo generator is beneficial to those who need a logo urgently and want to have the logo without hiring the services of a professional designer.

With NFT Logo Maker by Designhill is amongst the best tools to create your NFT logo all by yourself without any design experience. You can start designing the logo instantly and then go on customizing the design as many times as you need to until you are satisfied

How to create your NFT Logo using NFT Logo Maker?

You need to follow these steps to explore the NFT Logo Maker:

Enter Your NFT Business Name

The first step is to enter your company’s name in the software tool to create your NFT logo. But most NFT marketplaces have only a smaller space for the logo, and it is more or less like the logo space on Instagram. You can incorporate your photo or an animated image of anything related to what you are selling in the space.

So, make sure that the name is not too long. You can opt for the initials of your NFT businesses. Most of the NFT product sellers use initials of their names, which look smart and appealing.

Choose An NFT Logo Template

The NFT logo maker has hundreds of pre-designed logo templates that meet different design requirements. So, depending on the NFT products you sell, you can pick a suitable template and start designing your logo.

Pick A Color and Font

You can then visit the color library of the DIY tool and pick the one or two colors that suit best to express your NFT business. You will drag colors from the library and drop them in the logo template.

Similarly, choose the fonts from a vast font library of the tool. You will also find hundreds of frames, icons, or text to pick from for your logo.

Download Your Logo

Your logo is ready now! After you have completed the logo design, you can download it for its use on your NFT business page of a marketplace.

Note: You can also create and download your personalized crypto logo using Crypto logo maker.

02. Run Your NFT Logo Contest

Explore the design contest alternative if you lack the time or don’t want to create the logo yourself using a logo maker. Designhill has hundreds of talented graphic designers in its pool. You can explore their availability and skills to your advantage.

All you need to do is launch your NFT logo design contest at this marketplace. While running the contest, do not write an informative brief for the designers. The brief should include your choice of colors, fonts, icons, business name, etc., for designers’ guidance.

Many interested designers will respond to your contest by submitting unique and impressive NFT logo ideas. You can then compare them, guide the designers and finally pick the one logo that suits best to represent your NFT business. After you pick your winning logo designer, Designhill will transfer the legal ownership rights on the logo to you for its use.

So, these are the ways to get your NFT logo design. But do not stick to the same logo, and in case you need to redesign it, then go ahead.

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Wrapping Up

An attractive NFT logo is a must when targeting your customers and driving their attention to your NFT art and other products. The logo speaks for your brand personality, and it sends your brand message to potential customers. But the logo should be a simple design with one or two colors and fonts. Using a DIY software tool, you can easily create the logo yourself without any prior design experience and skill. Alternatively, by spending some money, you can also get the logo job done by designers enticing them to win your logo design contest.

Create Your NFT Logo Online

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