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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Attorney And Law Firms

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Attorney And Law Firms

Last updated on October 9th, 2021

Attorney and law firms are part of the judicial system. They are responsible for providing several crucial services to help people fight their case in the court of law. But a new law firm struggles for grabbing the attention of its potential clients. With a catchy and appropriate name, a law firm can show its expertise and brand message to the clients in the initial phase of its business.

When you set out to open a law firm, the first thing that comes to mind is to give it a name. At this stage, many business owners take the wrong steps.

They do not give much importance to name, considering the Shakespearian saying literally that ‘what is in the name?’ Many businesses make that mistake and end up winding their business early. They make some vital naming mistakes that ultimately ruin their business.

But the naming of attorney and law firms is little tricky unlike other businesses. Choosing a name randomly may not serve the purpose of running the firm professionally.

If you envisage a bright future of your firm, then you need to go through the naming process to pick the right name for it. You need to patiently follow the process by considering all of its crucial aspects.

Traditionally, law firms were usually named after their founding fathers. That trend is not strictly followed today as the firm owners are experimenting with creative names to lure modern clients.

Many firms use phrases or exciting words to get the clients’ interested. There is a good scope for creativity in naming a business.

Attorney And Law Firms Business Name Ideas

Here is a list of our business name ideas for an attorney and law firm. You can choose any one that suits best for your law firm.

1. Trust Law Service

2. Get Justice

3. Law Experts

4. Crime Law Service

5. Perfect Law

6. Law Mind

7. Legal Papers

8. Safe Legal Deal

9. Law Shop

10. Justice Prevails

Let’s Have A Look At How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Attorney And Law Firms

01. Use Surnames

Your family surnames are a good option when finding out the right names for your attorney and law firm. If one of your family members already has a law firm, you can think of considering the name and double it to make it your own firm’s name.

For, a husband and wife both are practicing lawyers or has the firm with two siblings or children. Many firms have names such as Morgan and Morgan. You can also think of following this tactic.

Use Surnames

Remember that you will also have a logo that will be an identity of your firm and it will appear across all of your marketing campaigns.

When a surname appears an attorney logo design, it lends authenticity to the face of your law practice. So, think of your surname as your firm’s name.

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02. Think Of Using Partner Surnames

How about using your partners’ surnames? You can add your several law firm partners’ surnames as a way to acknowledge their contribution of services. That way, the name will stand out due to the mix of surnames.

But if there are many partners, the name will become too lengthy. In that case, the first two names of the partners become dominant and other partners may not take that kindly. So, you need to sort out that issue.

Using Partner Surnames For Attorney & Law Firm

So, if you choose your all the partners’ names for your firm, there may not be enough space in your law firm logo. This is where you need to come out with the right solution in picking one simple name that your partners can agree with.

03. Pick Exciting Names

A simple name that spells out your surname or what your law firm does may not be good enough to catch your clients’ attention. If you think that your surname is not the right option, then consider something else.

You can come out with some exciting name instead of a simple name, such as Jones.

Exciting Names For Attorney And Law Firm

So, explore the names that sound quirky and smart to the modern day clients. With a name that people have not heard of before, the chances are that more clients will pay attention to your lawyer logo in advertisements and marketing campaign of your law firm.

04. Keep The Name Simple And Short

Whichever name you choose, make sure that your clients and people can pronounce it easily. It should preferably a simple and short name. Such a name will linger on the memory, helping people to recall your services.

A hard to spell or pronounce name will even make a wrong impression on the audience as they may take your firm unprofessional or some company that is not in touch with people.

Simple And Short Name

Your logo designer will also like your firm’s simple name as such names generate exciting design ideas. The designer can use imagination as the name is easy and simple.

05. Consider Initials Of Your Law Firm

Many attorney and law firms have their initials as the names, which is an option that you also should explore. You can use initials of your or partners’ names to make it sound unique. But make sure that the initials are easy to spell and pronounce.

The abbreviation is undoubtedly a proven way to make a name appear tremendous and exciting. But choose this option only when it suits your firms brand personality.

Initials Of Your Law Firm

An advantage of using the initials is that it occupies a smaller space on your logo. When you create a logo, which will the most visible identity of your firm, a lengthy name may not look good on it while a short name is an ideal choice.

06. Research The Competition

Many attorney and law firms are already known to the people in your city. These are the established firms that clients trust for their expertise. But they are your immediate competitors as well.

So, research the names of the law firms in your vicinity. The primary purpose of researching those names is to avoid repeating those in your firm’s name.

research the names of the law firms

Your firm can stand out first by its name and then by the kind of services you provide. So, pick a name that is original and does not sound similar to many other regular names.

It should be noted that your firm’s brand identity depends on your law firm’s unique name to some extent. After all, people first hear about your firm’s name and make a perception about what services it delivers.

07. Brainstorm

If you fail to determine a name on your own, it would be good to first sit for brainstorming sessions along with your firm’s members, partners, friends and those who matter to you. But give them some outlines to decide which types of names you are looking for.

During the sessions, you can also discuss the names generated by the software on the web. You can explore name generating software by typing keywords of your law firms and get a list of names.

Brainstorm Name Ideas For Attorney And Law Firm

You should also discuss how a name will look on your logo, brochure, website, and other visuals when brainstorming. So, consult some graphic design service professional also to know how the names you are discussing will look on different visuals of your firms.

08. Discard Misleading Names

Remember that the Rules of Professional Responsibility does not permit to start a law firm with non-lawyers. This implies that you should avoid adding the names of non-lawyer professionals in your firm’s name.

Such a name will not only be illegal but misleading also for your clients. You should also avoid choosing a name that has something to do with a public agency.

Discard Misleading Names

So, confirm that your firm’s name is perfectly legal before you hire a professional graphic designer to create your marketing campaign to promote your new services.

09. Check For Registration

While you have finally settled for a name that adequately represents your law firm, still you may not be able to use it. This is because some other firm has already registered it.

So, check with your state authorities if the name you want is available for registration as your business name of the firm. Each state in the U.S has its own laws regarding the registration.

Check For Registration

The registration is essential to get the name as your trademark so that no one else can use or misuse it.There is some branding associated with the name.

Therefore, before you create your logo with new graphic design ideas, it is advisable first to get your firm’s name registered as your trademark. If you do not, then you will redesign your logo after you get a new name for the firm.

10. Consider Your Specialty

What exactly is your specialization of law services? Why should clients approach you and not the others? Do you deal in family law, criminal law or tax law or other fields of law? While naming attorney and law firms, pick a name that can spell out your expertise as a lawyer.

The name should tell people about specific law-related services you deliver. For example, if you name your firm as Charles Family Law Group, it says that your expertise is in providing family law services.

Consider Your Specialty For Law Firm

One of the advantages of considering your specialization of law in the name is that it automatically promotes and markets your services.

So, for example, when you create a social media page design to promote your law firm on different social channels, the name itself says all about your expertise immediately. Also, such a name helps people in searching for your services by name on the Internet.

11. Think Of Branding Your Law Firm

Another point to consider while naming attorney and law firms is the branding aspect. In future, your firm may grow and you would like it to be seen as a brand so pick a name that helps in branding.

At this point, note that you can choose a long name at the initial stage to tell about your professional services.

Branding Your Law Firm

But you can then shorten it when people know all about your expert law services. At that time, your familiar shorter name can be used on your business card design and logo as a sign of branding your business.

12. Get Feedback

You have chosen a name for your law firm, but know what others have to say. You should ask for the honest opinion of your friends, neighbors, or some experts.

Put the shortlisted names on your social media pages and request followers to give their opinion. If you find that people do not like some names, think of avoiding those.

Get Feedback For Law Firm Name

These are the primary considerations to follow when you decide on the names of attorney and law firms. The naming process takes time, and you may need to sit through several brainstorming sessions. But do not compromise on the quality of the name as it is vital to your law firm.

Once you have worked out a name finally, you should put your best efforts to promote your new law firm amid your target clients as the trustworthy firm. To do that, you should create visual identities such as logos, websites, brochures, business cards, etc.

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Attorney and law firm names should be indicative of their specialty in dealing with the type of cases they can handle efficiently. A strategically picked name can even help a law firm in establishing its authority and brand image amongst target clients. You need to brainstorm names that are simple, unique, and spell out your specialty of a law firm.

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