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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Retail Store

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Retail Store

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Operating a retail business is a way to earn profit regularly. This sector has the potential to help your store grow faster. However, the success of a retail store depends on its name to some extent, apart from the marketing plans it implements. But naming the store requires you to follow some basics so that people can relate to the brand.

Selling products from a retail store successfully to earn a profit is not easy. After all, the consumers can visit many other stores in your vicinity. So, you need to make strategies to drive their attention.

You can make them visit your store by advertising aggressively. But the name of your store is the first thing that you need to put in place rightly.

While there are many trending and profitable retail e-commerce niches that you may be thinking of trying as your core business, still, the right name of your store matters a lot for the consumers.

A catchy and trendy name or a quirky name can catch their attention. Whereas, a serious store name may not get consumers’ appreciations. However, you should consider many aspects when naming your retail store.

Retail Store Business Name Ideas

Are you looking for some exciting business name ideas for your retail store? Here are some of the best names that you can rely on to get instant recognition for your business.

1. Galaxy Retail

2. Fair Price Store

3. Shop Well

4. Premium Store

5. New Start Retail

6. Paramount Shopping Store

7. Fabulous Dream

8. Supreme Deal

9. Wisdom Store

10. Get Perfect Deal

Here Are Some Points That You Should Pay Heed To When Choosing A Name For Your Retail Store

01. Your Niche Matters

First, make it a point to consider your restore store niche. The name should tell the customers about the type of your retail business. Retailing is a vast sector with many subcategories. So, are you in niche marketing or general marketing?

You may be running a niche retailing business selling vitamin and supplements, handmade items, pet supplies, travel accessories, men’s grooming products, etc. In that case, the name should have words defining the niche.

Your Niche Matters

A name telling about your retailing niche is also helpful in creating your retail store logo design appropriately. The logo is your store’s identity. It will most probably have your store’s name. So, pick the name carefully considering the type of business you conduct.

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02. Project A Brand Personality

What is your retail brand’s personality? You should answer that question accurately. When customers see your brand as having some human characteristics, then it becomes your store’s personality.

Project A Brand Personality

So, the name should have those words that help customers see some human qualities in your store. Remember that retail brand logos also reflect these characteristics. So, the name and the logo make a combined impact on the potential customers.

03. Brainstorm For New Ideas

Brainstorming is one of the most used methods to get new ideas in any field. You can request your business team to sit together for a session and suggest new name ideas for your upcoming retail store. You can generate a short list of really brilliant ideas with more minds involved.

Brainstorm New Ideas For Retail Store

Tell your team that the name should look good on your retail outlet logo design as well. So, avoid a long name that does not fit well within a small space of a logo.

04. Take Help From Name Generator Sites

Another way to come out with new naming ideas for your retail store is the use of name generator tools and sites. You can have more exciting name choices this way. However, do not forget to discuss the merit of these names in your brainstorming sessions.

Name Generator Sites

Remember that most such names are machine generated. Many such names may be inappropriate for your retail store and also for retail company logos, which are the face of the stores.

05. Choose A Simple Name

Make sure that the name you think of for retail store is such that everyone can pronounce and write it with ease. If you use some alien words from other cultures, customers may not like the name for a variety of reasons.

Simple Name For Retail Store

You should also avoid the use of an unknown word. Your logo designer will also like your store’s simple name as it will help generate new design ideas.

06. Consider Your Store Identity

Another major concern when naming your retail store should be regarding your store’s brand identity. The perception people have about the store is its identity.

Consider Your Store Identity

So, what perception do you want them to have about your general or niche retail store? Choose the words that can define the identity when naming the store.

07. Test It Across All Platforms

Your retail store name will appear on your storefront, brochures, logos, websites, social media, and other platforms. But a name may not look equally impressive across all online and offline places.

Test It Across All Platforms

So, test the name and see how it looks on your signboard, website, and even on business cards. For example, when you create a logo for the store, you should evaluate its appearance and looks from the consumers’ point of view.

08. Check It For Domain Availability

A domain name, which is also the URL, is the first requirement to launch your retail store on the web. If you wish to run an e-commerce retail store, you need a domain name. So, check if the name you’re shortlisting is available as a domain.

You may be interested in the most popular domain .com but it may not be accessible as your retail store name. In that case, you have two options.

Domain Availability For Retail Store

You should try to buy the domain from the owner. If you fail to buy it, register the name under some other domain. But you need to take this step first before you create graphic designs for your online store.

09. Ensure Trademark Registration

Is the name you finalized for your retail store available for registration as your trademark? That is an important question to answer. Your retail business gets protection from any theft of your identities if you have your name registered as a trademark with the authorities.

Ensure Trademark Registration

Also, remember that when you hire graphic design services to create your logo for the retail business, the logo along with the name will also be your trademark. So, make sure that the store name is available to you as a trademark.

10. Get Feedback

Your team has finally picked the perfect name for your retail company. But have you checked it with people? You are too close to the naming process, which sometimes makes you blind to some faults. But a neutral person can see those faults quickly.

Get Feedback For Retail Store

Therefore, reach out to your friends, neighbors, and others to get a feel of what they think. How about running a poll on social media?

Post the names and request your followers to comment. You can find out people’s reaction. If you think that a name does not click well with the people, see if you want to change it.

Take the opinion of people regarding the name before you hire a professional graphic designer to create a host of designs such as logos, brochures, websites, etc.

These suggestions will guide you in naming a retail store business appropriately. However, you need to invest some patience and time as the naming process may take even weeks.

Once, you have finally given the right name to your retail store, think of taking the business to the potential customers. For that, launch a marketing and advertising campaign to let people know that your new store exists in the town.

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A perfect name for a new retail store drives the attention of potential customers. But choosing the name requires you to go through brainstorming sessions to shortlist some unique and simple names that stand out. Check the name for the trademark and domain registration as well.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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