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23 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Design Inspiration

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Social Media

Instagram Accounts

Last updated on February 9th, 2023

Today, Instagram is one of the most powerful online platforms to promote products and skills. It’s variant features have made it the finely curated destination for beautiful images, videos and visual content. Such a refined platform has even urged designers and artists to make the best use of it or get inspired by following already existing pro ones. But, that only happens if you follow the right people. Therefore, if you’re an artist or designer who is looking for amazing inspiration on Instagram, then you must-follow below the listed design Instagram accounts.

Since the launch of Instagram, everyone uses it as a sole channel to share multiple photos and videos of daily activities. However, as time passes, this platform becomes a magical world of creativity and innovation.

Now, you can use Instagram for everything, as it is an excellent platform for those who like to be creative and designing is a passion for them.

People even utilize this social media channel to develop their business of almost all categories. They tend to make portfolios over here and showcase their work to get a tremendous amount of appreciation.

Do you think design ideas come into mind randomly?

For many people, it is true, however. Some aspiring or wannabe designers need some inspiration to be creative enough. That is why they seek amazing ideas of successful designers in their niche.

It might be possible that sometimes you are inspired by anything in your surroundings. Besides, it does not matter what evokes your artistic self, and you can freely have some ideas.

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InstaStalker website is the best option to deal with accounts that are hidden and don’t share their true identity.

You don’t need to worry about who is stalking your account because there are people on Instagram that can be a danger to the budding designers or professionals.

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Coming back to the real topic, with Instagram, you can find out practical ideas with the help of following top designers and artists.

Here Is A List Of Instagram Accounts You Should Follow To Get Design Inspiration

01. Designhill

One of the top creative marketplace you can follow on Instagram is Designhill. If you are searching for perfectly suitable branding designs, business advertising, logo designs, social media illustrations, and art, this is the best place to look for.

Designhill Instagram Account

You can even have a view on a wide range of enveloped letterheads, stationery, and website or app design ideas by following this account. In a nutshell, Designhill is the ultimate pick for any kind of animation and design.

02. Graphic Designers Club

It’s another well followed design account by Designhill. When seeking the best choice for designing ideas, you must visit this group of expert graphic designers and visual artists.

It also offers a platform where you can have more than 50 unique product categories that are registered on Printshop to replicate the artwork or designs on various products.

Graphic Designers Club

You can explore different eras of creativity by following the patterns of this account on Instagram.

03. Illustrators & Artists Club

This worldwide community of illustrators, Graffiti, Cartoon, Doodle, Drawing, and Digital Artists, let you discover new paths of innovation. They are also registered on Printshop, where you can showcase your artwork.

Illustrators & Artists Club Instagram Account

04. Pattern Designers Club

Are you one of those who like to design patterns?

This pattern designer club allows you to make all new artistic and illustrative designs for your project. You can even find out different ideas to enjoy creativity as a new trend.

Pattern Designers Club

05. Steve Harrington

A designer Steve Harington, who belongs to Los Angeles explains his style as psychedelic-pop aesthetic. If you visit his account, you will see a great deal of brightly playful illustrations, and most of them are explicitly designed for brands, including Nike.

Steve Harrington

06. AshwinKandan (Shwin)

If you are interested in a combination of branding, pop art, typography, illustrations, and editorial design, AshwinKandan is the best designer to pursue.

You can follow this man because he has a bundle of sketches on his account. He has a surprisingly bold artistic touch of bright color palettes that represent his sense of humor.


His designs and portraits range from sexy, funny, and bright to charming art. Also, he has a particular way of expressing a brand concept with his visual art.

07. Mike Perry

You will see an outburst of colors, psychedelic animation, and handcrafted type on the Instagram account of Mike Perry. Have you seen the title card of Comedy Central?

If you know, you will get to know about his work, which is energetic, animated typography with lots of character.

Instagram account of Mike Perry

08. Graphic Design Central

Well, this account does not need any introduction, as it has over 450,000 followers. As a designer, you can upload your designs to be seen by the majority of the people.

Graphic Design Central

Graphic Design Central has an everyday selection of designs, and when you submit the ideas, it might be possible that your idea becomes the selection of today. As a result, your plans will get a chance to grab the attention of followers.

09. Mike Kus

More than 800,000 followers, Mike Kus, is famous for his photography skills and web development. This successful graphic designer belongs to the United Kingdom, and he had offered sneaker designs to Adidas.

Mike Kus

However, his graphic designing profession properly took off when he got connected with the visual merchandising team of The Body Shop. That’s where he finally polished his skills in the world of the digital phase.

That was when he started getting knowledge about tumbling style sheets and HTML for app design and web.

10. Rachel Ryle

Rachel Ryle is not only an animator and illustrator, but she is a storyteller as well. On her Instagram account, you will see a glimpse of all three fields.

All of her posts are truly smart, beautiful, and highly astonishing. According to her, she needs about 15-20 hours on average to finish design from the starting point to the final edit.

Rachel Ryle Instagram Account

You will surely like her work, and following her account on Instagram will motivate you to generate innovative ideas for your work. You can also take inspiration from Instagram story templates available online to create an inspiring Instagram story of your work.

11. Mikey Burton

He belongs to Chicago and loves to call himself a designy illustrator. He has working experience with Target, ESPN, Converse, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and Esquire.

Mikey Burton

Moreover, Mikey has worked on plenty of editorial pieces that are displayed on the Instagram account. When you visit his profile, you will see his entire illustrations and sketches together with published projects.

12. Jamel Saliba

If you are in search of a fashion illustrator, Jamel Saliba, also known as Melsy, is the best one to follow. She is an entrepreneur, as well as an artist who became a full-time designer after leaving her job in mid-twenties.

Jamel Saliba

You will notice her sketches fully covered with fashion themes, love, and attraction in a contemporary style. She got success on Etsy, where she went viral, and brands approached her. She also worked for T.J.Maxx, Hallmark, and Home Goods.

On her profile, you can see plenty of designs and illustrations of the time she celebrated events and holidays.

13. Razvan Vezeteu

Razvanis also is known as RazvanV on Instagram. Instagram is a place where he loves to post his latest aesthetic and nostalgic art.

He is a self-taught illustrator and famous designer who likes to melt prevalent design factors with a few bright colors. With several textures, he brings depth and level into his ideas.

Razvan Vezeteu

One must follow him to get inspirational ideas to complete designs and illustrations.

14. Mister Doodle

Mister Doodle specializes in handcrafted typography. His account is full of amazing and lovely photos that make the viewer think carefully. His crafted hand-type designs are for everyone.

Mister Doodle Instagram Account

He does not cover a single aspect of life; instead, he likes to work in every field of life. That’s why everyone can find something in his designs according to their needs.

15. Simply Cool Design

Well, this channel is a perfect place for several people of a creative mind. If you are trying to be successful in the design field, you can have inspiration from Simply Cool Design account on Instagram.

Simply Cool Design Instagram Account

Not only this, but you can even get help for professional life as well as a creative group.

16. Hey Studio

Three designers handle this account; they are Veronica Fuerte, Ricardo Jorge, and Mikel Romero. Do you know this is the most famous graphic design studio in Spain?

Hey Studio

Those who like abstract figures will find this account useful for exclusive ideas. You may discover pure geometric shapes that are uploaded on the account with team members working on it.

17. Jon Contino

“Alphastructaesthetitologist” is a phrase Jon used to describe his different designs as an illustrator, artist, apparel designer, and branding consultant. Jon Contino is perfect for all these designs, and if you see his profile on Instagram, you will be agreed.

Jon Contino

You can have creative inspiration all over the creative fields by following this account.

18. Graphic Design Blog

For designers, this account is a true blessing. You can generate ideas about typography, pictures, illustration and graphic design by following the Graphic Design Blog account on Instagram.

Graphic Design Blog account on Instagram

19. Velvet Spectrum

You may use Luke Choice or Velvet Spectrum because there is no difference. Velvet Spectrum is the fruit of Luke Choice’s extensive efforts. He belongs to Sydney and is in love with comics.

Velvet Spectrum

His designs cover illustrations, graphic design, and typography. You will notice his work as highly unique and colorful. In his initial portfolio, he made 21st invitations for friends. As a junior designer, he gets himself busy in a marketing agency.

His 3D illustration work is just mind-blowing, and some of them are incredibly remarkable animations. For the latest ideas and designs, you may visit his profile on Instagram, and by following him, you can even get ideas for your work.

20. Andreas M. Hansen

He is a great designer and a typographer who has expertise in sharp and smooth type designing. Other than clean whites in photos, his ideas clearly describe sophisticated designs and valiant blacks. You can follow him for the brainstorming of ideas for your project.

Andreas M. Hansen

21. Sean McCabe

In his designs on Instagram, you will notice a clear focus on typography. Half of the center is on typography, and the other half is on inspirational advice about how to be successful in creativity.

Sean McCabe Instagram Account

In the case of authoritative advice and well-balanced designs, you can pursue this account to make sure that you are on the right track.

22. Stefan Sagmeister

He was born in Austria and became the co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh. Jessica Walsh, a great graphic designer, and Stefan became a partner.

Later on, his designs and works speak through, as it is known to be stimulating and exciting. In The Rolling Stone, Pat Metheny, David Byrne, and OK Go, his astonishing designs got a smudge.

Stefan Sagmeister Design Instagram Account

23. Dschwen LLC

David Schwen handles this account, and it is a mutual studio of designers that blend colorful, charming, and engaging art designs. You can see their artistic ideas on the Instagram account.

Dschwen LLC DEsign Instagram Account

If you want to see some fun ideas and vibrant color pictures with eye-catching animations, this account is the best one to follow.


In the end, I would like to say that all these designers from all over the world are a real picture of hard work and success. As a designer, you also have to put all your efforts into line so that you can get what you deserve.

Follow Designhill Instagram Account

I am a graphic, web designer and blogger with over 6 years experience. I am very passionate about anything related to design and spends copious amounts of time hidden behind a book or a screen and reading about design. Twitter



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