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20 Unique And Memorable Color Palettes To Inspire You

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Photoshop - 7 min read

Color Palettes

Last updated on December 6th, 2017

Having the right color scheme for any design is essential to attain professional and high-quality output. Color expresses messages, creates ideas, generate emotions and serve as a powerful tool in building a successful design. The choice of color palettes serves as the primary deciding factor for the success of the design. Platforms such as Designhill can help you get your ‘colorful’ work done or at least inspire the budding designers. If not By the end of this article, we expect you to be able to have the tools and skills to start creating beautiful color palettes for designing.

Color Palettes

Here Are 20 Unique And Memorable Color Palettes To Inspire You

1. Warm Antique

Monochromatic color schemes are the simplest color combinations possible. They often have a strong and dark base color, primarily in shades of brown. The use of brown shades conveys the sense of an organic beauty making it look like an untouched brand. The rustic color choices bring out the vintage look. This website color palettes with versatile color schemes can be used for designing auction house websites and likewise.

Warm Antique


2. Adventurous And Rich

This palette offers some of the maverick choices of combination. Widely used for creating designs with sports or fun-filled adventures, the unique combination gives a wide scope for manipulating. For instance, a combination of orange and blue represents activity and water, and can be used for aquatic sports activity designing.color design


3. Tropical Punch

Bright purples to subtle pinks, this palette have surprising colors which inspire to create delightful designs. Purple is the symbol of individuality and orange stands for enthusiasm as well as adventure. No prizes for guessing how this combination can evoke a similar emotion amongst the audience. This beautiful color palettes is used for designing brochures for the interior designs, hotels, beach resorts and more.

Tropical Punch


4. Waimea Waters

With contrasting spots and accents in the different shades of blue, this tone of palette is perfect to design brands of marine or technology. Shades of sand, sea and sky in the design give resting effect to the eyes. Spas, health resorts, recreational facilities, are some of the common uses where this palette is used. Traditionally, this shade combination is used as industry or technology website color palettes too and applied in different combination hues.

Waimea Waters


5. Fall Collection

With a traditional or antique tone to it, there is no harm tagging Fall Collection as the best color palettes for designing. It has a certain sense of maturity to it and is used for designing living room landscapes, products with defined values or likewise. The lighter shades of pastel-colored flowers with different block floral designs convey much elegance and sophistication.

Fall Collection

6. Bolivian Beauty

De-saturation is the focal point of this color palette. With three central hues and a close cousin relationship on the color wheel, it is widely used for designing with great contrast in text and background. Interestingly, it is also sometimes used in formal tea party invitation designs, high profile meetings, nameplates and likewise.

Bolivian Beauty

7. Vintage Sundown

Subdued tones of the palette create a sense of goodbye. The warm sundown look gives its characteristic feminine shade. This cool color palette is widely used in creating soothing and soft designs, specially pertaining to the wellbeing and health industry. In designs with farewell invitations and cards, this palette is well suited.

warm sundown

8. Very Venice

To make a more contemporary choice, get this shade of palette for colorful designs. Made of the warm and fruity tones, its zesty combination is majorly used for the food industry designs. For creating easy text on background applications, this palette offers an all colors contrast combination. Designs with fruit and vegetables can be created on this palette.

Very Venice

9. Nordic Woods

Brown and blue based tones in itself creates a mystic and rustic effect which is a direct contrast to the Fall Collection. Its dominant masculine palette perfect blend of shades is generally aimed for sophisticated male audience. The palette offers conviction minus the roughness and thus is used for textile or attire designing companies.

Nordic Woods

10. Marigold Mix

The hue is predominantly a happy one and has an impactful empowering effect. There are some shades, which communicate optimism, and Marigold Mix is the perfect choice. It is an ideal option as a wedding color palette. Also, there are some websites, like the funky online stores which targets the young and need to convey the sense of hope and buoyancy can choose this mix.

Marigold Mix

11. Balearic Bounty

Another choice for feminine designs, Balearic Bounty is an alternative. Pastel shades in itself is a very positive choice and is used for designing anything related to festival, parties, invitations or any happy trade. It has the association with springtime. The powdery palette reminds one of anything related to floristry or sweets.

Balearic Bounty

12. Green and Gold

This palette seems like to have drawn direct inspiration from nature. It gets a highlight with the addition of the golden color. The nuance factor and the contrast between the hues make it a choice for designs with texts. The contrast with the background and the content can be well established though this palette.

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Green and Gold


13. Siesta Hour

Made up of a mix of fruity neutral tones, Siesta Hour is an elegant choice for website color palettes pertaining to the food and wine industry. The warm and rosy shade along with the mix of the darker shades makes the design look much inviting. This palette also gives a contrasting nature and thus can be used for the text rich designs.

Siesta Hour

14. Aqua Army

For any color specialist, this palette is a very sophisticated but distinguished choice. The Honey and Army patches establish the contrast against the cooler bases of the other available colors. Evident enough from the combination, this is more of a contemporary choice. Its uses are common in but not limited to water or any aquatic based beverages.

Aqua Army

15. Afternoon Delights

Need cool color palettes for a cold mood? Get Afternoon Delights which are blue based colors. The two warmer tones – raisin and linen are dominant in this palette and that gives it the edgy look. Yet another choice for the contemporary designs, Afternoon Delights is used for homeware as well as interior designs.

Afternoon Delights

16. Mellow Musings

Sophistication also comes from de-saturated color shades. With a sooth visual power, the combination of shades creates a beautiful color palette. To retain the contrast with these colors, the combination of the hues can help to achieve a very different choice of design. The muted tones are what make the difference than the others.

Mellow Musings

17. French Connection

A blue-based gradient of colors in French Connection gives a hint of warmness. The Gunmetal and Cashmere swatches bring out the coolness of the blues. Interestingly, the combination of these two tones of colors makes it gender-neutral. This is the ideal choice as wedding color palettes. Websites for wedding stationery or invitations predominantly use this shade.

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wedding color

18. Greek Salad

The solid hues create an impactful design. The rich tone of color along with the opposite tone from the color wheel gives it a stark contrast. The subtle offset tonal shade makes it stand out than the rest of the palettes.

Greek Salad

19. Morning Mist

To build a strong, masculine combination, the dense hues of Morning Mist palette is a great choice. It creates a calming effect with the analogous sets of colors. The rich and dark tones on the color wheel make it a nice option for designing industrial or building industry designs.

Morning Mist

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20. Serene Sakura

To bring out the aesthetic clever choices, the combination of cool and warn shades od color is available with Serene Sakura color palette.

Serene Sakura

A modern mix, this palette offers fresh and contemporary tones of shades.

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