6 Ultimate Tips That Will Make Your Website User-Friendly

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Last updated on October 11th, 2017

A website is a marketing tool that takes a business to its target customers. So, your business website must be designed for the users and not for you. A user-friendly website is the one that allows its visitors to conveniently find the information they are looking for in the simplest possible steps.

Here are some steps that can ensure that your users will like your website.

Useful Content

It is important for a user-friendly website that it has the relevant content for the visitors. Depending on the purpose of your website, the content may be chiefly made of images or some concrete information about your business or an issue. You can include news, blogs and other type of content to update viewers about the developments happening in your field of business. Make sure that you have presented the content neatly.

Easy Access
website loading
Can visitors use your website easily? For example, if they take more time in loading your website after clicking on the links on search engine pages, they will lose patience and visit your competitors’ websites. So, ensure that your hosting service provider is competent. Also, to reduce the loading time, remove all the heavy and complex images and other elements from your web pages.

Ensure Mobile-Readiness
Responsive Design
Your target customers search businesses and buy online by using mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This means that your website must also be friendly to the mobile users. Your website must be responsive to the small screens of different mobile devices.
So, create your website design in such way that its crucial content is instantly and easily visible to the users on their cell phones. This implies that your website for the mobile users should have small images and text in single column. Check your website’s user-friendliness for the mobile users.

Navigational links are extremely important to making a website useful for the visitors. For example, if your visitors fail to locate a call to action button right away after they read the content, then you are frustrating them. Many other navigation links that take the visitors to your other web pages for products, services or simply the information must be created at strategic places.
Links of your all the pages must be placed on each page so that the users can visit them from one place. Experiment with the tabs to find out which size and colors of them will be suitable on your website.

Easy To Read Content

Users of websites must be able to read your business content easily. This is important to share the information with them and to make them buy your products or services. So, stick to the rules considered for easy reading of web pages. For instance, the text should not be stuffed together at one place. Instead it should be presented in smaller paragraphs of 3-5 lines. Moreover, present the content in bullet points for quick scanning of the information. Note that the web page readers scan the information more than read it.


Can your users connect your website to offer their suggestions or complain? This section of feedback system is crucial for visitors’ participation in your website. To engage them, make sure to have a page where they can register their point of view about your services or products or your plans. Once they have given suggestions, they may come back to your website to know about the action taken on their suggestions or to know your comments or advice. This helps in converting your visitors to potential clients.

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