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9 Marketing Ideas To Easily Promote Your Floral Business

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Floral Business

Last updated on December 1st, 2022

• There is a wide scope for floral businesses in the U.S and other countries due to rising demand for flowers. According to, 27% of all household in the U.S buy fresh flowers at least once in a year.
• Average purchase price for flowers is around $62.63 per household.
• Most of the buyers are women over 35 years of age. A majority of the women consumers are from metropolitan cities.

Opening a floral shop and waiting for consumers is not good enough for the growth of your business.

You need to take initiative to draw your target customers’ attention to your floristry business and then turn them into loyal customers.But you can achieve that only through clever marketing strategies.

Your floral business can register a faster growth. Although there is a fierce competition in the floral market, the demand is also increasing fast.

You need to market your floral products and services in a clever way. A marketing strategy specially designed for your small venture can fix your problems if your business is not picking fast.

When it comes to knowing about the buying patterns, the site claims that 36% of flower purchasing is for Valentine day and 27.4% buying takes place for Mother’s Day.

These stats should encourage you to take advantage of a robust demand for flowers on certain occasions.

Here Are 9 Marketing Ideas To Easily Promote Your Floral Business

01. Focus On Your Existing Customers

Do not worry about drawing too many customers too soon to your newly opened flower shop. Instead, focus on the customers who visit your shop. Leverage your existing shop customers.

Those who walk-in your shop are your valued customers and pay more attention to them. Be honest and sincere to them. Talk to them personally and see how you can help them.

For example, send a handwritten note of thanks to them for buying from your shop or thank them by phone. You can also offer some price deduction to your loyal customers. Such measures will help you grow your list of clients steadily.

Existing Customers

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02. Try To Build A Trustworthy Brand Image

You should make efforts to turn your floral business into a trustworthy brand. Branding of a business is essential for its growth. When people start perceiving a business as a brand, they become loyal customers.

All global companies are excellent examples of great brands as well. They all won people’s faith and trust to convert them into loyal customers.

Floral Logo Design

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Your floral business can become a brand. A foremost condition is to first have a memorable floral business logo that is worthy of representing your business.

Your logo must be a unique design that draws people’s attention quickly and lingers on in their memory. Know also that the logo will appear on your advertisements and marketing campaigns.

It will be displayed prominently also outside of your shop. So, make sure that its design stands out from the crowd.


03. Spread Your Business Through A Website

One of the easiest and cost-effective solutions to take your floral business to far away places is to create a beautiful floral website. Do not forget that people will be ordering your flowers online also, which is so crucial for expansion of your business.

So, create a floral business website and put all your floral products and services related information on it. Create a website that has pages telling people about your shop, flowers you sell, home delivery services, prices, discounts, terms and conditions, privacy policy and so on.

Your website design must stand out from your competitors’ sites. Uniquely design web pages create a good first impression on your customers.

Also, make sure that web pages do not take too much time to load. For this have the image optimized, combine code into a central CSS or JavaScript file and minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Website Design

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04. Use Social Media

One of the best platform to update people about your new floral prices, exciting offers or special discounts is social media. If your shop is organizing an event, you can announce it on social media. It is also a cost-effective way of spreading a word about your services.

But first, create your own Facebook page, Twitter account, and other such social media pages for your business. Then, post your content regularly on your pages.

You should post 5-6 tweets per day to highlight new deductions in prices or tell something about your floral business and services.

Put attractive pictures and videos of your flower shop and new activities in your social pages. But your social media page design must have an attractive combination of text and visual elements such as images and videos.

Social Media

05. Send Out Emails To Customers

Customers have faith in a business that sends them a personal email of greetings on birthdays and a word of thanks for shopping.

Such personal emails go a long way in reinstating a customer’s faith in a business. This is known as email marketing. Try this low-cost form of marketing. Consider these points:

  • First, get email addresses of people who visit your website or social media pages. You will gather a big list of email address in a short period.
  • Start sending your special offers of prices and other scheme to all the email addresses in one click of the mouse with the help of a software.
  • Make sure that your email design stands out and is capable of drawing your customers’ attention immediately to your business

Email Design

06. Use Gifts To Win Customers’ Heart And Mind

Everyone loves to get gifts. When customers visit your shop, offer them some attractive but useful items as gifts. Take these steps:

  • Buy promotional products such as drinkware, computer accessories, keychains and other such items of daily use at dirt cheap prices.
  • After purchasing these gifts in bulk, print your floral business logo on them. Your logo will remind them of your business, which is the main aim behind this marketing tactic.
  • Distribute these items to people who visit your shop.
  • Offer these gifts anywhere such as by the sideline of an event related to floral business and industry.

floral business logo

Your business can benefit from giving away such useful items. In fact, there are many reasons to use promotional products as a marketing strategy.

07. Decorate Your Shop Nicely From Outside

You would like people to take a good look at your shop from outside while moving around in market. They are your potential customers. But to grab their attention towards your shop, you need to decorate it nicely.

Your shop decoration will make a good first impression on them. Those window shoppers may come back to buy flowers from you if not immediately may be later. So, create a nice impression of your shop. Make sure that you:

  • Pay attention to your signage and window display.
  • Take an objective look at your signage and evaluate its design for its appealing features.
  • Know that your signage design matters a lot to building an appealing frontal appearance of your shop. If your existing window display is not eye-catching and signage is not up to the mark, redesign them.

Nicely Site

08. Hold Events

One of the most effective and proven ways to build customer relationship is to host events at your flower shop. People like to join events where they have opportunities to meet others. Events give people experiences that they cannot get online. Take these steps:

  • You should create awareness about your event through your social media pages and even use a press release, and advertise.
  • When organizing an event in your shop, take people to a tour of your shop and talk about the impact of flowers.
  • Decorate your shop especially for the event.
  • You can also conduct workshops related to gardening, the art of flower arrangements etc.
  • But make sure that you give your business card to the people attending the events. Your card will come handy whenever they need your contact details.

Hold Events

09. Use Flyers To Publicize Your Business

Flyers are one leaf advertisement materials. You can print your enticing offers of low prices and new flower products on the thin sheet of paper.

This is a very cost-effective marketing medium as well. Ensure that your flyer design is catchy. Put a larger image of your well-decorated flower shop on the top of the flyer.


Then, describe in brief why people should buy from your shop. Give this information in short bulleted points so that people can read it immediately on the move.

Just stand at one place by the side of a road or anywhere and deliver your flyers. This is your way to get customers in an easier way.

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To blossom your floral business, focus on your existing customers and build a solid customer base. Send them emails of greetings and thank you mails for shopping with them. A strong brand image can surely pave your way to success.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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