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Top 10 Marketing Solutions That Actually Never Fail

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Marketing Solutions

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

Starting a business and growing it is not an easy task. For that you need to first have a feasible idea. After that you need to find out what niche is profitable, be particular about your target demographic, and have something of value to sell them. Whether you are selling products or services, spreading the word out with proper marketing solutions is quite difficult. Marketing is one efficient way to let people know about your business and have more customers all over the world.

While starting a business, every business owner knows that in order to create a path of success, they need a business plan. But many of them don’t realize that developing marketing solutions for business is equally important.

Not only will it help them to focus on their target audience, but also allow them to make a list of endless available tools and tactics.

Most of the small businesses are short on budget. Unlike big companies, they can’t afford to spend endless to market their products or services. So how will they remain in the competition with a strict budget?

Fortunately, there are plenty of marketing approaches that not only helps them in market the products within the set budget but may also bring them success. Let’s discuss them in detail.

10 Best Marketing Solutions That Actually Never Fail

01. Social Media Marketing

In today’s modern world, technology has become a bigger part of our life. In order to remain in the industry/competition, companies have started taking the help of the virtual world.

Social media is one of the great ways to connect with a large number of audience all around the world. Its increasing influence has given rise to social media marketing.

Social Media Page

Different surveys have shown interesting figures on social media that can give a clear understanding of the importance of social media for business:

i. People between 18 to 34 years like to follow brands through their social media pages (95%)

ii. If someone has remarkable experience with a particular brand, they are more likely to suggest the same brand to others.

iii. Globally there are 2.5 billion people who use social media from their smartphones.

iv. People like to share visual content 40 times more than any other content type.

After knowing the above facts, we are sure you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to promote your business through social media marketing. In order to catch the attention of the audience, you need to create an eye-catching page design.

Browse our huge collection of social media page design and make your brand stand out. Running contests, sharing creative visual content, promoting products or services in related communities are some of the ways to do promotions and generate leads on social media.

02. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique of creating interesting and valuable content for the target audience.

The key of developing the content totally depends upon what you sell and who is your target audience. For instance, if you are into the food business, then sharing ‘How to make’ videos can be useful for your target audience.

Content Marketing

Creating unique content will help you in getting more engagement, likes, followers, and shares.

Here Are Some Different Types Of Content Marketing That Can Help You In Your Content Marketing Efforts:

a. Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to get the immediate attention of the target audience. These days one-third of online activity is spent on watching videos.

According to BrightCove, companies that promote their business through videos can get the benefit of an increase in 157% of organic traffic from search engines. The data reveals that videos are one of the best online marketing solutions for any business type.

Video Marketing

b. Blogging

It is the most popular type of content marketing for small scale businesses. Blogs help businesses in getting organic traffic and improving SEO. According to Forbes, websites that include ‘Blog’ in their webpage design has the higher chances to get visibility on the first page of search engines.


c. E-Books

E-books are a form of long type of content that provides useful information to the customers or clients. This type of content marketing is mostly used by B2B businesses.

The main objective of this type of content marketing is not to sell anything but building a relationship with the customers or clients.


d. Case Studies

It is another type of content marketing which is used by companies to illustrate their success stories to the target audience. Case studies help the consumers in knowing how a particular product or service can help them in their business. You can use case studies in your eBooks, social media, blogs, etc.

Case Study

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e. Infographics

Infographics is that form of content marketing that provides the relevant information the customers through the current statistics along with the product information (features, advantages, etc.).

An eye-catching inforgraphic design along with the great content can help businesses in attracting the attention of the audience and generating leads.


f. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to win the trust of the target audience. Your target audience is likely to know your records. Adding them on your website or sharing them on social media platforms can help you in gaining credibility.

03. Responsive Website Creation

A responsive website is helping a lot of companies in providing a website marketing solution. In today’s digital world, it has become mandatory for businesses to have an online presence. In order to learn about the company, website is the first thing that most of the consumers like to visit or search.

They consider the website as the most trustable source for any query. The design of the website will largely depend upon the type of industry you are in. For instance, if you are into manufacturing businesses, then you may create a website design with not more than five pages.

Responsive Website Creation

On the contrary, if you are into selling goods of multiple categories, then you need to create a website with multiple hierarchies. Creating a website with basic information like ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, etc can be one of the great marketing solutions.

You don’t have to explain to the customers about the nature of your businesses again and again. Are you short on budget and cannot afford to hire a professional website designer? Don’t worry!

Today there are thousands of WordPress Themes available on the internet. By using those themes, you can create a powerful website for your business.

04. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the website content in order to gain visibility on the first page of search engines.

It is another one of the best marketing solutions that are helping businesses to be on the top of the search engine ranking. In order to improve your ranking, you can do a keyword search for a particular product or services.

There are a lot of keyword research tools that can help you in getting the most searched word and phrases that your target audience is using while searching for the products or services you are dealing with.

If you want to take the SEO services, then you can rely on SpiderOrbit. The brand delivers positive and direct results to businesses.

Search Engine Marketing

It may take a long time to start seeing the results from your SEO strategies, but in the long run, it pays off. With a proper understanding of SEO and the right strategy, you can actually lessen the burden of your marketing efforts.

Here Are A Few Top SEO Techniques That Can Help You To Get Success In 2020:

i. Build backlinks

ii. Focus on YouTube content

iii. Switch to HTTPS

iv. Focus on topics rather than keyword stuffing.

v. Correct your HTML tags.

vi. Publish your content on others’ websites with link to your website.

vii. Make your existing pages longer.

05. Google Adwords

Today, whenever a customer needs something, the first place they are likely to search for it is on Google. They type the keyword related to their search and Google shows them results.

This is where Google Adwords work. Google Adwords, also known as Google Ads is the service provided by the Google through which businesses can connect with their target audience from all over the world.

If you create a planned Adword campaign, it may prove to be one of the best marketing solutions for your small business.

Google Adwords

Here Are A Few Tips To Run Adword Campaigns:

i. Research and understand your target audience.

ii. Have a specific goal for every campaign.

iii. Keep campaigns and ad groups simple.

iv. Create a target landing page for the ad.

v. Track the performance of the campaign.

vi. Test the campaigns.

06. Email Marketing

Unlike old days, email marketing has come a long way, providing the best marketing solutions to companies.

Today, due to development in technology, companies have started promoting their businesses in different ways. But one marketing technique that has managed to retain its position in this digital world is email marketing. Nowadays, everyone uses email.

For every company, especially B2B, emails are the heart of the marketing. Unlike old days, today they can now get connected with their target audience easily.

Email Marketing

Here Are A Few Ways Through Which You Can Boost Your Business Through Email Marketing:

i. Send welcome e-mail to build strong relationship.

ii. Send e-mails at the right time.

iii. Determine the right frequency for a healthy and engaged list.

iv. Look at you deliverability and avoid the spam folder.

v. Use a memorable sender name.

vi. Don’t use noreply@ address

vii. Write compelling subject lines.

viii. Create engaging body content.

ix. Make it mobile-friendly.

x. Email Automation.

xi. Social media integration.

xii. Add alt text to images and buttons.

xiii.Use email signature for authenticity.

xiv. Offer an unsubscribe option.

xv. Measure email performance.

07. Printing Materials

Print marketing has been there for ages. With the increase in the usage of videos, podcasts, etc. businesses have started giving less importance to printing materials as marketing solutions.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing has open the doors for a lot of marketing opportunities, but that doesn’t mean that the focus should only be redirected to online marketing. Print media is still considered as a powerful content medium for marketing, especially as solutions for small businesses.

Printing Materials

Some of the popular printing materials are:

a. Brochures

As said earlier, technology has made it easy for companies to reach out to the target audience. But that doesn’t mean that one should ignore the importance of brochures. In today’s digitally connected world, brochures still hold a lot of importance.

According to Bentley University studies, it is through brochures that people not only become aware of the brand but also likely to choose the brand.


b. Catalogs

In the old days, catalogs used to be very long. They sometimes featured poor material and graphics. But thanks to modern printing technology! Today you can print catalogs in a smaller size with amazing designs and graphics.


c. Business Cards

It is another one of the most economical best marketing solutions for small businesses with lesser budget.

They not only make you look more professional but also help in building brand identity. Earlier companies used to include just basic information like a company name, email address, phone number, logo, etc.

Business Cards

But today businesses can use a business card for their promotional activities. For instance, if you are running some campaign, then you can add the link of the campaign to your digital business card. This way you may get more engagement which may ultimately lead to more sales.

d. Stickers

This type of marketing has been used by businesses for ages. This is one of the most effective marketing solutions that not only help businesses in making a lasting impression but also increase their sales figure.

The great thing about sticker marketing is that it doesn’t give the impression that you are marketing your products or services. Creating and distributing them with proper planning can actually help you in getting word-of-mouth marketing at low cost.


e. Letterheads

Although companies are using email for any formal communication, that doesn’t mean that letterheads lose their importance. With the help of letterheads, you can not only promote your business but also gain credibility.


08. Custom T-Shirts

It’s always a great feeling to wear a t-shirt of your own brand. Custom t-shirts are a great way to promote your business. Wearing a great t-shirt with a company logo makes you stand apart from others. There is very less chance that you will get unnoticed.

Custom T-Shirts

Here A Few Tips To Design An Awesome T-shirt For Your Brand:

i. Be clear with the goal of creating a t-shirt.

ii. Set your budget, timeline, and quantity.

iii. Know your audience.

iv. Choose your t-shirt type like polo t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt, round neck t-shirt, etc.

v. Choose the color that matches your brand.

vi. Figure out the design placement on a t-shirt.

vii. Choose the right typography.

viii. Have a clear understanding of your printing options.

ix. Find a designer.

x. Evaluate the design.

xi. Find a printer.

Want to make your own shirt? Use our t shirt maker tool. The easy-to-use tool has thousands of in-built designs to choose from. You can also upload your own design and get your shirt design within minutes.

09. Affiliate Marketing

Today, everyone wants to make easy money. But only a few people know how to make it. Affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to sell products or services with the help of affiliates (people who work on behalf of a brand).

Affiliate Marketing

With the help of affiliate marketing, advertisers can increase the reach of its products or services. They have complete freedom to choose the affiliates and set the commission structure.

The advertiser may either choose to run in-house affiliate programs or can run it through some marketing agency. Want to become an affiliate? Join Designhill’s Affiliate Program.

10. Webinars

According to marketing experts, webinars also one of the great marketing solutions to draws customers to businesses. It is a seminar that is conducted online in various forms such as presentation, demonstration, and discussion.

Clever marketers generated their email list through webinars. While hosting webinars, don’t forget to take the feedback from the participants. It is not only a great way to know the effectiveness of the event but also helps you in improving it.


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Wrapping Up…

That’s all folks! So these were the best marketing solutions for businesses with a limited budget. But these solutions are useless if you don’t use them. So start using these solutions and don’t forget to share with us which one of them has helped you in getting the maximum benefit in the below comment section. If you are looking for freelance graphic design services for your marketing activities, the Designhill should be the single stop for you. The platform lets its users to get connected with thousands of professional graphic designers from all around the world.

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