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Top 10 Yoga Logos That Never Fail To Inspire

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

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Last updated on March 20th, 2018

The 5,000 years old wisdom of rejuvenating mind, body and soul, Yoga seems to have become the talk of the town in the recent years. In fact, nearly 40.6% people aged 18-34 and 41% people aged 35-54 participate in yoga, according to Statisticbrain.com. Another survey, from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, says more than 1.7 million American children under age 17 who practice yoga. This has spurred on the popularity of Yoga studios and businesses across the globe. And like any other business, creative yoga logos remain a crucial part of yoga businesses, since they define the brand identity of the business. But sadly, most yoga brands studios and businesses consider logos as another visual that their company uses for promotional materials. Resultantly, the badly executed yoga logo ideas drive away consumers and bring a loss of face to the business.
So, if you’re at the helm of a yoga business startup and are looking for inspiration to design an unrivalled logo,

Here Are Top 10 Yoga Logos That Never Fail To Inspire

    1. Yoga has found a fair share of suitors, admirers and patrons across the globe. Nature Yoga is just one of the many a nonprofit studiosthat promise a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Its logo design cleverly uses its color palette to reflect, peace, harmony, nature and chakras of its genre. With the symbol of a yoga posture, this unique logo design conveys the business message of the company quite well.Nature logo design
    2. The Fitness Area Yoga logo design also use a yoga practitioner as its main image, although there are some differences here. First, the posture shown in the symbol is different as compared to the Nature Yoga logo. In this logo, the main image is enclosed in a frame, which adds a sense of sophistication to the overall voice of the design. This is a good example of how you can use similar looking symbols—a yoga practitioner in this case—can be used in two very different yet creative ways.Fitness area logo design
    3. Yoga Hive located in Pittsburgh deserves a special mention in the list of top 10 yoga logos. This logo stays within the safe confines of looking like a yoga studio symbol, but at the same time uses a contemporary font, brilliant graphics and soothing colors. This logo design will appeal to health conscious individuals visiting the area, which is likely the target audience.The Yoga Hive logo design
    4. GrassRoots Yoga & Meditation is yet another fantastic yoga logo design that never fails to invoke a sense of freshness and inspires with its subtle color scheme. The representation of a human shape transcending from concentric circles and evolving into tree clearly suggests the umpteen benefits of yoga. While this logo design is clearly crafted for a niche industry, it nonetheless has elements that work wonders for a variety of backgrounds.Grass Roots logo design
  1. Perched in the beautiful city of Bremerton, Samudra Yoga is a well-known yoga studio and coffee shop. The symbol of a cute, cuddly octopus in the Samudra yoga logo references its aquatic name, the spirit of yoga and the multifarious nature of the business. Done in ocean blue and pumpkin colors, this yoga logo design never fails to impress with its modern and fresh look.Samundra logo design
  2. This design for Yoga Plus by Mathias Hoeckmeier proudly boasts its elegance and panache. This minimalist design and excellent fonts in the logo typify the message of peace, harmony and wellness. It’s indeed amongst some of the best logos for a yoga business that has carved its own niche with its fabulous health offerings.Yoga Plus logo design
  3. The simple, typographic logo design of Blue Bamboo Yoga features each letter directly connected to the next. The eye-pleasing color scheme adds to the overall plushness and classiness of the yoga logo design.Blue Bamboo Yoga Design
  4. Yoga Pearl in Portland is an upscale yoga studio that impresses with its clean and minimal yoga logo design. The brilliant use of negative space to create the letter ‘y’ and ‘p’ is a great add-on to the overall elegance of the design. No wonder, it consistently makes to the list of top 10 yoga logos across the globe.Pearl yoga logo design
  5. Dhyana Yoga logo uses typographic symbols to present the look of a human practicing yoga. This yoga logo design is sure to inspire anyone looking for a creative yet minimal yoga logos.Dhyana logo design
  6. Peacock Yoga logo is rather stylish and unique. With its eye-catching color pattern, clean and sleek fonts, this amazing yoga logo design makes it easy to understand why it’s so popular amongst both seasoned and novice designers looking for unique yoga logo ideas.Peacock Yoga logo

As you can see, clever yoga logos can mean an assortment of things and be created in many unique ways. And to create a great yoga logo design, you don’t need to follow those same clichéd or boring ideas.

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