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Hidden Message of Great Global Logos

Campbell Jof by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read

Last updated on January 4th, 2018

When you see a logo of a famous company that offers its services or products across the world, do you notice some hidden message in the design? Majority of these logos do not show up a message immediately at the first glimpse. But as you give a second look, some figures, symbols, icons etc emerge up from the design to convey a message to the viewers. So, take another look at logos around you and find out the message hidden in them.

We give you here some global logos that have some hidden message for the targeted audience.


This is a courier service company of world repute. Its logo has a hidden arrow created between the letters E and x. The arrow is in white space and is prominent when you have notice it after a second look. The message sent through the arrow is that the company delivers its services to the customers speedily. The arrow design says it all.


Logo of ecommerce website amazon.co.uk, selling varieties of products online, also has a message hidden in its design. There is a smiling arrow created in the logo. The arrow connects letters ‘a’ and ‘z’. By connecting these letters, the message is that the online shopping site has everything for the consumers and they can depend on it for buying whatever products of daily needs they require.

Amazon Global Logo


Pinterest is a site which the visitors can use to showcase their web clippings. To have this message clear to the users, the Pinterest logo has very cleverly a design of pin in the letter ‘P’. The very first letter’P’is in the shape of a pin, which tells the story to the visitors instantly that the site is about pinning your own clippings on customizable online board.

Pinterest Global Logo

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio is a company selling computer laptops. Its logo is a great example of simplicity and hidden message. The logo design is such that is represents a digital signal. The logo looks like an analogue signal. The letters I and O resemble to the digital signal of 1 and 0. The users get the message that the company is in the field of personal computer devices manufacturing.

Sony Vaio Global Logo


Cisco is a company from San Francisco. The company gets its name from last five alphabets of the city name. But the designer has beautifully created the logo in the shape of an abstract bridge. The symbolic bridge is of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the shape of some short and longer lines that create an illusion of bridge.

Cisco Global Logo

Tour De France

The logo of Tour De France is an impressive design that instantly tells the viewers about what the tour is all about. This is an annual event of cycling race competition. The logo creates this message by designing a large bicycle wheel that represents the summer sun and also the front wheel of a bicycle used in the competition. Letter R of the ‘Tour’ also has been skillfully designed to give impression of a cyclist leaning forward while moving speedily in the competition.

Tour De France Global Logo

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