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Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends That Will Rule Supreme in 2017

by Designhill Tweet - in Graphic Design

T-Shirt design trends
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The new year is here! It’s a new start. But just don’t stop by making resolutions and changing your lifestyle a bit. Each year brings with itself new trends, styles and designs. So, it’s time you leave behind the trends of 2016. A t-shirt exploring mother nature may have dominated your wardrobes last year, but it’s time to update your winter closets as many new designs enter mainstream in 2017. Today, we find the t-shirt design trends becoming more bold and daring.

You must have noticed that different trends have come and gone over the years. An article published in designschool.canva.com quotes Madeleine Morley of The American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) saying: β€œA trend never simply emerges for a single year and then disappears in a puff of smoke. Instead, an aesthetic becomes popular gradually, even mysteriously, over time before fizzling out slowly without much notice at all.” Actually, eventually, everything comes to an end!
But the type of t-shirts you wear define your taste and choice. They show your attitude and personality. Even companies use t-shirts as a branding tool for their businesses.

So, Take a Look at Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends that will become style statement in 2017

1. Nature-inspired t-shirts

Fashion of nature-inspired t-shirts will be huge in 2017 as the influence of nature and environment on designers as well people increase over the years. From big floral prints to natural textures such as furs, this year has brought with itself earthly prints that are refreshing as well as interesting to see. T-shirts having animal-inspired prints such as of dragonfly or butterfly wings will also be right on style! The best part of this trend is that it’s multi-seasonal.

Nature-inspired t-shirt design

2. Cartoon Tees Are Back!

T-shirts having cartoon characters on them are back in vogue. Cartoon-themed t-shirts will take over all your favorite brands this year. They are humorous, full of excitement and add a a playful twist to the design of your tee. So, if you are young (at heart), add one or two tees to your closet and you’ll be no less than a fashion icon. They t-shirts may have cartoon characters printed on them or just be colorful to give it a comic look. This trend is going to be big in 2017.

Cartoon T-Shirt design

3. Gothic is the new black

Another t-shirt design trend to look out for in 2017 is of the gothic inspired t-shirts. Employing some elements of mystery would create unique designs thus creating excitement in the consumers. The t-shirt designs will have elements such as illustrated mythical sea creatures, pirate skulls, skeletons, vintage typography, ancient seascapes, graphic Japanese waves and rope details and so on. They certainly grab the attention of the people.

Gothic T-Shirt design

4. Creating Feathered Fantasy

With an extraordinary variety of bird feathers all around, designers can get really creative while making such t-shirts designs. They can take inspiration from the colors and exotic nature of feathers. A feather printed t-shirt can create a good and positive vibe with its vibrant colors. The designers can use the feather designs alone or combine with other elements and the customers will surely buy it. T-shirts can have intricate prints, exotic peacocks, songbirds, birds of paradise, detailed features, soft flowing prints and detailed illustrations. Atleast one such tee is a must in your wardrobe.

Feathered T-Shirt design


5. The Power of Flower

This t-shirt design trend is evergreen. And it will continue to be one of the biggest t-shirt design trends of 2017 as well. It has a high fashion appeal amongst both women and men. Well known designers such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen too created head-to-toe floral looks last season. This design trend aims to represent romance. You will see t-shirt designs with photo-real images of flowers, blurry blooms, watercolor prints, botanical typography, splicing effects etc. Buy one for yourself as the ‘flowers are in full bloom.’

Floral T-Shirt design

Final word

The rise of nature-inspired and floral prints may seem a little weird to some but adding such tees to your wardrobe will only take you closer to ‘stardom’. All these should make for your new year shopping list as they are the best when it comes to t-shirt designs.

T-Shirts Design

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