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How To Create An E-Commerce Logo : The Ultimate Guide

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

E-commerce Logo

Last updated on March 1st, 2023

With cut-throat competition in the eCommerce industry, you’ll have to stand out and create a unique brand identity to thrive in your niche. Though there are many factors that carve out a successful path for you, a well-designed logo is perhaps the most crucial element of your brand identity — it is memorable and fosters brand loyalty. Moreover, your e-commerce logo is a visual that can drive people’s attention and turn them into loyal customers. Therefore, you should pay utmost care to your e-commerce website logos.

Today, many small to big e-commerce platforms are accessible to consumers, creating ruthless competition. These can be categorized mainly as business-to-business (B2B) such as Shopify, business-to-consumers (B2C) like Amazon, and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) such as eBay.

Consumers throng these e-commerce sites to buy products at reduced costs and buy products faster. They can compare prices at different platforms and settle for buying at the lowest costs.

But in the modern business world, you can compete only if you can make an impact on viewers. This is also true for e-commerce websites. Therefore, they should build their brands around their visual identities, such as websites, brochures, and different marketing materials. However, amongst all the branding visuals, logos are the most important.

Why your e-commerce logo is essential?

01. Make A Lasting First Impression

The first impression matters a lot as it sets our mind positively about what we see and hear. Then, later on, we determine our perception about that particular thing based on what impression we had for the first time.

In the same way, if your e-commerce logo is an aesthetically pleasing design, people will like it immediately. Moreover, they will carry a good first impression of your e-commerce website or platform whenever they see its logo in advertisements, websites, and marketing campaigns.

02. Make Your Brand Recognizable

With a well-designed impressive logo, your e-commerce brand gets recognition steadily over the years. But the logo itself isn’t enough to build recognition since there are a lot of other factors that come into play.

A logo is an omnipresent visual of everything your eCommerce website does. People see it all the time. Besides, a logo is always a big help building brand awareness and recognition.

Your e-commerce logo will appear everywhere. It will be overwhelmingly present on your website pages, including the header and footer. The logo will be on your packagings, such as boxes and envelopes inside and outside, packing materials, packing slips, tape, and shipping labels.

Your logo will also appear on your social media pages as profile photos, cover photos, videos, and icons. While marketing your e-commerce platform, the logo is everywhere on all advertisement mediums. You will also show your e-commerce logo on an email signature, internal company memos, and all the internal communication means of your company.

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03. Build Trust In Your E-commerce Platform

The eCommerce website logos must be impressive, memorable, and unique for businesses willing to build trust. With a great design, your eCommerce logo design will convey a message that your audience can trust.

04. Turn Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Another significant benefit of having a unique eCommerce logo is that many visitors will likely buy from your site. Your logo will signal trust, quality, assurance, etc. Once they buy, they will repeatedly return to your site to buy more. The logo design indirectly helps people turn them into loyal customers.

Types of Logos

Before you start creating your logo using an eCommerce logo maker or hiring a professional designer, decide which type of logo will best suit your business. Not all types of logos are created the same for all businesses.

There are different types of logos, but we can categorize them broadly as textual, graphical, and combination logos.

01. Textual Logos

Textual logos are typography-based logos. Businesses that want to incorporate their full business name or initials opt for textual logos. If you do not wish to use your full company name, you can just design the name’s initials to form the logo.

02. Graphical Logos

Graphical logos are image-based designs that can incorporate symbols or signs, characters, or abstract elements. A symbol could be a great option if you can find an effective e-commerce symbol that can convey meaning and an ideal. Think of the bitten Apple logo as an example of a symbol logo.

A character-based logo uses a famous person, animal, or local symbol that people can connect well with. Think of KFC’s Colonel Sanders.

03. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are among the most used and liked logos since they involve geometric shapes, lines, and symbols instead of images. Your e-commerce brand should opt for an abstract logo when it has expanded into international markets. Or, you can choose this logo also if you do not want to be seen associated with any culture and need a neutral symbol.

04. Combination Logo

A combination logo has a combination of text and image. A majority of brands boast of such logos. For example, McDonald’s is a combination logo with an arch image in yellow and the fast-food chain’s full name combined.

Tips For Creating An eCommerce Logo

01. Know Your Target Audience

Your target customer is the most likely to buy from your e-commerce website. So, find out who amongst the people is your ideal customer. First, create a customer persona to know what the customer looks like. A caricature of the customer will give you a picture to visualize the person. That will require a lot of research on the different backgrounds of the ideal customer.

So, you may want to remove background API and use simple aesthetics to keep your target customers engaged with the product while shopping. An easy-to-understand design will drive buyers’ attention toward the product on a shelf.

Once you know the ideal customers’ educational, social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, you can target them with the right eCommerce logo. You will then incorporate colors, fonts, icons, symbols, etc., to convey a message to that customer.

02. Have A Look At Your Competitors’ Logos

Your eCommerce logo should not resemble many such logos in the market. Any resemblance will wrongly project your e-commerce site as a duplicate. People just avoid doubtful sites, especially when transactions are at stake.

Therefore, study your competitors’ logos and see what colors, fonts, and other features they use as part of their branding. That will help create a logo that looks different so that people can identify your business. Such a logo will become your e-commerce site’s distinct brand identity.

So, when using an eCommerce logo maker DIY tool, it would be good to first do the homework by analyzing your competitors’ visual identities, especially logos.


03. Make Sure Your Logo is A Simple Design

Your e-commerce logo must be a simple design so that your target audience can get its message at the first look. A complicated design will irritate viewers as they need to decipher the brand message, so avoid such a design.

A simple eCommerce logo has a few design elements that are just enough to engage viewers. You should study some minimalist logos. A minimalist design avoids using any extra design element that is not required. So, when you are sketching your logo, see which elements you can remove, and still, it looks impressive.

04. It Should Be Unique As Well

But make it unique and memorable, and not just a simple design. A unique logo design looks attractive and that people have not seen before elsewhere. Such a logo will add credibility to your e-commerce brand. Viewers will equate the design to your high-quality products and service. Know that only a unique logo can convey its brand message effectively to the target audience.

05. Its Black and White Version Also Should Be Impressive

Your eCommerce logo looks great in colors. But does it retains its uniqueness and impressive looks in black and white? You will advertise your e-commerce brand in newspapers and fax documents, where the logo will appear colorless.

So, make sure that the logo is equally impressive without colors. So, when designing your logo, ensure that it looks impressive and unique, and then develop it.

06. Choose Colors To Evoke The Right Emotions

Color is the most visual element of any design, including a logo. But an experienced designer uses colors to send out a message by evoking the intended emotions of viewers. But if you have already decided on your brand colors, pick them for the logo and consistency.

07. Pick Fonts That Add Personality To Your Logo and Brand

Fonts are usually the basis of logo design when a company name or a slogan is involved. You need to pick the right fonts that suit your brand personality. There is a wide range of logo fonts that professionals use. Go through them and see which one or two of the fonts best represents your e-commerce business.

08. Get Feedback and Redesign If Necessary

After designing or sketching your e-commerce website logos, take feedback from your friends, relatives, and expert designers. Then, post your logo design on your social media account and request feedback from followers. If someone points out a mistake and gives a concrete reason for the redesign, do the needful.

How To Use eCommerce Logo Using A DIY Software Tool

Now that you know how to create an eCommerce logo, you can design it without prior experience in creating logo designs. You can do the job all by yourself without taking help from anyone.

You can explore a DIY (Do It Yourself) tool, also known as a logo maker, which is software that automates your design process based on your input. One effective tool is Ecommerce Logo Maker from Designhill, a leading creative marketplace.

With an Ecommerce Logo Maker tool, you can design your logo in quick few steps.

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Enter your e-commerce brand name in the required box of the logo generator.
  2. Choose The Design Style – The software then asks you to pick a design style out of many available in its library. You can pick a logo style that suits your e-commerce business.
  3. Pick The Right Colors – Next, you are asked to choose from different color schemes. Choose the one that can evoke the right emotions related to your business.
  4. Include A Slogan – If you want to add a slogan to the logo, provide it to the online logo generator.
  5. Add A Symbol – Then, this tool and Shopify Logo Maker, another logo maker from Designhill for Shopify, lets you add a symbol from your business and industry.
  6. Choose Your Logo and Customize – After providing your brief on the eCommerce logo, the tool will develop many e-commerce logos. Pick any of them and customize them further.
  7. Download and Use The Logo – The last step is to download the logo you customized and incorporate it into your eCommerce website.

So, these are a few valuable tips to consider when designing your eCommerce logo. Keep this guide in mind when either doing the logo job on your own for our startup or hiring a designer.

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Wrapping Up

There are plenty of eCommerce websites in any given niche. So if you’re also entering the fray, first, you should have a unique yet simple eCommerce logo that can effectively speak to the target customers with colors, fonts, and other elements. Make sure your logo stands out, and it’s a versatile design that can be easily scaled according to the size of the article it’s to be printed.

Create Your Own Ecommerce Logo Online

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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