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Your One & Only Guide To Create Innovative Startup Logos

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on April 14th, 2022

The world of startups is highly competitive, with hundreds of them lined up daily across the globe. This results in a more challenging business environment for the new entrants. For them, a strategy to project a new business in the hearts and minds of customers can be created using unique startup logos. This blog shares tips on how startups can come up with an impressive and memorable logo.

You have a great business idea that can give consumers what they want in the form of unique products or services. Also, you have put in place the much-need funds and brought in the team. But that still is not sufficient to get your new business noticed.

Amongst other things, you must make a lasting first impression on your target audience in your niche. Your logo is the biggest visual identity of your new company that people will see everywhere.

The logo will be on your products or services, business cards, websites, brochures, leaflets, and many other marketing campaigns and promotional products. That makes startup logos crucial elements to compete well in the business world.

But any casually drawn logo will not work. It should be a well-thought-out design that showcases your startup’s business values, message, and personality.

Here Are Some Key Aspects of Startup Logos You Should Consider Before Proceeding To Design Your Logo

Why your startup needs a logo?

A startup benefits from a well-thought-out logo design in numerous ways.

Here Are Some of The Key Reasons Why Your Newly Launched Business Must Have An Excellent Logo

01. Make A Great First Impression

Not many people and target audience know your startup. So, making an impression on whoever visits your website or physical shop is essential. They must see your logo, appreciate its design, and make a positive perception of your products.

Make A Great First Impression

We have generally heard that the first impression is also the last one. This means that we all carry those impressions for a long time and decide based on what we first thought of the business, products, or services.

Therefore, do not ignore the importance of a logo that can influence your audience right away with its unique and simple design.

02. Build Trust and A Loyal Customer Base

That is the impact on your mind and senses of asymmetrical design. If your startup boasts a logo, you can expect people to trust what you offer. We associate a good design with quality.

Build Trust and A Loyal Customer Base

That’s why marketers have come up with new strategies to win people’s hearts and minds over the years. It’s also the basis for turning them into loyal customers. Well-designed startup logos can help win customers’ trust.

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03. Create Your Brand Identity and Personality

An eye-catching logo design for your startup will be a great help in establishing your business. Such a logo becomes a startup’s brand identity since it is everywhere on products or services and all promotional and marketing strategies.

Create Your Brand Identity and Personality

Your startup’s logo will be present everywhere. Therefore, it will be your identity for the business. People will identify the logo with whatever business you have to offer. If the logo design is excellent, it will positively affect your business.

04. Convey Your Brand Message

As a startup, you would like to have a message for your target customers. Brand messaging aims to persuade customers to buy from your startup. So, a slogan or tagline incorporated in your logo is its message.

Convey Your Brand Message

Brand messaging gives the customers a reason to buy your products or services. When a tagline or a slogan underneath startup logos goes well, it tells the consumers why they should give it a try to your startup’s offerings.

What should a logo look like?

Before you set out to create your startup’s logo, take a look at some global logos and see what features they have in common. After analyzing how logos of famous brands look and why they stand out, we can say that they are unique designs. They all are impressive and grab our attention immediately.

Startup logos should look impressive and memorable designs to make a lasting and memorable imprint on the viewers’ minds. Only such logos can help people recall your business instantly. Such memorable designs are also aesthetically liked and appreciated, which translates into people liking your business.

It should convey your brand message and personality with a logo. Since the logo is everywhere on your products or services and marketing campaigns, it will carry your values and message. The very presence of the logo will send the right signals about your new business.

Consider These Tips To Create An Innovative Startup Logo

01. Choose The Right Type of Logo

The first decision to make is about the type of logo your startup should opt for. There are mainly two types of logos – Logomark and Logotype.

A logomark contains just a symbol, and it usually has no other element. For example, Nike’s tick or swoosh logo is a logomark. Just a swoosh is enough to represent the Nike brand. Similarly, Royal Dutch Shell company is in the business of exploring, producing, and refining oil. But its company’s logo is a shell in red and yellow, a symbol of the company’s business.


On the other hand, A logotype contains a company’s full name or its initials. So, it is a typography-based logo. Famous logotype examples include the logos of eBay, Google, Coca-Cola, Yahoo, and Pinterest.

Startup Logomarks Examples


Then, there are combination logos, which combine both a logomark and logotype features. The logos of Microsoft, Lacoste, Lay’s, and BurgerKing are well-known examples of combination logos.


Combination Logos

Combination Startup Logos

Which type should your startup choose?

Since yours is a startup that not many people know about much, a logotype will be an ideal choice. You can spell out your full company name so that the logo itself becomes a visual to promote your brand name. There is no need to spend extra time and money to promote your startup’s business name. Such startup logos helps save money on marketing as well.

You can also go for a combination logo that combines a symbol that you like and your business name. After a few years, when your business is well known, you can retain the symbol and remove the startup name to make the logo more aesthetically pleasing.

So, when using a startup logo maker, first decide on the type of logo. That will make the designing job much easier later on.

02. Design The Logo Around Your Niche

Do not just keep your business and industry in mind while designing your startup logo. To precisely reach out to your target audience, design considering your niche. You started in the market to resolve some specific issues by offering products or services.

Design The Logo

Remember that your business and industry is a broader term that involves hundreds of other businesses that have nothing much to do with a startup’s specific purpose.

What are the problems with your product or service? Keep that in mind while creating startup logos. Its design should convey that solution to your audience. That means the design should revolve around your niche.


03. Target Your Audience

Your niche should be at the center of everything while designing your innovative startup logo. But also consider the customer who will likely buy your product or service. Design the logo in such a way that it engages that particular person from the market.

Target Your Audience

So, you should have a clear picture of who that customer precisely is for your startup. Draw a picture of the customer by considering their social, financial, and physical background. Is your ideal customer a young person or a middle-aged one? What social and educational backgrounds does the person carry? Answer such questions to arrive at the customer persona. Then, pick your design elements that the customer can represent that audience.

04. Draw Sketches For Logo Ideas

Like your innovative startup, your innovative startup logo should be a unique design idea. It implies that no other competitor’s logo from your niche and elsewhere should resemble your logo design. But designing a unique logo is not easy.

Startup Logo Ideas

One of the proven ways to have a distinctive logo idea is to draw as many pencil sketches of startup logos as possible. You should rapidly unload all the different ideas your creative mind generates while responding to your niche, ideal customer, and competitors’ logos.

Then, pick one sketch out of many that you consider suitable for your startup. Using a grid system and other design software, you can then develop the sketch to turn that into a professionally designed business logo.

05. Use Your Brand Colors

Decide on the colors that should be used across your different marketing materials such as logo, business card, website, brochures, etc. Colors stand for your emotions. For instance, red evokes passion, aggression, love, and enthusiasm. Yellow is a sunshine color that gives us hope. Purple is generally associated with royalty, while brown is the earthen color. Green evokes nature and growth.

Use Your Brand Colors

So, consider your startup’s target audience and niche to see which colors and hues will best convey your message. Then, use those colors in your logo design. For instance, your coffee shop logo can have colors that resemble coffee so that people can relate to it and identify your business.

But make sure that you pick one or two colors only unless your startup is in the business that should speak through multiple colors. With a few colors, startup logos can evoke only a specific set of emotions from viewers.

06. Incorporate The Right Fonts

If you want to include your business name in your startup logo, you will choose some logo fonts that can best represent your brand personality. So, make a font choice wisely.

Serif fonts should be your choice for logo design if your startup needs to project a traditional and professional image. These fonts have serifs at the top and bottom of the letters.

Incorporate The Right Fonts

Pick sans serif fonts if your startup wishes to target young people with its offerings. You can then incorporate sans serif typefaces to give your logo a crisp and modern look.

Similarly, if your startup deals with products or services that are sophisticated and feminine, think of using script fonts. These are mostly decorative and formal fonts.

Also, your startup can express its friendly and approachable personality using handwriting fonts that are casual and personal.

07. Create A Simple Logo That Stands Out

Whichever color or font you choose, make sure that the logo is a simple design. Your target customers should immediately get the message of the logo design. That can happen only when the design is simple. We have already said that there should be only one or two elements of colors and fonts. That is the way to design a simple logo.

Create A Simple Logo

But make sure also that your startup logo looks different from that of competitors. Study many logos from your niche and see which colors and fonts or symbols they use. Then, try to develop startup logos that are unique ideas in terms of its use of shape, colors, fonts, and symbols.

With such a logo, you can make customers think your offerings are different from your competitors. A logo sends this message subtly through its unique design.

08. Ensure That The Logo Is Versatile and Scalable

Remember that your startup logo is not just an emblem you will use on your products or services. More than that, the logo will find a place on all of your marketing campaigns, websites, business cards, apps, and promotional materials like custom clothing, bags, and coffee mugs. This implies that it must be a scalable design that looks impressive in all small and big spaces.

For instance, you may put the logo on billboards for advertising your business. So, the logo should not look completely disoriented when blown to the largest sizes.

Ensure That The Logo Is Versatile and Scalable

Similarly, if put on a small species such as a promotional product like a cup or mobile screen, the logo should not lose its fine details.

The logo should also be versatile because it retains its personality even in black and when printed on newspapers as part of an advert campaign.

So, consider these helpful tips when setting out to design startup logos.

You can also choose to design your logo all by yourself by using Startup Logo Maker by Designhill. All you need to do is enter your business name and select your colors and fonts from the vast library of the logo maker. Then, customize the logo to your satisfaction.

Designhill can help you in creating your logo in another way as well. You can launch a logo design contest at this leading creative marketplace with a design brief. Dozens of talented designers from across the globe will submit their unique logo ideas to win your contest. You can then pick one logo that best represents the spirit of your startup.

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Wrapping Up

A startup’s logo is the face of the company and business. Its unique but straightforward design targets customers with the strategic use of colors, fonts, etc., elements. But make sure that you know your customer persona so that the logo design addresses the audience with a purpose. Create a logo that looks different from your competitors to convey your brand message.

Create Your Own Startup Logo

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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