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ICC Cricket World Cup Logo Designs (1975 – 2019)

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Design

cricket world cup

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

The game of cricket has evolved far beyond the ordinary perception. In addition to traditional test matches, the growth of one-day as well as T20 formats is remarkable. However, of all the tournaments in various formats of the game, the ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest international sporting events in the world. We are not going to discuss the game or the format here. Our focus here is Cricket World Cup logo designs.

England was the first country that hosted the first Cricket World Cup in 1975. It was the only nation at that time that put forward the resources to organize an event at such a large scale. The first three events were held in England. It was in 1987 that the event took place in India and Pakistan.

Although the first world cup was held in 1975, it was because of the influence and arrival of Kerry Packer World Series that the cricket became ripe for a marketing blitzkrieg. The series was first held in 1978 and all of sudden there was an introduction of colored uniforms and matches started taking place under floodlit stadiums.

As we said, the focus is on cricket world cup logos, not on the game as such. Therefore, let’s take a quick look at the logos for all the Cricket World Cups starting from 1975.

Here Are The ICC Cricket World Cup Logo Designs (1975 – 2019)

01. Prudential Cup (1975 – 1983)

The first Cricket World Cup was sponsored by Prudential Assurance Company and was organized by International Cricket Conference. The cricket world cup logo was in the shape of a classic world globe (placing traditional red color cricket ball in place of world globe) with the year mentioned just below it. Below the year, there is a thick black base line. The semi-meridian mounting is also in bold black color.

Prudential Cup

Till 1983, the council kept the same cricket logo with the change in the year. The tournament was held from 7th June to 21st June in England. The test playing teams of the time were India, Australia, England, New Zealand, West Indies, and Pakistan. The leading associate nations were Sri Lanka and East Africa. The matches were played with the traditional red ball, while the players wore white World Cup tshirts during the matches.

02. Reliance Cup (1987)

1987 was the fourth tournament of ICC Cricket World Cup. The tournament was sponsored by Reliance Industries and was organized by Indo-Pakistan Joint Management Committee. The tournament was held in India and Pakistan (the first cricket world cup that was held outside England).

Reliance Cup

If you closely look into the World Cup logo, you will find an image of a Dovey. He is dressing up like a cricket player, wearing cricket cap and batting leg guard. On one side he is holding a cricket bat, and on the other side, he is holding a ball on his wings. ‘Reliance Cup 1987’ had been placed above the image. The tournament was held from 8th October to 8th November in India and Pakistan.

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03. Benson & Hedges World Cup (1992)

This fifth ICC Cricket World Cup was held from 22 February to 25 March in New Zealand and Australia. The British brand ‘Benson & Hedges’ sponsored the tournament and it was International Cricket Council who organized it. As the 90’s was a time of simplicity, the designers created the logo design that not only looked simple but elegant too.

Hedges World Cup

If you closely look into the logo, you will find that the design ends up showing the tropical nature of Australian and New Zealand territories subconsciously. And these two were the nations of 1992 edition of the World Cup. The reason why this cricket team logo design continued to gain popularity was that the design looked awesome on the World Cup tshirts.

04. Wills World Cup (1996)

The 1996 ICC Cricket World Cup was the sixth tournament that was sponsored by ITC’s Wills brand and was organized by International Cricket Council. It was the second world cup that was being hosted by India and Pakistan for the second time. Sri Lanka also hosted this tournament for the first time. The tournament was held from 14 February to 17 March.

Wills World Cup

Talking about the logo, well the design featured a batsman with combining colors of the hosted nations. The sponsored name ‘Wills’ was placed in a red rectangular box and the year of the tournament had been mentioned just below it. The red thick line is representing the cricket pitch. If you also want to create an outstanding sports logo then hire a freelance graphic designer.

05. ICC Cricket World Cup England (1999)

In the earlier World Cups, the cricketing authority ICC had a mere role. The tournaments were largely held by the host nations. But from 1999, the International Cricket Council expanded his role. It was clearly seen on the Cricket World Cup logo design. Since the 1996 logo featured an image of a batsman, the logo designers this time thought of putting the image of a bowler. And the interesting fact is that the image of the bowler in the logo is a representation of Indian bowler ‘Debashish Mohanty.’

Cricket World Cup England

His fast bowling movement along with his tall and slim looks captured the eyes of ICC higher authorities. The designers have beautifully created his actions with the brush strokes. The multicolors in the logo signified the diversity of the World Cup. The simplicity along with the modernity in the design captures the attention of the audience globally.

06. ICC Cricket World Cup South Africa (2003)

This eighth Cricket World Cup was hosted by South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe from 9th February to 23rd March. South Africa hosted the World Cup for the first time. Although during that time, South Africa was one of the favorites, the team got eliminated by one run in the group stages as they wrongly calculated the number of runs they needed. Talking about the logo, well, the 2003 World Cup logo featured zebra stripes along with the yellow flame.

Cricket World Cup South Africa

After having a glance at the logo design, anyone can tell that the tournament was held in the African continent. The design and color truly convey the fusion of black and white peoples and the cultural diversity of South Africa. Looking for games logo ideas? Use our Artificial Intelligence powered logo maker tool. The tool has thousand of in-built designs to choose from. You can also upload your own image and get your logo design within minutes.

07. ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies (2007)

The 2007 Cricket World Cup tournament took place in West Indies from 13th March to 28th April. Unlike previous logos, this logo was rich in symbolism and spirit. The logo reflects the characteristics of Caribbean life, resound with an international audience and encapsulates the spirit of cricket.

Cricket World Cup West Indies

The red colored running figure in the logo symbolizes the passion for the game. The palm tree leaves and the blue surroundings along with the symbols of cricket (stumps, bat, and ball) signify the life in the Caribbean and the spirit of cricket respectively.

08. ICC Cricket World Cup (2011)

This tenth ICC World Cup was held in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh from 19th Feb to 2nd April. The interesting fact behind the 2011 World Cup Logo design is that the cricket authorities asked different companies to submit their logo designs. Twelve companies all over the world submitted their sports logos, and amongst them, the design of Australian creative firm Witekite got selected. The logo is in the shape of a cricket ball in a green upright joint.

Cricket World Cup

On both sides of the joint, there is an expression of the crowd that is cheering for their team. The use of red and blue colors represents the 14 playing nations. The colors also evoke the festive-like atmosphere, bringing together all the players and fans to the biggest cricket bonanza in the sub-continent. The colorful ball-shaped logo has also been designed to represent the best things about cricket such as action, movement, and color. The logo got reviled in July 2009 at the official ceremony in Mumbai.

09. ICC Cricket World Cup (2015)

This tournament was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and it was held from 14th February to 29th March. Just like the World Cup 2011 logo, authorities asked different companies from all over the world to present their designs. And again just like 2015, this time also the design of Australian graphic consultancy got selected. The logo designers came up with a design that truly conveys the cultures of both the countries (Australia and New Zealand) in a positive and harmonious way.

Cricket World Cup Australia

The designers make use of Maori and Aboriginal motifs in an artistic way to show a batsman playing a masterstroke. The logo evokes the feeling of celebration and unity. The ICC Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat described the logo as “a dynamic logo which captures the cultural influences in the two host countries”. Want to create a logo that has the same effect? You must have such a logo for your business, especially for the branding purpose.

10. ICC Cricket World Cup (2019)

The fans for ICC Cricket World Cup from all over the world are looking forward to Cricket World Cup 2019. The tournament will take place on 30th May. It is the 12th edition which will take place in England and Wales. 2019 World Cup logo comes in the shape of a World Cup Trophy.

Cricket World Cup England & Wales

The trophy is in grey and pink color and the name of governing body and the hosted companies are mentioned just below the design. It will be the first Cricket World Cup that features just 10 teams.

Winners Of Cricket World Cup

World Cup Winners

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No matter which sports you play or promote, a logo captures the attention of the audience. ICC World Cup logos set a perfect example of how a logo can turn out to be a clear distinctive of its brand. These logos has such a design that it can easily fit it any place (for marketing and promotional activities) without any trouble. If you are also planning to have a sports logo for your team, then Designhill should be the single stop for you. The platform lets its users to connect with professional designers from all over the world.

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