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Why you need a perfect PowerPoint slide size

An excellent presentation helps you convey your ideas perfectly while keeping your audience engaged. PowerPoint, in that scenario, comes as a handy tool. It is a highly customizable tool that you can use to your benefits and create impressive presentations. But choosing the right PowerPoint slide dimensions as per the need is crucial. If the size isn’t perfect, your presentation may appear with chopped images or edges being cut-off. So, picking the right PowerPoint size is mandatory to retain the professional touch.

PowerPoint Slide Dimensions

Let’s take a look into PPT slide dimensions:SIZE DIMENSION4:3 1024 x 768 px16:9 1920 x 1080 px

Graphic in mm cm px
Profile Photo 2.67 x 2.67 67.73 x 67.73 6.77 x 6.77 800 x 800
Profile Banner 6.4 x 1.6 162.56 x 40.64 16.26 x 4.06 1920 x 480
Video Player Banner 6.4 x 3.6 162.56 x 91.44 16.26 x 9.14 1920 x 1080
Video Thumbnail 4.27 x 2.4 108.37 x 60.96 10.84 x 6.1 1280 x 720
Cover Image 1.27 x 4 32.17 x 101.6 3.22 x 10.16 380 x 1200
Info Panels 1.07 x 0.67 27.09 x 16.93 2.71 x 1.69 320 x 200

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PowerPoint Slide Size Best Practices

There are basically two orientations in PPT presentation — horizontal and vertical. Choose one that better suits your specific requirements and keep it simple. Make sure it has plenty of white spaces or negative spaces.

The primary purpose of your presentation is to provide benefits to your audience while conveying your message. But that doesn't mean you should bore them with bullet points one after another and a lot of text. Have a balanced approach for effective presentation.

Do not use object animations and transitions superfluously. Stick to the most subtle animations if required.

You can purchase high-quality graphics from various platforms or use your own clicked photographs. Avoid using the in-built PowerPoint clipart images as they look kiddish. Using professional graphics is the best option for a professional presentation.

How much detail do you need? Keep asking this question again and again. Based on the needs, add graphs and charts that are most appropriate for your PowerPoint slide size. Some of the charts that you can consider adding are — pie charts, vertical bar charts, line charts, horizontal bar charts, etc.


Colors are associated with feelings. While specific colors evoke feelings, some force the audience to think otherwise. It means whether it's your annual report presentation or a product presentation, using appropriate colors is essential. Use cool colors for backgrounds and warm colors for objects. Using brand-specific colors is also considered a good practice.

Fonts are used to convey subtle messages. That's the reason your presentation should have suitable fonts. Use the same font family throughout your slides to avoid the distraction of the communication gap.

PowerPoint Slide Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the most common PowerPoint slide mistakes that you can avoid are:


Putting too much text

Adding too much text to a single PPT slide is nothing less than a cardinal sin. Putting too much text makes the audience uncomfortable, as it's hard for them to read it. Add aesthetically striking visuals to engage them not to shoo them away.


Avoid too much clutter

Human eyes have tendencies to seek simplicity naturally. If your PowerPoint slide includes excessive text and graphics, it may overwhelm your viewers and distract them. Prioritize simplicity and stay clear-off unwanted text/graphics.


Avoid bad contrast

Be it a newspaper, magazine, or a book, these all use black text with a white background. This is the most-used combination that pleases the eye. Your PowerPoint slide should also follow this formula for increased readability.


Superfluous animations and transitions

Animations, as well as transitions, are great to add a punch to your PPT slide. But using them excessively isn't good. They distract the audience and smash their interest.


Ignoring the size

The PowerPoint slide size changes as per your needs or purpose. When you do not choose the right size, the images, or the edges of your presentation get chipped off.

Where can you find the best presentation templates?

Branding logo maker

A PowerPoint presentation without an image or graphics is mundane. It ends up making the audience feel bored. So, to help you out, Designhill has come up with hundreds of professionally designed presentation templates. Each of these has a pre-defined structure and design elements. Based on your needs, you can customize them or use as it is. 

Besides, there are many other platforms such as Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. that you can use to source pre-designed presentation templates.

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PowerPoint Slide Size

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dishing out information in an easily understandable way, a PowerPoint slide fits the requirements. Be it for personal or professional use; you can present your information in a visually pleasing way. But before that, make sure you choose the right PowerPoint size.

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