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Well-designed wallpaper size is key to brand success and personal style.

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Why you need the right wallpaper size

Wallpapers make it easy to jazz up your computer. They show your taste and flair for creativity. But every device has a pre-set width and length. You need to consider the dimensions of your computer and then get the right desktop wallpaper size. The right wallpaper size ensures that it won't get stretched, and none of its portions will get chopped off. If it has a written message, then it will not get cut too.

Desktop wallpaper resolutions and aspect ratio

Resolutions Aspect ratio
800 x 600 4:3
1024 x 768 4:3
1280 x 800 16:10
1280 x 1024 5:4
1366 x 768 16:9
1400 x 1050 4:3
1440 x 900 16:10
1600 x 900 16:9
1600 x 1200 4:3
1680 x 1050 16:10

Explore & Customize Wallpaper Templates to Make Your Own

Desktop wallpaper sizes and designs best practices

No matter how beautiful your desktop wallpaper is, it may look distorted if it isn’t of high resolution. Resolutions are measured in pixels. It shows how many pixels your monitor can display, both vertically and horizontally. 


There are plenty of websites out there providing free wallpapers. But not each of them is going to offer the exact thing you need. Here at Designhill, you get the flexibility to design your own custom wallpaper. Pick a wallpaper image and start customizing. 


Adding too many elements on desktop wallpaper ruins its purpose. Also, it makes the wallpaper look cramped. Hence, the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple, clean, and elegant.

Since the icons appear on the left of your desktop screen, set a focus point of your wallpaper accordingly. You can right-align the elements in your wallpaper for better visual effect.

Desktop wallpaper mistakes to avoid


Some of the most common wallpaper design mistakes to avoid are:


Using a very generic wallpaper image

You want your desktop wallpaper to look cool and trendy, right? For your wallpaper to stand out, don’t choose a generic image.


Adding too many design elements on a single wallpaper

You will find hundreds of wallpapers out there that look overwhelming. A single glance at them is enough to get you a headache. Too many focal points, colors, and elements ruin the purpose of your wallpaper.


Adding a long quote or too much text

Getting your wallpaper a fair amount of text is cool. But adding too much text will overlap the other image or element. Even if you’re using a motivational quote, pick a shorter one.


Picking the wrong wallpaper dimensions

One of the most common mistakes that people make is picking the wrong wallpaper sizes. It’s imperative to choose a wallpaper that fits your monitor’s size. This removes the chances of your wallpaper’s elements getting cut off.

Where can you find the best wallpaper sizes?

Branding logo maker

There are many websites out there that provide desktop wallpapers. Visiting any of the sites will get you wallpapers of your choice. Designhill also has no dearth of options; you can source images from here or take ideas and inspiration.

You can also explore free stock photo sites like Unsplash, StockSnap, and Pexels. These platforms provide users with free-stock images that you can modify and use as wallpapers. 

If you own an image and want to convert it into beautiful wallpaper, use our wallpaper maker tool.

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Wallpaper Dimensions

Final thoughts

Wallpaper works as a perfect way to cheer you up every time you turn on your computer. It could be anything – your family photo, your favorite band, sports star, movie star, nature, anything! Well-designed wallpaper will look great on your desktop if you get the right dimensions.

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