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Fuel your marketing campaigns with the right web banner sizes

A well-designed banner not only depicts your products/services but also captivates the audience to know your brand better.

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Why you need the right web banner sizes

When it comes to displaying your advertisement, choosing the right web banner size becomes essential. There are different banner sizes supported by Google. Getting the right banner size helps you display your ads to your prospects in an eye-catching way. Each banner has the purpose of generating brand awareness by reaching its target audience based on various websites. Be it web banner size, business card size, brochure size, or invitation size, the right size helps to bring out the best results.


Different web banner sizes

Here are different banner sizes that you must consider before putting up an ad

Leaderboard 728 x 90 px
Large Rectangle 336 x 280 px
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 px
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 px
Skyscraper 120 x 600 px
Button 1 120 x 90 px
Button 2 120 x 60 px
Microbar 88 x 31 px


Online Web Banner Size
Web banner dimensions
web banner

Banner sizes best practices

Get the space on a site where you want your banner to be featured. Choose the placement above the fold but adjacent to the main content of the page.

Any banner ad design counts on the right balance of elements. Therefore, before finalizing a website banner size or any other banner, hierarchy is worth considering. Look out for the three basic elements — your brand logo, the value proposition, and CTA placed strategically.

Choosing the right website banner size or dimension is essential. As per Google Adsense, the most liked banner sizes are — 728×90px  for Leaderboard, 300×600px for Half Page, 300×250px for Medium Rectangle and 336×280px for Large Rectangle.

Viewers are going to look at your web banner ads just for a few seconds (nanoseconds maybe). So, you must keep it simple and devoid of fancy design elements. Simplicity attracts senses, keep this in mind always.

Buttons are supposed to increase the CTR (click-through rate) of an ad. If you’re planning to use buttons in your ad, position them below your copy at the right side using contrasting colors. Make sure to check consistency throughout the ads.

To make your audience read your copy clearly, use different sizes for the body copy and the headline. The maximum length of each copy should be four lines.

As compared to static web banners, animated banner ads often stand out. They are attractive that catch the viewers’ attention in the most engaging way. But make sure your ad message is clear throughout and it isn’t misleading. Use simple animations instead of complex.

Web banner mistakes to avoid

Some of the biggest web banner mistakes that you should avoid are—


Spelling or grammar mistakes

Even if there are minor spelling or grammatical mistakes; people will notice it and run away. It will also put your brand on the red flag for all the wrong reasons. So proofread your copy or any text on your banner thoroughly before getting live with it.


Avoiding contact info

Forgetting to add your address on the web banner is truly disastrous. Ideally, a banner should have at least your phone number, address, and a link. You can forget any one of them but not all of them.


Adding too many elements in one banner

Some people use a single web banner size as a place to showcase everything they can. That’s a problem as the banner ends up looking overcrowded. Also, too much text or info on a single banner creates confusion among your audiences. So, stay away from adding too much information.


Avoid colors that hurt the viewers’ eyes

An overuse of outdated art and colors might hurt the viewers’ eyes. Therefore, you should avoid adding such colors and elements. Use brand-specific colors for relevance.


Avoiding call-to-action

A web banner with no call-to-action (CTA) puts people into a dilemma whether they should take an action or leave. So add strong call-to-action to your banner, for example — enter here, know more, Call Now, etc.

It’s time to design better web banners with the right size!

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The visual world is now surrounded by banner ads of all sizes. The simple answer to why do they work is —people grasp visual content better than standalone texts. Customers are bombarded with thousands of ads daily but only a few excite them to visit a site, purchase a product or remember a brand for a future purpose. Designhill helps you create a professional web banner sizes with its DIY banner maker.

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Websites banner size

The Final Thoughts

When planning to increase your revenue, traffic, and generate brand awareness, a well-designed web banner plays an important role. Likewise, web banner sizes also play a pivotal role in engaging the audience. For your specific banner ad placement, there is a standard size recommended by Google Ads. So don’t waste your time! Get started with your banner ad now.

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