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Top 41 Entertainment & Arts Logos To Excite And Engage Your Audience

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Entertainment & Arts Logos

Today, the entertainment business is fast picking up everywhere and in every niche, with plenty of companies organizing events. Consequently, new companies face challenges from established brands. This is where your entertainment and arts logo can score over your competitors by helping your target audience notice your business.

Since you need to drive people’s attention to your audience, your entertainment and arts logo must be a unique design. People get some hints from such an aesthetically designed piece of work, and they receive a message that a brand needs to convey. Therefore, a logo becomes an identity of a brand that people start associating with over the years.

Why is a logo important to your entertainment logo?

A logo works in many different ways to benefit a business.

Here Are Some Considerations:

  • Drives People’s Attention – Your target audience will first see your logo, and if it’s designed well, it will lead the viewers to enquire more about what your business does.
  • Makes A Lasting Impression – An aesthetically pleasing entertainment logo makes a memorable lasting first impression on potential customers of your entertainment services. That helps in building a solid customer base.
  • Builds Strong Brand Identity – Your logo ultimately becomes an identity of your entertainment brand over the years. As a result, people will immediately recall your business whenever they see your logo.
  • Conveys Your Brand Message – Every logo is a message to the viewers. If your logo is a well-planned design, it will send the right signals through colors, fonts, and icons.

Now that you know why your entertainment logo matters, equip your business with an impressive logo.

Here Are Some Entertainment & Arts Logos For Your Inspiration

01. Universoul Circus

The Universoul Circus entertainment logo is a unique custom design for using a headphone and a circus tent as elements to represent the company’s business. In addition, there is the use of hand lettering that is shaped like a wire.

T-shirt Design

02. Categorical Records

The Categorical Records logo is another uniquely designed work. There is a musical record shaped like the company’s initial letter ‘C,’ with a big red dot in the middle driving our attention. Such logos are aesthetically pleasing designs that help build a great perception of a brand.

Categorical Records logo

03. Big Girl

This Big Girl Pants logo for the entertainment brand conveys its authority amongst the target niche audience. The entertainment & art logo features a modern and confident figure of a grown-up girl and represents the brand well. You can also notice serif fonts used by the designer to convey the dominance of the entertainment brand.

entertainment & art logo

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04. Housical Theatre

This is the logo for a theatre that combines unique images and text to convey its message. The elements of a mask, musical notes, a dancing girl, and skyscrapers tell that this logo is for a theater brand.

Housical Theatre

05. Retro Galaxy

Inspired by the brand ‘Retro Galaxy’, the designer incorporated font styles and other elements in the logo design from the bygone era. There is an old-fashioned rocket figure, and the font style is also no more in use today.

Retro Galaxy


06. Phenix On Fire

This logo depicts the mythical bird in fire, taking inspiration from the brand name. You can read the activities of the entertainment brand in the smaller fonts that cover the bird with the brand name in the middle in bold capital letters.

Phenix On Fire

07. The Freeman

The Freeman entertainment logo uses a pattern that looks like a fingerprint, indicating that the brand is unique. Also, the blue color evokes the social ambiance and friendliness of the entertainment company.

Freeman entertainment logo

08. Singing Cowboy

Two elements of a guitar and a feather convey that the musical company makes cowboy music. The old classic lettering style also takes us back to that bygone era of music.

Singing Cowboy

09. The Get Down

The Get Down logo is in the shape of a music disk, and it also has the typography in neon light. This all builds the brand’s identity as people start associating the logo with its company’s music-making business.

The Get Down logo

10. Texas Sound Wave

In this entertainment logo design, the designer used American flag colors to drive people’s attention. The use of fearsome animal species is symbolic of the powerful music that the brand produces.

entertainment logo design

11. PetitParty

This is one of the attractive entertainment logos that catch our attention due to its multiple colors. The red, blue, green, yellow, and white colors create an ambiance of festivities of a small party for kids. Other elements such as balloons and fort walls also make the design appealing.

attractive entertainment logos

12. Team Sipat Kulitis

This exciting entertainment logo is for a cockfighting gamefowl team, and it stands out in many ways. The cock in this design personifies a warrior with a sword and is ready to fight out a battle, indicating that’s what the team does.

entertainment logo

Since cockfighting is a traditional sport, the designer incorporated conventional elements of a shield, sword, and a Roman-like warrior to show the team’s intent to the opponents. The red color for aggressiveness and white typography are other elements strategically used to make the logo impressive.

13. Earthbound

Deriving the inspiration from the brand name, the designer inserted an earth figure in between the headphone to depict the music-making business of the company. It is a nicely designed logo in a circular shape with a blue, green, and white color scheme.


14. The Alpha

A mike in between headphones may be a typical image of an entertainment logo, but this one still looks different. The orange and grey color scheme and the compact circle design of the mike make this logo stand out.

The Alpha logo

15. Technoboom

The designer skillfully created a message in this logo that the company is in the business of providing technical equipment to the entertainment industry. So, the business logo has the brand’s initial letter ‘T,’ shaped up as a typical crane carrying a movie camera.

Technoboom Logo

16. Slices

Here is another excellent example of how a brand name inspires creativity. Since the brand name is Slices, the designer created a slice of food, maybe pizza, with two crossed knives and the name in the bold letters in the middle. But the slice shape also looks like a shield, which symbolizes high quality and authority.


17. Bridgetown Entertainment

The Bridgetown Entertainment logo has a shape of a music record in half, and there are some natural elements of trees, mountains, birds, and the ocean. These elements stand for imagination and creativity. It indeed is a beautiful logo that looks great in black and white.

Bridgetown Entertainment logo

18. Emagine

The Emagine logo design features a movie camera to hint at the company’s business of making video, film content, etc. Also, the letter ‘E’ becomes a part of the camera figure. This versatile logo looks impressive in different colors and its colorless version.

Emagine logo design

19. Artists Collective Agency

This logo is for a DJ booking and management agency. The logo is a typography-based design that uses the initials ‘A’ and ‘C’ letters to form a compact font-based image as the brand identity. The entire company name appears underneath.

Artists Collective Agency

20. Character Pros

The Character Pros entertainment and art logo is for a children’s entertainment company. As you can see that the logo design is full of fun and energy. This multi-colored logo catches children’s and adults’ attention instantly.

entertainment and art logo

21. Blackwolves

Blackwolves is a film and theatre production company. The designer used the brand name as an inspiration to create the wolves against the moon background as an identity of the entertainment brand.


22. Fretmonkey Records

This is another unique entertainment and art logo that becomes a strong brand identity. Inspired by the brand name, the designer created a happy monkey face with goggles and headphones.

Fretmonkey Records Logo

23. Christmas Wonderland Sydney

The Christmas Wonderland Sydney logo is for a Christmas event/festival company. There are elements of the wheel, tent, red and white colors, and lights. The very look of the logo conveys the feeling of festivities and celebrations.

Christmas Wonderland Sydney logo

24. Comedy Variety Show

The Comedy Variety Show entertainment logo is a crowded design with many elements placed closer. Still, this is a unique design since each component is relevant to the entertainment industry.

Comedy Variety Show entertainment logo


This is another simple typography-based entertainment logo that shows up the brand name only, which is its brand identity. There is a circular shape with the abbreviated company name, while the full name appears on the other side of the dividing line. The black and pale yellow color scheme gives a sophisticated look to the design.


26. The Maddy

Some logo designers use local icons to build an identity that people can relate to. For example, the designer used a bridge figure in this logo, which seems to be a local icon of a city. Then, the designer incorporated an oval shape mike design with a crown on its top.

The Maddy

27. The Wine Therapy

The Wine Therapy logo is for a fun podcast. You can notice that the glass of wine and red color stand for the fun part. The red color evokes fun, passion, love, and aggressiveness. Also, the white lettering gives a contrasting effect and makes the logo impressive.

The Wine Therapy logo

28. Feelingreel

The FeelingReel entertainment logo has a box of film reels that stands for the brand name. There is a heart shape in red, which hints at a message of connecting with people through entertainment.

FeelingReel entertainment logo

The red and white color scheme catches our eye. Logos such as this one encourage people to watch movies online because the logo image represents a movie symbolically.

29. Dark Knight Entertainment

The Dark Knight Entertainment looks unique due to its use of a half-shield and a sword. In addition, a combination of red and black colors evokes the warrior spirit in this logo, which is about entertainment zeal.

Dark Knight Entertainment

30. PS Syndicated

The designer created this company’s logo as a compact and little shape with a crown at the top and used the fonts to make it look outstanding. There is an excellent use of the company’s initial letters ‘P’ and ‘S’ to create the shape. Golden color evokes the feeling of luxury.

PS Syndicated

31. ShaqudyTV

The clapperboard, a happy long-haired young artist, and widely spread red color make this entertainment logo unique and impressive design.



This logo stands out due to its green, red, and black color scheme. In addition, a long curve out of the letter ‘X’ catches our attention instantly and breaks the monotony of the font-based design.

entertainment logo

33. Dance Street

Two dancing pictures (one in black and another in white) are the unique feature in this logo design. This simple dance logo uses handwritten fonts to depict the movements involved in classical dance.

Dance Street

34. Wingman

The simplicity of the design and one green color is the feature that makes this logo unique and impressive to the viewers and target audience. Also, the designer shaped the ‘W’ of the brand name as wings to convey a message and build an identity.


35. MB Film

Here is another excellent example of how a simple logo design can create a distinctive brand identity. The MB Film logo uses the letters M and B to design something unique that looks pleasing to the eye.

MB Film logo

36. Yardmon Fam

The Yardmon Fam is a podcast that talks about families. Its logo features a mic with circular movements, representing the slogan ‘family around me’.

Yardmon Fam

37. Vegas Chips

The clever use of typography is the Vegas Chips logo design feature. This brand makes and sells music. Its brand identity is the abbreviation of the company name at the top of the logo design.

Vegas Chips logo design

38. Amaze Walls

Here, colors are splashed on the wall, which stands for the brand name Amaze Walls. The red, white, and dark blue colors are a fantastic combination to entice customers into looking for the brand’s entertainment business.

Amaze Walls

39. Smile N Syreeta

The designer beautifully created the initials of the company’s name to come up with a logo that people can recall and identify quickly. In addition, its color scheme of green and grey helps build a distinctive brand identity.

Smile N Syreeta

40. EL Lumination Theater

This is again an excellent typography-based entertainment logo for EL Lumination Theater. The brand’s abbreviation is at the top in a circular shape, which people can recognize and associate with the company.

EL Lumination Theater

41. Extreme Events

The Extreme Events logo shows us how a logo communicates with the viewers to send a message. The ox head with large horns inserted in the brand name to shape the letter ‘T’ indicates that the brand deals in sports events that involve adventure.

Extreme Events logo

These are the inspirational logo designs from the entertainment industry that you can consider while designing your brand’s logo.

You can design your entertainment logo on your own using Logo Maker by Designhill, a leading creative marketplace. All you are supposed to do is enter your business name in the logo maker’s box and tell about your choice of colors, fonts, etc.

Then, the AI-based logo generator will automatically come up with dozens of unique logo-making ideas from your niche. You can then customize any one of the logos into your brand identity.

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Wrapping Up

An impressive logo design is a must for a brand in the entertainment field. With a well-thought-out entertainment logo, your company can make an impact and convey its brand message to the target audience. These are inspirational logos for their strategic use of colors, fonts, icons, and other elements to build a distinctive brand identity. Take these designs into consideration while deciding on your logo.

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