Tabloid Paper Size
tabloid size

Tabloid Paper Size

Create a compact newspaper design with the right size. A right size paper is what will drive the attention of your audience.

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Why you need the right tabloid-size paper ?

Choosing the right paper size is more important than picking the paper itself. You shouldn’t think about choosing the highest quality paper you can pay for. Rather, you should go for a paper that has the appropriate quality that you exactly need. Tabloid paper size is commonly used for printing newspapers that are smaller than the regular newspaper sizes. Most European newspapers use broadsheet formats, while Anglo-Saxton countries like North America and Great Britain use tabloid-size. It’s used extensively in the design industry.

Tabloid Size Dimensions

Tabloid paper dimensions measure 11*17 inches The tabloid paper size is usually said to be half the size of a broadsheet. But that’s not true as a broadsheet’s dimensions are 23.5" x 29.5” means 600 x 750 mm. As compared to A3, tabloid sizes aren’t very different. It can be printed on an A2 paper as well.

Great Tabloid Examples from Small & Online Businesses

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tabloid dimensions
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Tabloid best printing practices

When printing a tabloid paper size magazine or newspaper, make sure you use the right size. Pay close attention to the bleed area and margin for better printing results.

The weight of a paper means its thickness. While a higher paper weight looks sturdier, firmer, and thicker, a light-weight paper somewhat looks flimsy. You can choose lighter weight papers for envelopes, brochures, stationery, and others. The higher weight papers are expensive — make a note of it.

Newspaper printing isn’t brain surgery. You may find here some inconsistencies, which are normal. Your newspaper color will look different on a printing sheet than on a digital frame. Always be simple and go for black and white printing, like The New York Times Magazine that uses 100% CMYK colors.

The first thing that catches attention is an attractive illustration. There are many examples out there. You can find the professionals using the scale of a tabloid paper and featuring a beautiful art.

You should pick graphics that have mid-tones and balanced contrast in between the important details. Steer clear of any image or artwork that has dark areas. Dark area details merge together in printing and give a vague impression.

Tabloid printing mistakes to avoid

Some of the biggest tabloid printing mistakes to avoid are —


Not using the standard sizes

We all put in our best efforts to get our news/stories noticed. However, it’s not a good idea to pick a size that doesn’t match the standard defined sizes while being creative. For your tabloid stories and news, 11x17 paper size is a recommended one that you should consider for your tabloid.


Filling too much information in a little space

While you want to let your audience know everything about sensational news, it’s not a good idea to have too much information crammed in a little space.


Adding too less information

This is also a big mistake that you should stay away from. Your readers should instantly get the information they seek as soon as they look at your tabloid sheet. The right amount of information will ensure that your readers remember your paper for longer.


Using irrelevant colors

While colors help you portray your story perfectly, you should be mindful of its use. Adding too many colors can make your story or news materials look unprofessional. Make use of pre-designed professional templates or hire an expert for the same.

Tabloid paper — yay or nay?

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Tabloid paper can help speed printing in case you are printing so many copies of direct mail postcards or something else. You can also use tabloid paper for label printing so that you can peel off in a larger quantity. You can even print out the static details on the label to be filled in by people for uniformity. Even for people in the fulfillment domain, shipping labels can be printed on a single 11X17” sheet for faster and easier productions.

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Tabloid dimension

Final Thoughts

Amid different kinds of publication printings such as booklets, magazines, etc, tabloids hold a special place. These smaller magazines or newspapers are different from regular newspapers in terms of size. They often come as weekly publications with size 11*17 inches.

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